Tactical Tailor: 3-Day Assault Pack – For the Long Stay

The Three Day Plus Assault Pack (Gen 2) by Tactical Tailor is an expansion on the previous design and now offers increased storage and a lighter overall weight for the end-user who need to carry mission-related essentials for days on end.

Made from 500D Cordura (whereas the previous version was 1000D), the Three Day Plus Assault Pack (3D+) has an overall dimension of approximately 20” (H) x 21” (L) x 10” (W) and a total storage volume of 3,131 cubic inches. It includes multiple pockets on the exterior and interior that allots for compartmentalization of items and better organization.


At the front, the 3D+ has a 11” (W) x 12” (H) x 3.5” (D) secondary storage compartment (secured via single-line zipper) with approx. 500 cubic inches of storage that allows the user to store items of varying size and need.

Atop the external storage compartment is an envelope pocket with a 9” diagonal zipper for storage of flat items. Affixed to the bottom half of the secondary storage compartment is a 6” (H) x 9” (L) x 3” (D) accessory pouch (with approx. 200 cubic inches of storage) that is zipper-secured alone the top three sides, with three bands of MOLLE-configured nylon on the exterior.

Below the secondary storage compartment is tertiary storage compartment that measures 4” (H) x 10” (L) x 3” (D) (with a total of 140 cubic inches of storage space) and is zipper-secured only along the top side, with two bands of MOLLE-configured nylon on the exterior.

The sides of the 3D+ feature two accessory storage pockets (each measuring 10” (H) x 3” (L) x 3” (D) – for 158 cubic inches of storage space per pocket), with an over-the-top flap (secured via slide-release buckle) to ensure the contents stay secured. Behind the side pockets is a pass-through slot that allots for longer, rigid items to be attached to the side while avoiding excess bulk. The sides also include four compression adjustment straps (two at the bottom and two the top) with slide-release buckles, and pass-through slots for hydration tubes or communication cables.

The backpanel to the 3D+ includes 3/8” thick open-cell foam padding enclosed in a nylon mesh across the back. Both shoulder straps are similarly padded, contoured, and anchored at the top of the backpanel with an adjustable yolk and extensive bartack stitching, with QD slide-release buckles at the bottom. The shoulder straps include an adjustable sternum strap with multiple nylon webbing loops to hang accessories. At the bottom of the backpanel is a padded waist strap (with two bands of MOLLE webbing) and an adjustable 2.25” wide slide-release buckle.

The bottom of the 3D+ highlights the overall “D” shape of the storage compartments, and features multiple drainage grommets to the associated pockets. Three bands of MOLLE-compatible nylon webbing are stitched on the bottom for attaching additional accessories, pockets, or sleeping mat.


The interior of the 3D+ is accessed via a single YKK zipper line that runs the length of the pack’s upper three sides. The main storage compartment itself is unobstructed, offering 1,975 cubic inches of storage space, and includes a sleeve pocket for a hydration bladder or electronics, and a high-visibility orange liner to minimize shadows inside the storage space.

The Three Day Plus Assault Pack (Gen 2) is available in Coyote (featured), Black, Ranger Green, four variants of Multicam, and M81.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostGood (4/5): At a list price between $299 and $365 (color dependent), the Three Day Plus Assault Pack (Gen 2) is an improvement over the previous design with added pockets and a has a significant amount of material for its design, to include thicker hip padding. All of which work to give the pack a functional role that could easily be used on the range, on a day hike, or for a few days travel. Other market comparisons for a bag of this size would be the Enhanced 3-Day Assault Pack ($239) from Eagle Industries, the SPUR Backpack ($389) by Platatac, and the Huron 32L Assaulter’s Sustainment Bag ($399.95) from TYR Tactical. Overall these sized bags all necessitate a large volume of material and extensive time in production, which is reflected in their price. Within the market, the 3D+ pack is well priced amid its cost for the added function/design, and among its competitors.  
  • Comfort Excellent (5/5): From a comfort aspect, the 3D+ pack offered a good deal of comfort given its thick padding in the shoulder straps, backpanel, and hip pad. Its soft exterior shell provided good comfort and contoured to the back and contents when worn, and the 500D Cordura material had sufficient flexibility to not give the pack any hard edges or angles (whereas a common issue in the previous generation had been the 1000D Cordura was perhaps too rigid and not as flexable). All the zippers functioned smoothly and did not bind, while the slide release buckles snapped/secured cleanly. Weather worn for a few hours or all day, the 3D+ was consistently comfortable.
  • Durability – Excellent (5/5): The main 500D Cordura material offered a good amount of abrasion resistance to withstand general range work, and performed well for an 72-hour bag to support the heavy contents in the field or daily life. Bartack and X-type stitching was noted anchoring the shoulder straps points of contact into the backpanel, and at other key stress connections to reinforce the 3D+’s overall durability. Double line stitching also reinforced all YKK zippers and all of the paracord pull tabs maintained a secure hold (though some rubberized shrink tubing would be a recommended point of improvement for Tactical Tailor to consider).
  • Functionality Good (4/5): Functionally the 3D+ pack offered a large variety of storage compartments, placement, and good balance on the upper torso. The three-sided top closure gave adequate access into the main storage compartment, and the high-visibility interior color made it easier to access the deeper recesses of the pack. The exterior pockets did provide means to organize and access contents immediate and keep them secure against inadvertent opening. The 3D+ was able to comfortably hold several pairs of clothing, boots and range accessories, and could easily be configured to any mission need necessary. The shoulder pads provided a good level of comfort and defray of fatigue to the upper torso. The included waist pad was sufficient to wrap around the sides and helped to take some of the pack’s weight off the shoulders, however is permanently affixed to the pack. A point of recommended improvement for Tactical Tailor would be to offer the waist pad as a removable item similar to other packs that would allow the end-user the ability to configure the 3D+ as desired.
  • Weight Good (4/5): Coming in at a total of 3.8 pounds for just over 51 Liters of storage space, the 3D+ was lightweight enough that wearing it for several hours (3+) over varied terrain did not become uncomfortable with a moderate amount of weight (clothes, boots, gear, etc.). The adjustable yolk in the shoulder straps allowed the end-user to find a comfortable ride height for the pack’s center of gravity, although some experimentation will be required to find it. The oversized carrying handle was also good in the hand in that it allowed a full hand width to pick it up. There was a notable diminishing exchange to weight that could be carried however, as heavier items (ammo or electronic equipment) pulled more on the pack over time due to its lack of a supportive frame. This merely reinforced the design that the 3D+ is intended for soft gear (clothing, equipment, etc.) so that bulkier items could be attached to the exterior. In comparison, the Enhanced 3-Day Assault Pack (2.12 pounds for 35 Liters) from Eagle Industries, the SPUR Backpack (4.1 pounds for 56 Liters) by Platatac, and the Huron Assaulter’s Sustainment Bag (3.75 pounds for 32 Liters) from TYR Tactical. This would put the Three Day Plus Assault Pack (Gen 2) at a good overall weight for its weight, 500D Cordura, and storage capacity that can provide the end-user a good sized sustainment pack.

Overall Rating – Good (22/25)

Product Link: https://tacticaltailor.com/three-day-plus-assault-pack-gen-2/

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