RTG Range Runner XL: Roll In Style

Making life easier on the range gets more valuable the longer you spend on it. The Range Runner XL by Range Tactical Gear provides shooters with an easy way to transport, secure, and hold a variety of firearms, gear, and ammo. Thus, moving throughout the range in different bays, or having a solid platform on which to carry the weight will make any competition or training day that much more enjoyable.

Born from crowdsourcing in 2017, the Range Runner comes in a variety of configurations to best fit the needs of the shooter. In the featured XL (as in all their models) the frame, hardware, and handle are all built from solid aircraft-grade aluminum.

The gun brackets are coated in a protective rubberized or felt layer to ensure any rifle is both secure and protected. The XL has a 16” base and includes two rifle brackets for the upper and lower positions (four total; two L-Type and two U-Type).

The Range Runner also features a collapsible utility shelf for supporting storage containers or as a field table. One set of pre-drilled holes are on the sides and front/back for attaching bungee cords.

The push handle has foam padding at the hand points, and has three positions to accommodate a variety of height in shooters.

The XL’s 12” all-terrain pneumatic wheels help ensure smooth travel over a variety of terrain.

Along both sides of the bottom tray and vertical storage are keymod rails that allow the overall length for any rifle or shotgun to be customized.


  • Cart Dimensions…42″x21″x12″ (Collapsed)
  • Bottom Tray……….15.5″x21″
  • Vertical Storage….15″x26″
  • Utility Shelf………..14″x24
  • Weight……………….40 pounds
  • Max Weight……….160 pounds
  • Cart vertical storage is 2/3 of spec below if there is a shelf on the cart.

While a majority of the Range Runner products come in powder coat Black (featured), the Range Runner Air is only available in Red.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostAverage (3/5): The featured XL model has an MSRP of $495, but other variants of the Range Runner span from $395 to $650 depending on the size and purpose you want it configured for. Range Tactical Gear (RTG) also offers a customizer to “build your own” so interested parties can go wild, building as much as they want. Other RTG accessories are offered separately and include; range umbrellas, drink holders, and more that take advantage of the keymod mounding system. RTG’s direct competitor for gun carts is from Rugged Gear, and their products range from $384 to $624 and come in a variety of configurations, but Rugged Gear’s product line nylon as a base material with a tubular frame, rather than all aluminum. So, while the materials are significantly different, the price for the Range Runner is comparable to other alternatives.
  • Comfort Good (4/5): The comfort of the XL translated to its ability to alleviate the burden of weight from items carried by the user, to items carried on the cart. Overall it worked well in this capacity; having the space and means to secure two rifles, ammo boxes, and other field items. Transferring the cart from bay to bay was also easy over a variety of terrain thanks to its large diameter wheels, however items will need to be secured when traveling to avoid being jarred loose or falling off. Likewise, the utility shelf or items on it will also need to be secured when traveling. It would have been an improvement to the XL’s scoring had there been points along the utility shelf, similar to the keymod holes along the bottom tray and vertical storage, by which to use bungie cords and secure items on the shelf. As is items basically just sit on the utility shelf with its very narrow edge and occasionally shook off on rocky terrain. In discussion with RTG’s President, Steve DeJong, he agreed on the improvements and planned in the future to introduce four holes along the utility tray for securing bungie cords or other securing straps.
  • Durability – Excellent (5/5): The XL’s durability scored very high thanks to its all-aluminum frame. The rigidity in the axles, bottom tray, vertical storage tray ensured there was no flexing/warping of the cart due to either weight/load or terrain. There was some twisting of the collapsible handle when attempting to turn the XL unfortunately, most likely due to the weight on the cart itself and lack of the front tires to actually turn. But despite being tested for several all-day events on the range, no permanent warping/twisting of the handle was noted—again likely attributed to the durability of the overall materials involved.
  • Functionality Good (4/5): Functionally, the Range Runner’s design was of greatest benefit to those shooting in an unstructured outdoor setting; those who needed a portable table/cart to carry all their gear, or those interested in having a portable field table. It was however, not of much functional use indoors given its size and inability to corner well. It would be an improvement to the Range Runner’s design if optional sized storage boxes or retention straps were included to keep all carried items compartmentalized, as without them any backpacks, belts, or other gear just sat loosely. Perhaps RTG may consider strap slots cut into strategic spots on the bottom tray or utility shelf that would provide those extra anchoring points.
  • Weight Fair (2/5): Weighing in at 46 pounds, the Range Runner XL (without accessories or gear/guns/boxes) was fairly heavy, something to be considered if you are having to lift the collapsed setup in/out of a truck bed or cargo space each time you use it. The weight was directly related to its all-metal frame that, while adding to the product’s durability, negatively impacted the assigned score as related to weight. That weight does enable the Range Runner to solidly traverse rough terrain without too excessive of vibration. In comparison, the standard 2-gun cart by Rugged Gear weighed in at 27 pounds, but lacked the robustness of RTG’s aluminum design. RTG also offers an “Air” model (not featured) that weighs 44 pounds, confirming that while RTG’s gun carts are very robust, they are also heavy in comparison to market alternatives.

Overall Rating – Above Average (18/25)

Product Link: https://rangetacticalgear.com/product/sc-006-rangerunner-gun-cart-16-inch/

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