The Bolt Bag: Concealed Readiness

Designed from the West Coast crew at Trident Tactical Technical (T3) to fit the role of a low-profile Bail Out Bag (BOB), the “Bolt Bag” gives the user rapid deployability of any immediate-need necessity.

Introduced in mid-2015, the Bolt Bag is a light satchel bag with an exterior made completely from 500D solution-dyed Cordura, while the interior is 250D. It can be converted from cross-body/shoulder carry to a briefcase style depending on the situation and need. Extensive bartack and reverse stitching at key stress points give it added reinforcement.


The front of the Bolt Bag has a fold-over protective flap that connects at the top of the bag, covers the magazine pouches, and secured via a wide 1.75” Fastek buckle. Behind the top of the protective flap is a nylon carrying handle used when the bag converts to its briefcase carry style.

Under the protective flap are three single-rifle magazine pouches, each secured by their own extended hook-and-loop field and pull tab. Each pouch also has a single drainage grommet.

The Bolt Bag’s sides each feature three MOLLE/PALS webbing bands that provide a mounting field for accessories, and to reinforce the shoulder strap’s fastek buckles.


On the rear of the Bolt Bag are two belt loops secured via hook-and-loop that secure the shoulder strap when converting the Bolt Bag to briefcase style. The shoulder strap itself is a 1.5” wide nylon strap with fastek buckles on both ends. The fastek buckles themselves anchor under the side MOLLE/PALS webbing and across the bottom of the Bolt Bag for maximum durability.



The interior of the Bolt Bag comprises of 250D Cordura that capitalizes on its flexibility, while still offering a good balance of abrasion resistance and comfort. The main storage compartment is accessed via zipper along the top, and under the exterior’s protective flap.

The interior is divided into three workspaces. On one side is a kangaroo pouch secured by hook-and-loop for the Bolt Bag’s included pistol holster and double magazine pouch.


On the opposite side of the interior is a second workspace that comprises a document sleeve the width of the bag.


The third workspace is storage space in the center where, on the inward-facing side of the document sleeve, is a radio pouch with shock cord retention tab, and two bands of four elastic cuffs for pens, chem lights, M60 fuses, or other necessities.


  • Exterior 500D Cordura
  • Interior 250D Cordura
  • Shoulder Carry or Briefcase Carry
  • Fastek Buckles
  • Includes Low-Profile Pistol Holster and Dual Magazine Holster

The Bolt Bag is available in Black (featured), Coyote Tan, OD Green, Desert Digital, Multicam, and ABU Tiger. The overall dimensions of the Bolt Bag are 12” (W) x 9” (H) x 5” (D).

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostGood (4/5): At $88.00 for a satchel bag, the Bolt Bag has a blend of genuine Cordura and minimal hardware that balances abrasion resistance and comfort. A large array of market competitors for similar bail out bag styles are available and include; Velocity Systems E&R Bag ($192), S.O. Tech Tactical’s A1 Mission Go Bag ($130), to Propper’s Bail Out Bag ($34.99). The differences generally break down to variances in material, hardware, stitching, and where it is manufactured (domestic or overseas). The Bolt Bag has quality nylon, and is made in the United States. Its price point places it in the upper tier of similar typed bags but is still more affordable than others.
  • Comfort Good (4/5): Even though the exterior was a flexible 500D material, it was still soft and discrete enough to serve as an EDC bag. The fastek buckles felt smooth and functioned easily. The zippers, although not YKK, functioned easily and did not bind or cross-feed. The shoulder strap does not have padding and after an hour of swinging from the shoulder carry, it did chafe the exposed skin at the neck/shoulder slightly. The interior’s 250D material was pliable and soft enough to remain functional and did not burn nor cut the knuckles while rummaging around for the desired item.
  • Durability – Excellent (5/5): The blended 500/250D material offered the Bolt Bag a good amount of abrasion resistance and durability. There was extensive bartack/reverse stitching throughout as well as X-stitching at the carrying handle for added reinforcement. The support base for the shoulder strap was incorporated under the MOLLE/PALS side panels and across the bottom of the bag that gave it a high degree of reinforcement against pulling/tearing that would otherwise compromise lesser straps on other bug out bags. The shoulder strap itself had traditional fastek/slide-release buckles that provided it a solid mounting point, whereas cheaper typed bags often rely on more inexpensive plastic hardware.
  • Functionality Good (4/5): While the Bolt Bag isn’t a 72-hour bug out pack, it defiantly will fill the need for an immediate Escape and Evasion, EDC bag, or 24-hour bug out bag. Well suited for First Responders or for those looking for a good vehicle bag, the Bolt Bag gave immediate access to its contents while keeping a low profile. The magazine pouches had full hook-and-loop coverage, and the storage compartments were readily accessible. The hook-and-loop security of the kangaroo pouch was a positive improvement over other bug out bags that often accessing the CCW space zipper secured and hinders immediate access. Some improvements T3 could consider would be adding a pull tab to the kangaroo pouch to provide a one-handed point of grip and speed access. Or, on the underside of the protective flap would be a good space for a mesh document pocket or a clear vinyl map case given the large, flat space available.
  • Weight Good (4/5): At 1.10 pounds (empty) the lightweight material of the Bolt Bag helped to ensure the bag itself did not wear on the user. When worn on several range sessions for approximately an hour each, and while the weight of the contents proved notable, the bag itself did not become burdensome. The weight was more evenly distributed when worn cross-body or over the shoulder, but with loaded magazines and other contents was a little unwieldy/uncomfortable in the hand for its briefcase style. A potential suggestion to T3 for mitigating this would be to add a rubberized tubing or other material to make the carrying handle more rounded/thicker and give it added some added rigidity/stability. In comparison to those previously mentioned market alternatives, the A1 Go Bag weighs 1.5 pounds (as well as the other packs) so that is consummate to the average weight for other Bug Out Bags. Since the Bolt Bag is under that weight limit, it has better than average weight among its competition.

Overall Rating – Good (21/25)

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