T3 Gear Range Day Placard: For Two Different Roles

Expanding on its Laminate Carrier line, in 2023 T3 Gear introduced the Range Day Placard to bridge the function of its Range Day chest rig with its LC Plate Carrier. As such, the Range Day Placard (RDP) is ideal for cross-compatibility between the two platforms while providing a smooth, snag-free profile.

The RDP is an envelope pocket design with an overall dimension of 9” (L) X 5” (H) X 1” (W) and made predominantly of laminate (that is half the thickness of a dime with four times the abrasion resistance of 1,000D Cordura). The magazine storage pocket is fully lined with hook-and-loop (female) material for attaching various magazine inserts, flaps, or pockets using corresponding hook-and-loop (male) material.

From the front, the RDP features laser-cut MOLLE slots, with four bands of hook-and-loop (female) material, for attaching various morale or identification panels. In addition, a fifth band of Cordura nylon is stitched at the bottom of the exterior field to provide a supportive base if/when attaching further pouches.

Both sides include One-Wrap hook-and-loop straps (four total) for attaching polymer side-release buckles (not included) that can then be used to attach the associated RDP to any other associated chest harness type. Alternatively, the length of the straps can be adjusted to attach other accessories as chosen.

The rear of the RDP has sectional hook-and-loop (male) material for attaching to corresponding fields on a carrier or back panel (not included), and provides an anchor point on which the two bands of One-Wrap material can be attached to when not wanted.

The bottom of the RDP has a drainage slit between each of the three magazine slots to allot pass-through of fluid or debris.

Included with the RDP is a single magazine insert, stitched into slots for three rifle magazines. Each slot also includes added shock cord retention for added security to the magazines. The exterior of the insert is lined with hook-and-loop (male) to attach to the interior of the RDP envelope pocket.

The Range Day Placard is available in Multicam (featured), Ranger Green, Coyote Brown, and Black.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostExcellent (5/5): Priced at an MSRP of $49.99, the Range Day Placard is a multi-use chest placard intended to be scalable by the end-user (through other add-on items from T3 or other manufacturers) and used either on a plate carrier, or as part of a chest rig. Made almost entirely from laminate nylon, with a hook-and-loop (female) lined pocket and backing of hook-and-loop (male), the RDP comes with two adjustable slide-release buckles at the top (for attaching to a carrier or chest rig). Addittionally, there are two bands on each side of One-Wrap hook-and-loop material to use in conjunction with optional shoulder straps (sold separately) of a chest rig. In contrast, the Micro Fight Chassis Mk5 ($49.95) by Spiritus Systems, the Maximus Placard ($119) from HRT Tactical, or the Adaptive Placard ($79.99) from Wilde Custom Gear are the closest comparator. As a complete placard design, for both plate carrier and chest rig usage (and made of laminate nylon), the T3 RDP is at an excellent price point compared to other stand-alone placards.
  • Comfort Good (4/5): The choice of the laminate nylon throughout the placard ensured the RDP maintained enough abrasion resistance (despite its reduced fabric thickness). It also allowed for the material to still be flexible enough to contour to the curvature of the carrier or upper torso while worn, or manipulated for magazine insertion/removal. Thus, the corners and reinforced stitching neither scratched nor gouged the wearer during dynamic movements, and allowed the RDP to be used as intended. The full-pocket hook-and-loop (female) pocket inside the RDP allowed for easy application, removal, and customization of the depth to the magazine insert based on individual needs. The One-Wrap material did consistently retain hold regardless if worn behind the placard or threaded through the side slots, and no slippage in fabric was noted when properly applied. Given that the RDP is intended to dual-use as a plate carrier placard and as a chest rig placard, it is recommended to T3 that they consider including a padded backer to the RDP so the hook-and-loop material on the back does not become abrasive to exposed skin or fabrics. As is, the RDP does not come with one and the consumer will be left to either provide one or take from a different placard that has a corresponding dimension.
  • Durability – Average (3/5): The durability of laminate nylon as one of the latest fabrics, often places the fabric with an abrasion rating at/above 1000D and greater than many other of the more traditional nylons. This translated to a placard that was lighter, durable, and more pliable than traditional nylon products of similar denier. Extensive bartack reinforcement stitching was noted throughout the RDP, especially at high-stress corners and reinforcing the hook-and-loop panel inside and on the back of the placard. Perhaps the only aspect from a durability concern was unrelated to the RDP, but rather the elastic nylon magazine insert that went inside the placard and sometimes folded over or caught on the magazine’s hard point corners. The edges of this insert could wear prematurely over time. Otherwise, the RDP’s hook-and-loop (female) panels remained in good use throughout and despite continual readjustments, and the edges did not curl nor experience any threading issues/failures. The One-Wrap hook fabric did take on some wear while threading through buckles to convert it to a chest rig, and it is recommended to end-users to fully thread the One-Wrap fabric through the buckle rather than folding it.
  • Functionality Average (3/5): Functionally, as a single pocket placard, the RDP performed appropriately (or of average use) during range evaluations. The adjustable upper slide-release buckles (which were used to adjust the height of the overall placard in relation to the carrier), combined with the rear hook-and-loop (male) panel, ensured it remained secured and did not shift unnecessarily during use or dynamic movements. The laser-cut MOLLE slots on the front-facing exterior allowed the end-user to add additional pouches as desired, while keeping the main rifle pouch available as needed. The shock cord retention bands and nylon insert retained positive control of the magazines, though the flexible nylon pull tabs and the edges of the insert occasionally folded over/closed and made tactile control or rehoming magazines somewhat difficult (typical for that type of design). The One-Wrap straps on both sides leave open the option for converting the placard from use as a plate carrier placard into a micro chest rig placard by attaching slide-release buckles (not included) or attaching accessories like chemlights, carabiners, etc. A recommendation for T3 would be to add four slide-release (female) buckles with the RDP so the end user would have the necessitating hardware to convert the RDP to a chest rig placard, and not need to search the internet for it. End-users should note the RDP also does not come with a padded back panel or fabric cover, so if converting it to chest rig they will need to find an alternative cover to prevent the back hook-and-loop (male) material from being abrasive. For this review, the harness of a T3 Spear Chest Rig V2 was used to convert the RDP to a chest rig, and the buckles and padded back panel fit the RDP correctly. A second recommendation to T3 would be to make the back hook-and-loop field one contiguous piece (like what Spiritus or HRT does with their placards), including to the extent of the upper corners and to the edges where there was currently no coverage. It was noted that while worn with a carrier, these upper corners/edges did not secure to the carrier (but not to the point as to compromise the security of the placard’s connection to the carrier).
  • Weight Average (3/5): As a complete placard setup (with magazine insert), the RDP weighed in at 6.4 ounces. This total weight was directly attributed to the relative light weight of the laminate nylon itself as a fabric (which can be a fraction of traditional nylon but have the abrasion resistance equal to 1000D nylon), and still retained a good level of reinforcement stitching as needed. This light weight made the RDP (unloaded) neither awkward nor distracting off the front of a plate carrier or as part of a chest rig. In contrast, the Mk5 Micro Fight (10 ounces) by Spiritus, the Maximus Placard (16 ounces), the Adaptive Placard (10 ounces) from Wilde Custom Gear all illustrate that the Range Day Placard was among other lighter dedicated placards on the market and appropriate (or average) for its use.

Overall Rating – Above Average (18/25)

Product Link: https://www.t3gear.com/t3-range-day-placard-lc/

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