Otte Gear Low Viz Overt Plate Carrier: Keep Attention Elsewhere

Introduced in 2021, Low Viz/Overt (LVZ/OVT) Plate Carrier by Otte Gear is intended as a cost efficient, entry-level plate carrier for every-day civilians. The LVZ/OVT carrier provides a lightweight and comfortable option for those looking to maintain the protective function of personal protective body armor, with a minimal outward profile.

The front and rear carriers are made from 500D Cordura and sized to fully enclose SAPI/ESAPI armored plates (not included) up to 10” x 12.25” x 1”.

The LVZ/OVT front carrier exterior includes a hook-and-loop (female) field for attaching identification panels or morale patches. Additionally, the front carrier is slotted for attaching slide release buckles if other aftermarket placards are desired.

On the rear carrier of the LVZ/OVT is a similar hook-and-loop (female) field for panels or patches, with a minimal design to maintain a low profile.

The interior lining of the LVZ/OVT features a 3D nylon spacer mesh lining that assists in dispersing heat from the body and minimizing moisture.

The fully adjustable Hypalon shoulder harnesses secure across the shoulders via hook-and-loop, and include removable shoulder pads with retention bands for securing hydration lines or communication cables.

The LVZ/OVT also features a removable elastic nylon cummerbund that connects to the front and back carriers by wide hook-and-loop panels. The front of the cummerbund bands feature Hypalon pull tabs, while each band includes elastic slots for four magazines or other items (for a total of eight slots).

Included with the LVZ/OVT is a removable magazine insert that collapses when not in use, and can be attached under the front cummerbund to maintain a low outward profile.

The LVZ/OVT comes in Ranger Green (featured), Coyote, Grey, Multicam, and Multicam Black.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • Cost – Average (3/5): With an MSRP of $159.00, the LVZ/OVT plate carrier is made dominantly from 500D Cordura and laminate nylon throughout most of the carrier. This material gave the carrier uniformed strength throughout its design. The LVZ/OVT carrier is the newest iteration of Otte Gear’s minimalist equipment intent to support civilians that is purpose driven without lending excess to bulk or weight. In contrast, market alternatives for similar carriers include the Tomahawk Low Vis Plate Carrier ($166.99) from T3 Gear, the Slickster ($160) by Ferro Concepts, and the Low Vis MBAV ($172.75) from Tactical Tailor. All of these alternatives illustrate that the LVZ/OVT is appropriately (or average) priced within the market for its materials and design.
  • Comfort – Good (4/5): There was little left for excess materials or padding on the LVZ/OVT carrier, which was very slim and lightweight. This gave the plate carrier a very high degree of flexibility during dynamic movements or twisting of the upper torso. It’s comfort also changed to some degree by including a placard (not included) and magazines giving the carrier more rigidity, but no more so than other fully loaded carriers. But as a minimalist platform, the LVZ/OVT carrier was very comfortable. The full-length hook-and-loop field on the adjustable shoulder straps and elastic cummerbund allowed the wearer to find the perfect height and compression level around the torso. The Hypalon tabs on the front cummerbund and shoulder straps were readily tactile and made it easy to grip and separate the materials for adjustment. The hook-and-loop fields that also secured the cummerbund to the front and rear carrier was very strong and kept it secure throughout evaluation. Another positive aspect for the LVZ/OVT carrier was despite it being a low-profile carrier it still had some minimal level of padding in the shoulder straps that helped support the weight of a fully loaded carrier on the shoulders.
  • Durability – Excellent (5/5): The LVZ/OVT carrier was made dominantly from 500D Cordura and laminate nylon, which had an amazingly high degree of abrasion resistance and also minimized the overall materials needed while keeping flexibility. At no point in testing did the carrier separate, plates slide, or adjustment areas in the shoulder or cummerbund not retain its position. There was extensive bartack and double-line stitching throughout the LVZ/OVT carrier that reinforced all key stress points, in particular at multiple points between the carrier and shoulder harness. The elastic bands in the cummerbund did not fray nor warp, and retained their overall tension levels. The hook-and-loop material to the retention bands on the shoulder harness were of more than sufficient length to keep hydration tubes secure.
  • Functionality – Good (4/5): From a minimalist standpoint, the LVZ/OVT carrier was very sound for mounting the included three-pouch insert or aftermarket placards (hardware and pouch not included) on to. The design featured no excessive hardware or materials, and the profile of the 500D Cordura ensured a flat profile with the widest compatibility of the hook-and-loop to any magazine or accessory pouch without excess stitching. With the Hypalon shoulder straps and joist to the front/rear carriers, it allowed for an even and flat shoulder position behind the rifle when placing a buttstock into the shoulder pocket. When added with a covering shirt or jacket, the LVZ/OVT carrier easily maintained its low visibility profile (with the optional magazine insert providing the largest printing under a shirt or jacket).
  • Weight – Good (4/5): Coming in at a very light 18.4 ounces (without plates), the LVZ/OVT carrier owes much of its lightweight design in large part to its materials and minimalist approach. This helped to mitigate the overall wear and strain on the user due to excess materials and bulk, and negated the fabric from becoming bogged down with sweat, water, or resins. In comparison, other plate carriers like Tomahawk Low Vis Plate Carrier (32 ounces) from T3 Gear, the Slickster (14.10 ounces) by Ferro Concepts, and the Low Vis MBAV (24 ounces) from Tactical Tailor illustrate that the LVZ/OVT carrier is one of the lighter low-visibility carriers available. Overall this would put the LVZ/OVT carrier within a good weight range for the market and what it offers in function and material.

Overall Rating – Good (20/25)

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