Stealth Gear USA Drop-Leg Holster: Keep Your Secondary At Hand Level

Introduced in 2019, the SG-X Drop-Leg (Double Strap) holster is a curved, stable platform on which the removable holster is mounted. Designed by Stealth Gear USA to position the handgun on the outer thigh, the kydex holster provides fully adjustable retention. The Drop-Leg is designed with the input from technical experts and law enforcement/military personnel.

The thigh platform itself features a vertical retention strap, held up by a heavy-duty nylon belt loop and a quick-attach buckle. The nylon has bartack stitching for added reinforcement and accommodates belts up to 2.5” in width.

The Drop-Leg platform uses Safariland’s Equipment Locking System (ELS) to connect the kydex holster to the platform, which itself is also adjustable in height. The ELS is compatible with the SG-X Modular Holster System or any other ELS mount for belt, MOLLE, or suitably mounted surface.

The back of the platform is comprised of Ventcore™ material to maintain breathability and comfort.


Elastic leg straps secure the thigh holster with slide release buckles. The removable holster to the Drop-Leg is a two-piece clamshell, kydex design with fully adjustable retention.


  • Quick-attach swivel/buckle: Fidlock® snap accepts 1.5″ webbing, tested breaking strength of 120 lbs.
  • Thigh strap: 1.5” (wide) laser-cut, heavy-duty nylon with vertical adjustment holes
  • Holster Shell: .093” KYDEX® (or .080” thickness for listed print patterns)
  • KYDEX® plate: Radius-formed and ported .093″ KYDEX® with double 1.5″ leg straps

The Drop-Leg holster comes in a variety of colors and patterns customizable to both the platform and holster. Users can select from Black (featured), to split or licensed colors (such as Multicam), or more exotic materials like carbon fiber. Many Stealth Gear holsters can also be customized to include WMLs such as by Surefire and Streamlight.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostGood (4/5): Starting at a base price of $98, the total cost of the SG-X Drop-Leg (Double Strap) holster is determined by color and the make/model of the firearm (and if the user requests it accommodate a WML). Obvious competitors to the SG-X’s design would be the Shapeshift Drop Leg Holster ($67.88) by Alien Gear, the Model 6004 SLS Low Signature Holster ($145) by Safariland, and the Serpa L3 Holster ($162.95) by Blackhawk. All of which are above the price point of the SG-X, which makes it ideal as a split kydex and Ventcore™ design.
  • Comfort Average (3/5): The SG-X took a good deal of time adjusting to make it comfortable. The variance in height from waist to mid-thigh, holster retention, and leg strap tension required nearly breaking down the holster to its core, then rebuilding it to desired levels. The SG-X’s design did allow for this to all be done with a Phillips-head screwdriver, but still took about 45 minutes to complete. Once fitted, the comfort was good with the firearm placed right at hand level, and the adjustability of retention ensured positive grip but not excessive. The overall SG-X holster had a tall profile off the thigh due to the ELS, and something to be aware of when running around obstacles. The holster‘s ELS slid easily, and allowed the holster to be separated from the thigh platform to check the retention level, with zero movement. The Ventcore™ padding was thick and ensured the polymer frame did not pinch nor rub the thigh. A recommendation to Stealth Gear would be to examine the hardware/material aspect of the vertical retention strap to make adjustment easier, as it was difficult to get comfortable given its anchoring screws and the nylon’s rigidity. Also, if possible, to reduce the profile of the holster off the thigh.
  • Durability – Average (3/5): The Ventcore™ and kydex design of the SG-X showed respectable durability during use, paralleling that of its market competitors noted above. Kydex is a common material for holsters given both its ability to be easily molded, but also retain that shape over time despite wear. The mesh outer nylon layer of the Ventcore™ not only allowed for breathability, but ensured the material did not fray or wear despite the abrasion against jeans or pants. Single-line stitching was noted along the outer edge of the Ventcore™ material, which was concerning given that one popped stitch (from being snagged in the field or range), and it could easily unravel. The beltloop held bartack stitching, so one suggestion would be to add that or double-line stitching to the exterior edge of the Ventcore™ to improve durability where it is more likely to experience abrasion.
  • Functionality Average (3/5): Functionally the SG-X took a little manipulation to get to work and fit properly. The holster’s initial retention level was extremely tight and needed significant adjustment, while the elastic leg straps had an almost excessive amount of length (thankfully it came with retention bands) that left a rather large ball of extra material (this could be cut down later if desired) at the slide-release buckles. As noted above, the ELS slid easily, but mounted securely to the platform and did not move during the draw or re-holstering. Despite stressor drills and shaking the holster upside down, the retention screws and clamshell kydex design ensured the firearm stayed secure. From a functional aspect, the curvature of the platform itself may be problematic to those with wider thighs, as it has an almost half-circle curve to it, and Stealth Gear may want to consider widening up the curve slightly to accommodate wider dimensions of the thigh.
  • Weight Good (4/5): Weighing 15.2 ounces (complete platform with holster) the SG-X Drop-Leg (Double Strap) holster was of a reasonable, all be it average weight for a holster of this type and size. The material itself was lightweight enough not to be cumbersome when worn and once properly fitted, supported the weight of the firearm and kept it in place despite stressor drills and drawing/holstering. In comparison, other noted drop-leg competitors ranged in weight from Blackhawk’s SERPA holster (16 ounces) to Safariland’s low-signature holster (25 ounces) which put Stealth Gear’s SG-X on the lighter weight of designs.

Overall Rating – Above Average (17/25)

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