Wilder Tactical Ultimate Operator Package: A Kit for All Shooters

Building on its modular design, the Ultimate Operator Package from Wilder Tactical brings together the company’s flexible outer belt components, with multiple polymer pouches in a single package. The Ultimate Operator Package (UOP) provides the end-user with quality components directly out-of-the-box, which can be immediately used in the field or range.

Broken down respectively into its major components, the UOP comprises of the padded inner belt, an optional outer belt, and corresponding polymer pouches (to include two types of magazine pouches and a tourniquet pouch).

Inner Belt

The UOP comes with the Minimalist Belt Pad that is designed to be woven inside the outer belt and provides maximum comfort and flexibility. Made with an inner pad of textured neoprene, the Minimalist Belt Pad is 2 ¾” wide and has an exterior field of laser-cut, slotted 1000D Cordura laminate nylon.

There is no buckle on the Minimalist Pad, and the slotted exterior is intended to have the 1.75” Wilder Tactical Belt (with Cobra Buckle) woven through to provide a singular belt platform for all accessories and pouches. This gives the overall belt a ready-use application whereby the battle belt can be immediately donned without complication.

Product Link: https://wildertactical.com/belts/belt-pads/minimalist-belt-pad/

Outer Belt

The outer second (optional) belt that is available with the UOP is the 1.75” Wilder Tactical Cobra Belt. This is the traditional 1 ¾” wide, Type 13 nylon webbing belt that is secured with a AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle (rated to 900lb working load) in the front. Other variants of the outer belt are also available at the time of purchase.

Product Link: https://wildertactical.com/belts-accessories/belts/wilder-1-75-cobra-belt/


Wilder Tactical offers a diverse line of both formed kydex and soft nylon pouches to fit any end-user. These pouches run the gambit of both recreational and professional-use pouches to fit a variety of mission needs. With the UOP, the package includes two rifle, two pistol, and one tourniquet pouch.

The rifle and pistol pouches used in the UOP are from Wilder Tactical’s Evolution Rifle/Pistol Magazine Pouch line that are comprised of a universal, polymer injected clamshell, with threaded shock cord retention.

Product Link: https://wildertactical.com/magazine-pouch/

One of the included pouches for the UOP is the Evolution Universal Tourniquet Pouch. Similar to the magazine pouches, the tourniquet pouch is a universal, polymer injected clamshell, with threaded shock cord retention. Additionally, the tourniquet pouch can accommodate all current generations of the CAT-T, SOFT-T, SAM XT, and Recon tourniquets.

Product Link: https://wildertactical.com/pouches/medical-pouches/evolution-universal-tourniquet-pouch-attachments-in-drop-down/

A Word on Security

All of the pouches for the UOP include Wilder Tactical’s proprietary Universal UAB Clip that is secured into each pouch via set-screw for the maximum rigidity possible.

The Ultimate Operator Package is available in Multicam (featured), Multicam, Ranger Green, Multicam Black, Black, Wolf Grey, and Coyote Brown. It ranges in sizes from Small to 2XL, while Wilder Tactical recommends ordering a belt size 1-2” above your actual trouser waist size.

Product Link: https://wildertactical.com/belt-accessories/belt-packages/the-ultimate-operator-package-1-75-clip/

