TT Rogue Gen 2 IFAK: For Immedate Needs

Available in early 2023 (with pre-orders beginning ahead of SHOT Show), Tactical Tailor plans to release its new line of Rogue Gen 2 nylon products—to include its new Rogue Gen 2 IFAK pouch that offers an immediate, tear-away handle should the need arise.

Made from predominantly an elastic four-way stretch material, the Rogue Gen 2 IFAK pouch measures 5.5” (W) x 8.5” (H) x 3.5” (D) and is designed to hold a variety of medical items as needed for use in the field. The three-sided, YKK zipper-secured pouch allows for the IFAK to be opened fully and laid flat for maximum access. The exterior of the Rogue Gen 2 IFAK is featureless with the exclusion of a aid cross in Hypalon material stitched to the outward facing side for visual recognition.

On the interior, the Rogue Gen 2 IFAK includes three bands of elastic nylon fabric per side (for six total). These bands are stitched so that the top and bottom bands are single-spaced to allot for larger medical items, while the middle is anchored at the mid-point to create two smaller-spaced bands to hold smaller items.

The rear of the Rogue Gen 2 IFAK uses a nylon banded handle with high-visibility tab that is woven through the MOLLE webbing in place of the traditional TT MALICE clips. This enables the end-user (when needed) to pull the handle and un-thread the nylon handle thus separating the IFAK from its attachment.

The Rogue Gen 2 IFAK is available is available in Multicam (featured), Black, Coyote Brown, and M81 Woodland.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostFair (2/5): With an MSRP of $69.50, the cost reflects the volume of elastic four-way stretch material and what nylon webbing is present within the pouch. The clamshell design allows the pouch to fully open via genuine YKK zipper. In contrast, examples of IFAK market alternatives of similar size would be the Basic IFAK Medical Pouch ($39.99) from TYR Tactical, the S.T.O.M.P. Gen 2 ($64.99) from Coyote Tactical Solutions, or the TORK Pouch ($66.99) From North American Rescue. As such, these variations show that amid the market of IFAKs, the Rogue Gen 2 IFAK pouch is one of the most expensive listed, but of fair cost given its materials and design.
  • ComfortAverage (3/5): From a comfort aspect, the new Rogue Gen 2 IFAK pouch was something that was appropriately (or of average) light in weight for its four-way stretch material, and not unbalancing on a carrier or belt. With its minimalist and soft profile, the IFAK did not have excess bulk or bands on the exterior that could have otherwise limited range of motion. One limitation however, was because of the pliable nature in the elastic material, manipulating the YKK zipper along the longer sides was somewhat difficult as the zipper line would flex/collapse. To remedy this issue, the solution was to stuff as much medial items into the IFAK as possible so as to give the pouch as much structure as possible. TT may want to consider reinforcing the zipper line to add that structure and ease movement of the shuttle along the zipper.
  • DurabilityAverage (3/5): The durability of four-way stretch nylon held up appropriately (or of average) given the material and despite abrasive contact with gear, vegetation, and movement. As such, the Rogue Gen 2 IFAK handled the friction of being placed on the carrier and worn throughout dynamic movement with no evidence of thread wear or fabric separation. The pouch’s minimalist interior had little in terms of bulk (once medical items were added) that could otherwise snag or hinder access. Bartack and double-line stitching was noted along key stress points to the MOLLE webbing on the rear and the nylon bands on the interior to add reinforcement to the overall pouch.
  • FunctionalityAverage (3/5): Functionally, the Rogue Gen 2 IFAK did an appropriate (or average) job of doing what it was intended for—a pouch to hold immediate medical items with enough flexibility for odd-shaped items. It had a flush profile, and retained items inside well. The interior itself was unstructured and the nylon bands did not collapse when nothing was placed inside the pouch, thus making the material somewhat excessive. Moreover the nylon bands themselves were only sized for mid or large sized items, with no bands for smaller individual items like medical gloves or a Nasopharyngeal Airway, so some grouping was needed just to maintain a secure pressure on the items. A recommendation to TT would be to consider adding several smaller nylon cuffs in the interior for such items. One persistent problem with the Gen 2 IFAK was the premise of the mounting system, with challenges in pulling the handle and consistently getting a “de-threading” of the nylon and thus separation of the IFAK from the MOLLE surface. The handle worked more successfully when mounted against a large, flat surface (like the rear of a carrier) allowing for straight arm pulling and thus direct movement of the nylon. But this was less consistent when the IFAK was mounted against a curved surface (such as the side torso or belt) and angles were constrained and not allowing a more direct perpendicular angle to the handle.
  • WeightAverage (3/5): With a measured weight of 5.0 ounces, the weight for the Rogue Gen 2 IFAK was drawn mainly from its reasonably light weight material, and minimal external mounting hardware (MALICE clips) and few internal nylon straps. When compared to the market alternatives; the Basic IFAK Medical Pouch (4.08 ounces) from TYR Tactical, the S.T.O.M.P. Gen 2 (5.02 ounces) from Coyote Tactical Solutions, or the TORK Pouch (6.0 ounces) From North American Rescue all illustrate overall that for its material and design the Rogue Gen 2 IFAK are appropriately (or of average) weight amid the market and for its competitors.

Overall Rating – Below Average (14/25)

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