Snake Eater Tactical Simple Sling: It’s All In the Name

Introduced in mid-2017 as a lightweight and functional rifle sling, Snake Eater Tactical continues to produce its Simple Sling as a customizable mainstay to its overall tactical product line.

Made from a 1” wide nylon webbing, the Simple Sling uses an ITW Ladderlock buckle at the front end of the sling to allow for easy, one-handed adjustment.

The Simple Sling comes with several different mounting options to include; a QD swivel, HK snap hook, the Blue Force Gear Uloop, and a stitched webbing loop.

The rear of the sling comes with the standard plastic hardware to allow the material to be passed through any 1” sling mount or allow for additional mounting hardware to be added (not included).

The front end of the sling end in a “Z fold” that has reinforced stitching to ensure adjustments never exceed the hardware, and that there is always a minimum of five inches of tail to grab a hold of. The rear end is free-running, and allows the user to apply it to either through webbing slots or tri-glide buckles to form a loop for the buttstock or QD attachment.


  • Minimum Length: 6”
  • Maximum Length: 65”

The Simple Sling comes in seven unique colors to include; Multicam (featured), A-TACS, Wolf Grey and more.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostExcellent (5/5): The listed cost for the Simple Sling runs between $29 and $42 based on hardware. This price reflects the balance between the nylon material of the sling, and the included minimalist hardware. The Simple Sling’s design is comparable to other mainstream slings currently offered by a number of vendors to include; the Operators Two Point Sling ($35.99) by First Spear, the Vickers Tactical Sling ($49.95) by Blue Force Gear, or the MS3 Gen2 ($47.45) by Magpul. Thus, at its base price the Simple Sling is perhaps one of the most inexpensive and affordable on the market while the inclusion of extras still keeps the cost modestly priced.
  • Comfort Good (4/5): Very lightweight and of average thickness for modern nylons, the Simple Sling added little weight to the overall rifle, even when wet. The solution-dyed mil-spec 17337 nylon weave pattern helped ensure durability, and still yielded good flexibility through the ladderlock hardware without binding or drag. As a minimalist sling there was no padding, yet the material was soft enough not to excessively chafe exposed skin.
  • Durability – Excellent (5/5): From a durability aspect the Simple Sling comprised of just that—a simple sling made from lightweight and flexible 17337 nylon. This type of nylon has been used for years in MOLLE webbing and has breaking strength of 1,200 pounds at 1” wide. Numerous adjustments to the overall length and position did not yield any frayed edges nor friction markings (typically associated to the hardware heating up to the point to physically melt the outermost layer). The heat-shrink tubing attached to the ladderlock buckle did not split nor stretch, and did a good job at adding a purchase point on which to grab for adjusting the overall sling.
  • Functionality Good (4/5): Functionally, it’s hard to get overly complicated on a minimalist sling design. And the Simple Sling took its adjustment design from the older Vickers Sling by Blue Force Gear and employed that simplicity with more modern materials and hardware. This allows the Simple Sling to deployment in mere seconds. Attaching/adjusting the provided front end connection point was easy, and the rear folded material allowed it to be directly mounted to a stock or have preferred hardware added (not included).
  • Weight Excellent (5/5): At just 53 grams (1.86 ounces) the overall weight of the Simple Sling was extremely light thanks to its principle 17337 nylon. There was no excess material or padding, and that kept the weight to a minimum. In comparison the Operators Two Point Sling (113 grams), the Vickers Tactical Sling (117 grams), or the MS3 Gen2 (225 grams) were all still well above the weight of the Simple Sling due to the thickness of the nylon and associated metal hardware. The Simple Sling’s light weight put it as one of the lightest minimalist slings on the market.

Overall Rating – Very Good (23/25)

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