Safariland 7385 Holster: Always Ready By Your Side

Introduced as part of its tactical holster line, the 7385 Holster brings together a number of elements from Safariland’s newest designs with its traditional leg-drop platform and interchangeable base mounting system.

Made from a proprietary blend of injection-molded, nylon polymer called SafariSeven™, the 7385 holster features an open-top design with multiple channels that give ample distance, or an “air barrier” between the interior of the holster and all firearm surfaces. The SafariSeven™ material is a DuPont product that makes the holster and mounting system very durable and highly resistant to moisture, oil, or resins. In addition, SafariSeven™ can withstand extreme temperatures between 300 degrees to -50.

The top of the 7385 also includes a removable hood guard to help prevent firearm takeaways or close contact with the ALS Lever when drawing/holstering a firearm.

In the interior, the 7385 features Safariland’s Automated Locking System (ALS) that ensures a solid lock when the firearm is holstered. De-activated by a thumb-pressure lever, the ALS locking mechanism is released, and the firearm can be easily drawn straight up. Small risers inside the holster also help maintain that “air barrier” so that any water or debris inside the holster can easily fall through and not obstruct function.

The 7385 comes with a thigh mounting platform, with a single leg strap (though other models are available with two), and quick-release buckle off the belt. The thigh platform also includes front and rear mounting holes for magazine holders or other accessories.

The 7385 holster is available for a wide variety of handgun fits including Glock, Sig, H&K, S&W and others, with or without light and in both Flat Dark Earth (featured) and Black.

Small MOLLE Adaptor

Included in this review is the 6004-8 Small MOLLE Adaptor that, combined with the Quick Locking System Kit, allow the 7385 Holster to be transitioned easily between platforms and configurations as needed.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostFair (2/5): As the newest in its tactical holster line, the 7385 Holster runs between $196 and $214 (color and firearm dependent) and includes the associated holster and thigh platform. In this review, the additional Small MOLLE adaptor ($40) was included with the Quick Locking System Kit ($45). The QLS enabled the 7385 Holster to be disconnected from its thigh platform and connected to the MOLLE adaptor with ease. Other more notable market alternatives for thigh holsters include Blackhawk’s L3 SERPA Leg-Drop ($162.95), Stealth Gear’s Leg Drop ($98), or the Shapeshift Drop Leg platform ($67.88) from Alien Gear. It should be noted that all of these have differences in retention, design, and material, but overall Safariland does hold a majority of the market for leg-drop platforms simply because of its high quality and manufacturing. The initial cost of the 7385 Holster may become adjusted as popularity grows, but in comparison to other Safariland leg-drop holsters like the 6354 ($222-$237) or the 7304 ($227-$254) then the 7385 is on the more affordable side, thus making it fair in price amongst the overall market.
  • Comfort Good (4/5): Overall the fit of the thigh platform was notably more comfortable than other manufacturers out there. This was due to the crescent shape of the platform to contour to the mid-thigh whereas others have used a half-circle. While body dimensions often differ, the 7385 platform took that into account by having a wider/broader contour and felt more comfortable against the thigh. Otherwise from a comfort aspect, disengaging the ALS locking mechanism was simple and the draw felt smooth. The interior rails that contact the slide to provide retention did not bind nor lock the gun, nor resist when re-holstering. Overall the holster felt smooth in function and there was no observable hard-angle or unfinished edges. Likewise, the base material for the MOLLE adaptor was extremely rigid and provided a solid foundation for the 7385 holster to be mounted, either on a plate carrier, bag, or belt.
  • Durability – Excellent (5/5): The principle material for the 7385 is a proprietary DuPont polymer blend called SafariSeven™. Safariland insists this makes the holster tougher, and more wear and oil resistant. That said, continual drawing/holstering did eventually leave some surface marring on the interior and exterior of the holster (most likely from the front sight post) but none on the firearm’s slide. One added aspect of the SafariSeven™ polymer is that deeper scratches on the exterior could be dealt with by gently rubbing a Scotch Brite pad on to even out the surface layer and make it smooth again. A number of attempts were made as drawing the firearm while keeping the ALS engaged however none of them were successful and the holster/hardware was not compromised. Likewise, the MOLLE adaptor was also made from a very rigid polymer as a base that had a number of different positions in which the QLS could be mounted. Its anchoring straps were of a semi-rigid nylon band that helped ensure strength and reinforcement, with push-button snaps that continually held despite opening/closing multiple times to change position or alignment.
  • Functionality Good (4/5): Functionally, the 7385 holster did as advertised, which is to say it offered excellent weapon retention during both shooting drills and despite a number of attempts to forcibly remove the weapon. The ALS mechanism held up under stress and functioned smoothly, ensuring both positive retention and allowing the firearm to be drawn when wanted. The only negative was the thigh platform itself, specifically the belt loop which is has a very wide 2.5” opening for extra-wide duty belts, but on thinner belts left a distracting level of excess and didn’t retain the upper portion of the platform as tight as preferable. Perhaps if a means could be added to adjust the with it would improve the overall score for function. The MOLLE adaptor was able to be securely mounted to a number of different MOLLE fields on a plate carrier, bag, or belt and remained secured through push-button snaps. This, and the QLS system, allowed for the 7385 to be easily relocated between platforms regardless of how it was applied and brought the 7385 to a wide array of applications.
  • Weight Average (3/5): At 1.16 pounds (with holster, QLS, and thigh platform) the 7385 is reasonably lightweight thanks to its injection-molded process and the SafariSeven™ polymer. Even the weight of metal hardware has been limited to just the mounting screws so as to keep the weight to the minimum. Excess material has been eliminated while still retaining the functional aspects of the holster and retention system itself. In comparison, Blackhawk’s L3 SERPA (1.7 pounds w/holster), Stealth Gear’s Leg Drop (15.2 ounces w/holster), or the Shapeshift Drop Leg (0.8 ounces – platform only w/o holster) all place the 7385 Holster, and its associated components, within an appropriate (or average) weight of similar market holsters.

Overall Rating – Above Average (18/25)

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