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Any firearm is only as good as its maintenance plan. SENTRY Products Group offers a variety of dry and liquid firearm cleaning products to help maintain not only top performance of your firearm, but preserve it against long-term wear.


SENTRY Tuf-Cloth

The Tuf-Cloth™ Cleaner, Dry-Lubricant, Protectant (CDLP) is a 12”x12” cloth that is permeated with SENTRY’s micro-bonding dry lubricant that, when applied, is applied wet but leaves behind an oil-free coating as it dries that repels debris. Available in the Firearm and Knife industry for years, the Tuf-Cloth makes for ideal field maintenance where one may not have immediate access to a workable space or cleaning supplies. The lubricant is fit for all environmental conditions and finishes, to include wood or plastics. Because of its chemical composition and oil-free application, the lubricant won’t thin in extreme heat or, thicken in colder temperatures. The application from Tuf-Cloth prevents fingerprints, tarnishing, and metal dulling that accompanies environments with a higher moisture content. While CDLP is permeated in the Tuf-Cloth, it is also available in a number of alterative applications to include a pen or needle applicator, or spray bottle.

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SENTRY Hi-Slip Is a blend of synthetic grease with pure molybdenum  . Hi-Slip maintains all the advantages of a grease in that it remains at the point of application and does not spread/migrate to other mechanical components. Hi-Slip will remain on surfaces between -65ºF to 650ºF. The grease application can lubricate all types of metal including stainless steel, blued metal, titanium and aluminum and will prevent overall galling. Hi-Slip comes in either a needle injector for precise applications or a 2-ounce jar.

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SENTRY Smooth-Kote

Expanding on its CDLP line of maintenance products, SENTRY also has introduced a molybdenum dry lubricant & barrel treatment. Smooth-Kote™ is a liquid applicant that protects internal surfaces against friction, fouling, and wear. When applied, the liquid is fast drying and micro-bonds to metal for excellent lubrication from -65˚F to 650˚F. Smooth-Kote comes in either a needle injector for precise applications or a 2-ounce jar.’

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Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostGood (4/5): The price for SENTRY’s cleaning products varies per application, per product. The Tuf-Cloth and Hi-Slip in their reviewed applicators both cost $9.99 per item, while the Smooth-Kote was $10.99. The market is awash in cleaning products for firearms, but researched customer reviews cover the use of SENTRY’s products for years, with multiple demonstrations of the CDLP application and moisture resistance over time. The Tuf-Cloth itself was shown to still have lubricant up to three years after being opened and still applicable. These all make SENTRY’s cleaning and lubricant line a very good option for shooters looking to alternatives over traditional oil-based cleaning products.
  • Durability – Good (4/5): As stated, the use of SENTRY’s CDLP and grease made for a variety of products with good extended application. The use of precise applicators minimized waste, and the resealable packaging ensured the maximum longevity of the product. While only used for a 30-day duration, the lubricant did provide a notable layer of protection against debris, however it only made for easy removal of carbon and other elements. Sand, dirt, and carbon still did accumulate (due to environment and ammo powder residue), but were easily wiped away with the Tuf-Cloth. The grease did as promised, and did not spread or migrate over high friction areas, and it maintained lubrication with only a single application throughout the review period. It is likely the only time reapplication would be needed, would be when a full strip cleaning is performed. The only negative noted was the Tuf-Glide and Smooth-Kote needle applicator did not come with a protective cap, such as the pen applicator, so its use will be limited to a workbench. If a protective cap were added, then it would be more feasible to include the applicators in range bags or packs.
  • Functionality Good (4/5): Without getting into the full chemistry involved, gauging the functionality of SENTRY’s cleaning products is difficult to establish apart from any other market product. The CDLP did perform as stated, and the grease maintained lubricant only in the applied areas. The weapons treated consistently performed well without failures, and were easily cleaned once treated despite using reloaded ammunition with heavy fouling. SENTRY could explain the whole “microbonding” element of its cleaning products in a more concise manner, but to the consumer it is less relevant to the ability of the CDLP to provide carbon control, friction protection, and moisture resistance. It should be noted that when using the Tuf-Cloth be sure to do so in a well-ventilated area as the fumes were somewhat strong. Take note some SENTRY cleaning products also recommend using protective gloves to avoid the effects of the chemicals on exposed skin.
  • Weight Average (3/5): The weights to each applicator is minimal at most, and limited to the volume of the item in question. The Tuf-Cloth (1 ounce), Hi-Slip needle injector (0.7 ounces), and Smooth-Kote needle applicator (0.7 ounces) were of good weight to add onto any cleaning bench. The Tuf-Cloth was best added to the range bag so as to facilitate immediate cleaning after use of the firearm. Because the aftermarket is so full of options, generally most cleaning solvents or applications are generally around 1-5 ounces depending on the quantity purchased.

Overall Rating* – Good (15/20)

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*For the purpose of this evaluation, the “Comfort” aspect of SENTRY’s CDLP and grease cleaning products was excluded as it is not an item that is neither worn nor directly bears on the user.