T3 Urban Ruck: For the Daily Urban Carry

The Urban Ruck by Trident Tactical/Technical (T3) gives the user a sleek, low-profile EDC backpack that can accommodate up to 12-hours’ worth of essentials. Its 500D Cordura material allows for an optimal balance between the pack’s 20” (H) x 12” (W) x 7” (D) overall dimension, while providing for the flexibility and durability necessary to daily life.


At the front, the T3 Urban Ruck has a 9” (W) x 13” (H) large accessory compartment (secured via zipper) that allow the user to store items of varying size and need. The exterior of the accessory compartment has a smaller accessory pocket with a split field of nylon mesh (secured via zipper), and an additional patch-sized (female) hook-and-loop field for an identification, unit, or morale patch. At the top is a plastic carabiner D-ring to hang a water bottle or other item.

Both sides to the Urban Ruck feature two compression straps (four total), with sliding buckles to ensure the contents stay secured. Additionally, both sides feature a pocket (two total) for storing Nalgene bottles or other items. At the top and bottom to both sides are (female) slide-release buckles to allow the user to mount either belts or straps as necessary with an associated buckle. On the pack’s left side, forming the corner with the backpanel, a full-length zipper allows access into the main storage compartment behind an internal divider for up to a 13” laptop.

The backpanel to the Urban Ruck includes closed-cell foam padding across the back. Both shoulder straps are contoured and anchored at the top of the backpanel with extensive bartack stitching, with QD slide-release buckles at the bottom. The shoulder straps have an adjustable sternum strap with multiple nylon webbing loops to hang accessories.

The Urban Ruck has a knapsack design that secures over the top of the backpack to the front via two slide-release buckles. At the top is a small, zipper secured accessory pocket for sunglass case or other items.

The bottom of the Urban Ruck features the same foam padding as the backpanel.


The interior of the Urban Ruck is accessed via a single drawstring. The main storage compartment includes an internal divider, with a zipper-secured pouch on the interior of one side, and a sleeve pocket on the other. Above both compartments is another zipper-secured accessory pouch.

Available in Multicam Black (featured), Coyote, and Urban Grey (Coming Soon).

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostAverage (3/5): At a listed price of $220, the Urban Ruck has a significant amount of materials for its design, to include thick padding in its shoulder pads and backpanel. All of which work to give the pack a non-tactical appearance that could easily fill the role on the range, on a day hike, or commuting in your daily life. Other market comparisons would be from Tru-Spec’s Tour of Duty ($177 in Multicam Black), or Triple Aught Design’s FAST Pack (in Multicam Black $335). It should be noted however that in both of the competitors listed, their packs still lend towards a “tactical-not-tactical” appearance despite being marketed for everyday life. Additionally, source of manufacturing tends to lend itself to more inexpensive products, and those produced domestically trend to higher cost (which would help explain the price difference). If the user needs to maintain a low profile in an urban setting then the Urban Ruck is appropriately (or of average) priced.
  • Comfort Excellent (5/5): From a comfort aspect, the Urban Ruck offered a good deal of comfort given its thick padding in the shoulder straps and backpanel. Its soft shell provided good comfort and contoured to the back when worn, and the 500D Cordura material had sufficient flexibility to not give the pack any hard edges or angles. All the zippers functioned smoothly and did not bind, while the slide release buckles snapped/secured cleanly. Weather worn for a few hours or all day, the Urban Ruck was consistently comfortable.
  • Durability – Excellent (5/5): The main 500D Cordura material offered a good amount of abrasion resistance to withstand general range work, and performed well for an EDC bag to daily life. Bartack and X-type stitching was noted anchoring the shoulder straps two points of contact into the backpanel, and at other key stress points to reinforce the Urban Ruck’s overall durability. Double line stitching also reinforced all YKK zippers and all of the paracord pull tabs appeared to be secured inside plastic end caps.
  • Functionality Good (4/5): Functionally the Urban Ruck is more reminiscent of a day pack, one with a tactical mindset to keep that low-profile for life in urban settings. The over-the-top closure flap completely covered the drawstring opening, though the slide-release buckles were still exposed. The exterior split field accessory pocket on the front did provide immediate access and visibility to its contents, but also to anyone else (in the city this could prove tempting to thieves). The Urban Ruck was able to comfortably carry several pairs of clothing and range accessories, and could easily be configured to any need necessary. One thing to bear in mind was items placed inside the Urban Ruck can get buried down inside the main storage compartment, as unlike backpacks that open on three sides, the Urban Ruck is top-down access only. One thing T3 may want to consider is changing the material in the interior of the main storage compartment to a high-visibility color rather than black. This would make searching the interior easier.
  • Weight Average (3/5): Coming in at 3.8 pounds for 25-30 Liters of storage space, the Urban Ruck was lightweight enough that wearing it for several hours (3+) did not become uncomfortable with a moderate amount of weight (books, food, clothes, etc.). There was a notable limit to weight that could be carried however, as heavier items (ammo or electronic equipment) pulled more on the pack over time due to its lack of an internal frame. This merely reinforced the design that the Urban Ruck is intended for daily and light/moderate use. In comparison, the Tour of Duty came in at 5 pounds for 37 Liters of storage, and the FAST pack was 2.04 pounds for 28 Liters of space. This would put the Urban Ruck appropriately (or at an average) sized for its weight and offering the user a good sized EDC pack.

Overall Rating – Good (20/25)

Product Link: https://www.t3gear.com/t3-urban-ruck/


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