Shadow Individual First Aid Kit: When Seconds Count

Designed with input from members from 3rd Special Forces Group and Canadian Special Operations, the Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) by The Requirements Groups (TRG) and sold via their distributor Shadow offers a compact, rapid-access, minimalist pouch to life-saving essentials.

Made of 1000D Cordura, the IFAK features a YKK-zippered IFAK pouch inside an envelope-style mounting flap with a YKK silent release buckle. The mounting flap secures to the user via three rows of MOLLE and/or two belt loops, and uses combination hook-and-loop and button connections to ensure the aid pouch remains in place but can be disconnected when needed. All major stress points to the mounting flap are either double stitched, bartacked, and/or ‘X Box’ stitched for added strength.

Inside, the IFAK pouch consists of a taco-style design with two elastic cuffs per side, behind which are two elastic envelope sleeves for documents or flattened items, such as Celox or other hemostats. The IFAK aid pouch itself is wide enough to contain one tourniquet and one battle dressing (Israeli) to one side, and smaller/flat items (such as an NPA or pen light) on the other (medical items not included). On the top of the IFAK, is a high-grade cell foam padded handle, and overall the IFAK with mounting flap measures 7” (W) x 6” (H) x 3” (D).

The Shadow IFAK comes in Coyote (featured), Black, OD Green, UTP, UTP Temperate, Woodland Digital, and Italian Vegetato.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostAverage (3/5): At $33.10 the price of the IFAK is comparable to other internationally manufactured IFAKs (US products sometimes tend to be higher). But for the 1000D Cordura material and design, the cost is about what should be expected.
  • Comfort Fair (2/5): The aspect of the enclosing envelope-style flap feels a bit awkward, like you’re having to access a pouch to get to another pouch. Most IFAKs on the market don’t feature this two-pouch design; and that plays an aspect into the product’s purpose, but it just feels like a clunky approach if you were in dire need of a tourniquet or your hands slick from blood and needed direct access.
  • IMG_5194Durability – Good (4/5): The 1000D Cordura is on the higher scale for abrasion resistance, so TRG’s IFAK is going to stand up well if worn or mounted to a vehicle. With the addition of X-style and bartac reinforcement, the IFAK will likely stand up for a long time. In fact, the only negative that affected the IFAK’s score was a missed stitch line to the IFAK itself, and it is uncertain how that will be affected over time. This is most likely a QC-related issue that TRG would resolve if desired.
  • Functionality Average (3/5): As noted above, the functionality of the envelope-style flap and tear-away IFAK is a bit awkward, particularly if one is in a high duress situation. Otherwise the internal design of the IFAK is very compact and with the elastic cuffs it will ensure the medical items remain secure. It would be nice if there were a means of visually denoting on the exterior that this is an aid pouch (medical cross or hook-and-loop field for an associated medical patch) so others can know at a glance what is inside. But if necessary one can draw one in using a sharpie.
  • Weight – Average (3/5): At 9.1 ounces (empty) the IFAK is of reasonable weight considering the high denier rating of the material and comparable to other IFAKs on the current market.

Overall Rating – Average (15/25)

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