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Green Hat Tactical (formerly Green Hat Shooting Solutions (GHSS)) is a training company founded in 2018 by Paul Nator, a former US Army Green Beret, who teaches shooting techniques in order to enhance awareness & skills with firearms. Paul realized quickly while attending various matches at WSRC, that civilians lacked high-quality training for the area. Green Hat Tactical operates with the mission to provide practical training to civilians (regardless of experience) for the purpose of protecting self, family, and property – while fostering a community of like-minded individuals who value preparedness, perseverance, and continued growth.

The flagship courses for Green Hat Tactical center around Pistol and Carbine tiered 1 & 2 courses, and cover topics ranging from firearm safety, barricade shooting, shooting & moving, introduction to principles of room clearing, maneuvering, and plenty of other tactics. To progress, the foundational course must be completed before entry to the next tiered class is allowed. While Green Hat Tactical does take a winter break (usually beginning around early December and resuming around February), it does offer personal training sessions year-round (range availability permitting). Green Hat does also offer a seasonal two-day Combat Hunter course that focuses on long range shooting development. Course information and registration can be found at its main website. 

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