MKM Ultra Low-Profile Billet Scope Level: Maintaining Balance

Sometimes the smallest tools can make the biggest differences, and while mounting a scope is straight forward—getting it done correctly can be a bit of a challenge. Enter the Xtreme Low-Profile (XLP) Billet Scope Level by MK Machining (MKM). The level enables the end-user to easily and quickly ensure an ideal horizontal/vertical alignment to their optic and rifle.

Currently made from lightweight 7075 aluminum (though may move to 6061 billet aluminum in the future), the XLP Billet Scope Level is specific to the diameter of the optic tube. It utilizes an over-the-top hinged design, secured via a single hex-bolt, to enclose around the optic tube.

The bubble-level itself is a special alcohol-based solution that is enclosed in a glass vial, and built into a cantilevered arm off the top of the upper ring. It is intended to be visible around the optic’s turrets, but not extend beyond and offers up to 45-minutes of measure (with one minute being 1/60th of a degree). The bubble is sensitive enough to register a ¾ of one degree, while the solution maintains its sensitivity regardless of environmental temperatures. This allows for maximum visibility and adjustment, while still offering protection to the glass vial.

The Xtreme Low-Profile Billet Scope Level is only available in a matte black, but in a variety of different optic diameters from 1” to 40mm. It is also ambidextrous and can be mounted for either side.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostExcellent (5/5): At just an MSRP of $74.99, the XLP by MKM is a rather simplistic, and low-profile method of leveling the an optic and rifle true, without the need of lasers or bore-mounted levels. The XLP also has the added benefit of being made from hardened aluminum for added strength, with a unique hinge design that allows for usage without completely disconnecting the optic from its mount. In contrast, other market alternatives to MKM’s XLP would be the Scope Level ($84.95) by Accuracy 1st, the Halo-X ACCU/Level ($134.99) by Flatline Ops, the Universal Anti-Cant Bubble Device ($116.99) by Warne, and the Anti-Cant Bubble Level ($106.00) by Kahles illustrate the various methods in design and overall material used. However, in some of these alternatives the bubble level is exposed and at risk—whereas in the XLP it is encased within the housing and protected. As the XLP is still the cheaper option, while still affording a useable level of material to provide full protection to the bubble level, the XLP is at an excellent price amid the current market.
  • Comfort Good (4/5): From a comfort aspect, the XLP attached easily, with a hinge/elbow design that allowed the level to slide around the tube body of the optic and secured firmly into place. The bright color of the bubble level also allowed for clear visual reference of the bubble from around the optic’s windage/vertical turrets and between the marking, while making any adjustments. The markings on the level also ensured that as the optic was tightened, no incidental drift of canting was experienced. No seams or tooling markings were noted anywhere, and the XLP presented a smooth finish. Perhaps the only recommendation for MKM from a comfort aspect would be to consider adding some type of high-vis markings to the exterior of the XLP as the all-black exterior was at times easy to lose in a tool box or with other gear on the bench.
  • Durability – Excellent (5/5): The durability of the XLP’s 7075 aluminum was of great benefit to the device due the occasional droppage from the workbench. This metal affords the product higher impact resistance than lower quality base metals imported from overseas markets. The XLP was small enough that it would occasionally get lost within the clutter on the workbench, and when cleared, fell from a height of approx. 3.5’ onto finished concrete a total of three times. In all instances, no surface marring was noted, and the glass bubble-level did not crack or show any signs of breakage. Considering that the entire housing and ring were comprised of the same aluminum, the bubble level itself  is completely enclosed, although a hex-screw (which secures the bubble level inside the housing) could be removed and the level replaced if needed.
  • Functionality Good (4/5): Functionally, the XLP came with instructions by MKM on how to properly secure and use the bubble level and attain proper alignment of the optic’s crosshairs using a leveled target (not included). The thinner rings of the XLP also allowed the end-user to attach it with minimal clearance between the optic body and receiver. The hinge aspect of the level’s design allowed for easy fit (assuming properly matched to the diameter of the tube), and the hex-screw used to secure it to the optic took a minimal level of fidgeting to get it threaded and secured, but otherwise attached as intended. There are other ways in using the level; and in multiple attempts, after ensuring the rifle was level and properly mounted to the bench, the scope ring was again mounted and used to slowly adjust the optic and attain proper alignment or ensure proper vertical alignment while shooting. The bubble remained clearly visible from behind the adjustment turrets, and was of enough size to fill the centerline marking and easily observe any possible tilting.  When finished and removed, the XLP left no mount markings or tool marring of the optic’s exterior.
  • Weight Excellent (5/5): In this review, a 34mm version of the MKM XLP was used and came in at 0.70 ounces—although MKM notes the larger versions can go up to 1.5 ounces. This relative light weight overall was attributed to the lightweight characteristics of the aluminum used, and the use of minimal materials necessary that avoided excess bulk (while still retaining enough material to prevent incidental damage). When used, the level was neither unbalancing nor bulky while mounted to the optic. In contrast, the 34-35mm Scope Level (7.9 ounces) by Accuracy 1st, the 34mm Halo-X ACCU/Level (0.475 ounces) by Flatline Ops, the 34mm Universal Bubble Anti-Cant Device (0.9 ounces) by Warne, and the 34mm Anti-Cant Bubble Level (1.824 ounces) by Khales illustrate that the XLP by MKM was the lightest of those listed and perhaps one of the lightest on the market.

Overall Rating – Good (23/25)

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