SOFLETE Shooter Programming

Amid its various strength-based programming, the performance gurus at SOFLETE have developed a shooting program that offers individuals a wide array of improving one’s performance with firearms (to include concealed carry, carbine, and long-distance). It is a system that offers a simple user-interface, with easy-to-follow instructions by instructors who have demonstrated competency behind the trigger in both a tactical and competition setting. If you are looking to build basic familiarization or advanced carbine work, the Shooting Team program offers something unique for everyone.

IMG_0765.jpegI first joined the Shooter programming back in 2017 when SOFLETE emerged with its own redesigned mobile app and online store. It has since grown to feature programming and drills from intermediate to advanced, for all three weapon platforms (pistol, carbine, long-distance). The Shooting Team offers weekly dry-fire drills that culminate in a one-day live fire intended to emphasize that cycle’s purpose-driven training. Subscribers can download targets, or incorporate standard IDPA scoring targets, along with tutorials and stage setup designs for range day. The various Shooting Team cycles are diverse enough to allow users to choose those that best fit their needs, but all emphasize fundamentals that are applied to tactical or competition settings.

The mobile app itself is extremely user-friendly, offering ease of navigation and flexibility. Subscribers choose their “team” and then select which programming cycle they want to subscribe to (most shooting cycles running approximately 10-12 weeks). While participating in a cycle, drills are divided up into sequences based on what weapon platform you want to use (pistol, concealed, carbine, and distance). This prevents crowding to your limited screen size on the mobile device, or overload you with information. The SOFLETE app also features an internal bulletin board that allows subscribers to interact with one another or directly with the coaching staff for questions, guidance, or general tom-foolery among like-minded individuals.

The Shooter programming first cost $25 per month when released, then combined with one of SOFLETE’s other various fitness programs at the time as a Combat Athlete bundle for $40 a month. In 2018 it became part of the All Access pass for $34 a month, that in addition to the Shooter programing, grants subscribers’ access to all of SOFLETE’s programming (to include specialty programming like Women’s training, Selection Prep, Nutritional (food prep), and Backcountry (for pre-hunting season improvement)). The plus side is you can sign-up for your first 10-day trial session for free (which is over a week of dry-fire drills and one range day), try it all out and then decide if it’s for you. The only caution I have for subscribers is SOFLETE’s automated billing service will not warn you when your subscription is expiring – the system automatically charges you for another billing cycle until you initiate a subscription cancellation. This practice is common in other gym membership programs as well, so be aware of this if you have automated or other structured household payments.

Overall, I am very pleased with the Shooter programming by SOFLETE. There is enough flexibility between its schedule and mine that I often will combine two weeks worth of dry-fire exercises, and then dedicate an entire afternoon to running through both live fire drills. Drills are challenging and take about 30 minutes to complete, but the app allows me to track how I am progressing in speed (using my own shot timer with the app) and accuracy (via personal scoring). If your range (like mine) is in an area with questionable cellular coverage, I’d recommend either printing the range day drills in advance, or screen capturing them to work around your own limitations in infrastructure. I have noted an increase in personal reloading times and speed, but it’s more about growing as a competent shooter with training that expands your skillset. For folks who are casual shooters or in units that only hit the range for qualifications, taking the initiative and using this programming will defiantly improve your skills. Likewise, if you are in a unit that already does a good deal of range time, but thought about stepping out of your comfort zone and into another platform, the SOFLETE Shooter programming will guide you through that in a structured format.


Product Evaluation Scores:

  • Cost Good. While the Shooting Team app no longer has its own subscription service, the price for All Access is extremely affordable given the extensive knowledge and access granted to the subscriber.
  • DurabilityGood. The revised SOFLETE app has proven very functional, with SOFLETE staff responsive to smart phone or subscription problems to ensure compatibility.
  • Functionality Excellent. The Shooter programming itself was invaluable, with a wide variety of drills and live fire exercises that emphasized fundamentals and advanced techniques not readily available to civilian consumers.
  • Overall Rating – Very Good

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