SLR Rifleworks Magwell Adaptor (Short): Give Your Glock Some Flair

Regardless if you need it for competition, EDC, or just personal preference—handgun magwell extensions aid in rapid reloads and allow you keep your eye on target while driving home the magazine. The Magwell Adaptor (Short) by SLR Rifleworks is one of many offered for the extensive Glock line of handguns, including the newer Gen 5, accomplishes those tasks flawlessly.


Made from 7075 billet aluminum, the Magwell Adaptor Short for the Gen 5 G19 gives added purchase for the hand, similar to other magwells, without the added shelf for the pinky finger. This makes it ideal for EDC and duty applications without making the pistol grip bulky. The Magwell Adaptor (Short) is compatible with high-capacity or 10-round magazines, and includes a relief for Taran Tactical pins.

SLR offers magwells for each Gen 5 models with/without the half-moon cut in the pistol grip. These accessories are machine cut specific to the model, a process that negates excess movement that often comes from one-size-fits-all magwells.

The matched hardware for the Magwell Adaptor (Short) is merely a low-profile billet attachment screw that anchors the base of the magwell to the grip. Users should take care not to overtighten the attachment screw.

Please note: The Magwell Adaptor (Short) is not compatible with the additional Glock Gen 5 backstraps due to length of the attachment screw.

The Magwell Adaptor (Short) is only available in a matte black.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostExcellent (5/5): For all of SLR’s Glock Magwell Adaptors, each costs $79.99 and are available for Gen 3 – 5 patterned handguns. Each is made from hardened billet aluminum for long term durability. The magwell is also designed to fit that specific model of Glock so there is no gap, wiggle, or excess material that other “one-size-fits-all” designs. In comparison, other market magwells for the G19 would be the Magwell ($100) by Agency Arms, the PRO One-Piece Glock Magwell ($99-109) by ZEV Technology, or the Full-Size Carry Magwell ($89.99) by Taran Tactical Innovations. All of these market alternatives use the same materials and are above the cost of the SLR, thus making the SLR one of the more affordable magwells on the market.
  • Comfort Good (4/5): While somewhat subjective to the hand size of the user, for this review we were only able to evaluate the “short” variant of the Magwell Adaptor. The idea being that it would eliminate the half-moon cut in the Gen 5 grip and improve overall purchase of the firing hand on the grip. When properly installed (it clips in from the front and then a screw anchors the backstrap) it did completely cover the half-moon cut. The shortened lip of the magwell didn’t give the shooting hand a full shelf that presumably the longer version does, but the shortened version did provide a solid base for the overall grip on the front and sides. The subsequent funnel of the magwell did give an added benefit of driving magazines home, as the overall device comfortably filled up the bottom of the hand and channeled the magazines where they needed to go. Logically, the longer Magwell Adaptor would do this moreso.
  • Durability – Good (4/5): Made from 7075 billet aluminum the SLR Magwell had the same durability and performance as other guns and gun parts. This alloy is commonly found in most machined parts and is known for its ability to withstand both heat and friction, as well as corrosion. The difference over alloy magwells and polymer are obvious, both in durability and price. During evaluation, magazines were repeatedly driven home and showed no significant wear or marring on the Magwell Adaptor. At no point did the single retaining screw become loose nor back out. It is most likely that over time and with extensive handling some surface marring may build up, but not to the extent to undermine the underlying aluminum. Care should be taken by the user when anchoring the retention screws so as not to overtighten it and risk damage to the firearm.
  • Functionality Good (4/5): Functionally, the shortened Magwell Adaptor was simplistic in its installation and application. For a larger hand it comfortably IMG_2514covered the half-moon cut that was an annoyance to the bottom of the Gen 5’s grip, and gave it a minimal shelf. It felt the short version was better suited for EDC carry as it was flush with the bottom of the hand and kept a low-enough profile to not snag on clothing. Longer magwells often are larger and have significant bulk to them and are better suited for competition. The only negative from a functional aspect that was noted on the Magwell Adaptor was a small shelf just inside the well. This shelf is part of its design to snap into the front of the pistol grip. This shelf could prove problematic to those who load magazines from the rear of the handgun and cause a hang-up (a similar problem by those unfamiliar with the problems of the half-moon cut in the Glock’s grip to begin with). SLR may want to consider in the future angling the inward-facing side of that shelf (if it is necessary at all) and eliminate that problem. It would be ideal if SLR would include a longer anchoring screw, or make the Magwell Adaptor compatible with the different sized backstraps that come with the Gen 5 to improve its application to match the Glock’s customization.
  • Weight Excellent (5/5): Despite made from billet aluminum, the SLR Magwell Adaptor itself only weighed 0.6 ounces (with anchoring screw), making it very lightweight, and its application did not unbalance the handgun in any degree. In comparison; Agency Arms Magwell (0.7 ounces), the PRO Magwell (1.5 ounces), and the Taran’s Full-Size (1.7 ounces) had weights proportional to their size (short magwells v long). While flared, the shorter EDC-type magwells necessitate lesser material needed, and thus a lighter weight. As the longer version of the SLR Magwell Adaptor was unavailable for testing, it can be assumed it would weigh slightly more. Regardless either Magwell adaptor is still one of the lighter billet aluminum products on the available market.

Overall Rating – Good (22/25)

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