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • Cost – Excellent (5/5): Sold as an overall kit, the Ultimate Operator Package (UOP) is comprised mainly of Cordura fabrics and polymer injected materials, with an MSRP of $306 (color dependent), and comes in a variety of colors. The cost to each of the Evolution pouches has a base price, but is adjusted based on the mounting style selected at the time of purchase. Taken individually, the components would otherwise cost the end-user the following:
    • Minimalist Belt Pad ……….……………………$64.90
    • 1.75” Wilder Tactical Cobra Belt …………..$87.99
    • Evolution Universal Pouch (Rifle)…………$24.20ea.
    • Evolution Universal Pouch (Pistol)………..$24.20ea.
    • Evolution Universal Tourniquet Pouch…$24.20ea.
    • As such, market alternatives to the UOP include the Assaulter’s Belt System ($401) from G-Code Holsters (which also includes an IFAK and holster platform, or the Duty-Grip Padded Belt Kit (configured with Polymer Taco pouches to match) ($377) by HSGI and illustrate that the UOP is the most reasonably priced (for a complete polymer and nylon belt kit), and at an excellent price to the consumer for its design and materials.
  • Comfort – Good (4/5): From a comfort aspect, with its inner pad/outer belt combo, it was important to follow the sizing instructions provided by Wilder Tactical, as the UOP worked as an overall outer belt platform that went over anything worn underneath (regular trouser belt or EDC belt). Otherwise, the UOP as an overall platform made for a very flexible and comfortable platform that neither shifted in weight nor slipped in hardware despite stressor drills (lunges & sprints). There was a lesser sense of structure to the UOP profile as oppose to something like the Wilder Tactical’s Urban Elite Kit with its rigid 2-belt system, so the UOP was more easily adjusted and contoured. The weight of loaded magazines had no observed negative effect to the magazine pouches performance themselves, and the flared opening made re-inserting/driving in the magazines easier than the typical pouches. There was some notable sharp edges/corners to the flared opening of the pouches, but if long sleeves were worn or a little light sanding was done then it wouldn’t be a considerable issue.
  • Durability – Average (3/5): The UOP lends its durability to solid components, appropriate quality in materials/reinforcement per the market, and integrated design. At the root of the UOP’s durability was the UAB mounting clips that ensured positive and secure retention between the belt and all accessories. These UABs were made from a thick ABS polymer (much like the Evolution magazine pouches) and remained locked into place, so the opted configuration was retained throughout and despite usage. The AustriAlpinCobra Buckle helped ensure the belt itself stayed secure, and held a good degree of strength for the rated item. The 1.75” Wilder Tactical Cobra Belt held reinforcement stitching at key stress points, but the Minimalist Belt Pad itself only had a single-line stitch anchoring the neoprene to the pad. The most observed wear over a 30-day period was noted on the textured neoprene interior of the Minimalist Belt Pad (typical for such material in comparable alternative belt pads). This was directly attributed to friction/abrasion against clothing and other items, causing the soft, thin material to deteriorate slightly and will most likely become exacerbated over time. 
  • Functionality – Good (4/5):  Functionally, the UOP had the basics of what was needed for anyone starting off looking for a quality setup, with good comfort and functional pouches that will serve the end-user well. The biggest aspect of the overall UOP’s function was the Evolution pouches had a flared opening, similar to flared rifle magazine wells, and aided in driving magazines back into the pouches. The shock cord retention was similar to other market alternatives and gave a good level of retention that did not allot for any excess movement, while still being universal enough to accommodate a variety of magazine designs. Otherwise, the UOP was a comfortable over-the-belt platform that had a solid basis on which it held up to static use and more dynamic movements. One point of recommended for Wilder Tactical would be to consider modifying the textured neoprene interior of the Minimalist Belt Pad to a closed-cell/nylon mesh padding. This would improve breathability and extend longevity of the overall pad while adding minimal to overall cost.
  • Weight – Excellent (5/5): As a whole, in the evaluated belt size Large, the UOP weighed in at 1.76  pounds (without any holster, IFAK, or other accessory)
    • Minimalist Belt Pad ……….……………………6.3 ounces
    • 1.75” Wilder Tactical Cobra Belt ………….9.4 ounces
    • Evolution Universal Pouch (Rifle)…………3.1 ounces (ea.)
    • Evolution Universal Pouch (Pistol)……….1.9 ounces (ea.)
    • Evolution Universal Tourniquet Pouch…2.6 ounces
    • In contrast, the weight of alternative market kits in the UOP’s scale varied in extent due to the differences in optional design and materials selected at the time of purchase. For instance, the Assaulter’s Belt System (2.15 pounds) from G-Code Holsters comes with an included IFAK and holster platform (thus weighed more), or the Duty-Grip Padded Belt Kit (configured with Polymer Taco pouches to match) (3.5 pounds) by HSGI. These variances in weight can be attributed to use of blended materials (polymer pouches v nylon belts), included/optional accessories, and volume of reinforced stitching present. As such, for its materials and design, the UOP was at an excellent weight amid the market and its competitors.

Overall Rating – Good (20/25)

Product Link: https://wildertactical.com

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