Viktos Operatus Demin Pant: Worn For the Every Day

Building off the success of its Gunfighter Jeans; at SHOT Show in 2020 Viktos unveiled its Operatus Demin Pant, which is intended to provide a low-profile tactical jean with all the functionality to carry your EDC.

Made completely from 12oz. stretch denim, the Operatus has all the external appearance of the everyday jeans, but a number of features specific for those of the tactical mindset. The overall cut of the jeans includes a slightly oversized thigh to meet the need for more dynamic movements. The Operatus also includes Viktos’ Attackposture™ design, a four-way, flexible panel that provides maximum flexibility to accommodate a variety of shooting stances.

At the waist, seven 2.25” belt loops (four in the front and three in the back) with extensive bartack maintain the durability of the material while supporting the beltline. The traditional four-pocket layout (two in the front, two in the back) have an additional watch pocket inside the front right. An additional, 4” wide low-profile thigh accessory pocket is on the top of each side (and remains accessible even when seated in a car), while an additional 3” wide low-profile, angled accessory pocket is behind both sides of the hip (between the front and rear pockets). Under the left rear pocket is a stylized stitch representing the Viktos “Sword & Shield”. The Viktos “Unconquered” branding appears on the interior of the front right pocket.

The Operatus features a four-shank button fly that gives a comfortable and secure hold.

A gusseted crotch adds flexibility and movement, while maintaining breathability for the wearer.

Available in Indigo (featured) or Nightfall (coming soon) the Operatus Demin Pant comes in sizes that range from 28” to 44” waist, and 30” to 36” length.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostAverage (3/5): At a starting price of $99, the Operatus is made completely from 12oz. stretch denim that gives it a comfortable and low-profile appearance intended for every day wear. Similar to a pair of Levis without all the hipster scuffs and skinny leg cuts, the Operatus will give the wearer access to wide pockets for magazines and EDC items, at a comfortable cut. Similar comparisons would be in 5.11’s Defender-Flex Jean ($69.99), or Kuhl’s Ryder Jean ($89), or Triple Aught Design Intercept PD Jean ($145). Obviously there is a dearth market for tactical trousers with designer-quality “tactical” clothing lines at the top of the cost range, and more inexpensive manufacturers that utilize cheaper quality materials on the bottom. The Operatus is priced appropriately (or average) within this market.
  • Comfort Excellent (5/5): Interestingly, the 12oz. denim of the Operatus was surprisingly softer than most “tactical” denim trousers. Something attributed to the fabric’s mid-weight rating, and gave it a balance in abrasion resistance that was not excessively stiff. Generally, denim that is lightweight (below 12 oz.) may be softer and the most comfortable, but fray easily. The heavy-weight (16oz. and above) will be stiff because of the increased abrasion resistance, but will slowly soften over time. The Operatus struck the near perfect balance of being at the top of the of the 12-15oz, mid-weight range of fabrics with all its advantages, and yet had the softness and flexibility of lighter denim. The gusset in the crotch helped ensure there was plenty of flexibility and room for more dynamic movements. Worn for approximately a 30-day cycle, the Operatus went through several laundry cycles and care should be exercised to follow the care and handling instructions lest the denim shrinks unintentionally.
  • Durability – Good (4/5): As denim goes, the Operatus had a good level of durability for every day wear. The material did not fray throughout wear of an IWB holster for daily use, nor from an OWB holster and belt on the range. On closer inspection the Operatus had bartack stitching on the belt loops, and as reinforcement to the shank button fly loops. Double line stitching reinforced the pockets and overall fly itself for added reinforcement to ensure they weren’t over stretched. The special elastic aspect of the material was most notable around the waistline and in the back yolk of the jeans.
  • Functionality Good (4/5): Functionally, the Operatus jean fit and performed much like any other pair of jeans, with a few exceptions. First, the Operatus had wide front and rear pockets that could accommodate a rifle magazine or other EDC items, this made it a good fit for either daily wear, or were comfortably fitted for the range. Second, the added front thigh and back hip pockets made it easier to distribute smaller EDC items (such as a pocket torch, knuckle duster, etc.). These additional pockets allowed the wearer to expand on what could be carried while still having them accessible as they were sitting. The cut of the jeans was slightly tapered to the bottom with plenty of room in the upper thigh and gusset for movement. All of these gave the Operatus a low-visibility profile, with a good ability to fit any need of the wearer.
  • Weight Excellent (5/5): With its 12oz denim weighing in at 1.13 pounds, the Operatus has roughly the amount of fabric as you would expect for any other quality jean. There wasn’t a lot of over-material, and what excess there was assisted in the upper thigh and crotch with more room for dynamic movements. In comparison with other tactical jeans, where the weight of the denim was more the unit of measure than weight of the overall garment, the 5.11’s Defender-Flex Jean (with 10oz. denim), or Kuhl’s Ryder Jean (with 10oz. denim), or Triple Aught Design Intercept PD Jean (with 11.75oz. denim) all leave the Operatus at the top of the competition with near the same denim quality—but not quite.

Overall Rating – Good (21/25)

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