Magpul Shotgun Accessories: Breathe New Life Into an Old Friend

While often thought of for its AR and AK accessories, Magpul is one of the few manufactures that also produces furniture for the Mossberg 500/590 and Remington 870 shotgun platforms as well. This can be of great benefit for those who look to the shotgun as a solution (and less expensive) for home defense. For the purpose of this review the Mossberg 500/590 model was selected.

Released in 2011, the MOE M-LOK and SGA stock by Magpul Industries offers a number of improvements over stock Mossberg 500/590 hardware. These accessories continue to place Magpul innovation at the forefront of the firearms market, while improving the platform’s comfort and ergonomics.

MOE M-LOK Forend

The forend replacement is a direct drop-in replacement for the stock Mossberg forend that provides a number of number of innovative Magpul improvements. The M-LOK Forend has a reinforced polymer construction with M-LOK slots at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions for the direct attachment of corresponding accessories and rails.

The M-LOK forend itself has an extended length with front for greater hand positioning, and front/rear handstops to prevent over extension of the support hand.

The MOE M-LOK Forend is available in Black (featured), Stealth Grey, FDE, and Orange.

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SGA Stock

Magpul offers a stock replacement for the Mossberg 500/590 that improves on the factory design by offering a number of ergonomic improvements and added features. The SGA Stock provides an adjustable length of pull in ½” increments, from 12.5” to 14.5” using a spacer to attain a more comfortable shouldering.

The grip of the SGA offers a blend between traditional fixed stock with a downward pistol-grip type approach. Sling loops are integrated on both the SGA’s sides and can accommodate a sling up to 1.25” in width.

At the rear of the SGA is an ambidextrous, recoil-reducing buttpad to mitigate impact.

The SGA Stock is available in Black (featured), Stealth Grey, FDE, and Orange.

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Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostAverage (3/5): With the M-LOK Forend ($29.95) and SGA Stock ($109.95), users will spend less on improving all of the shotgun’s furniture than most AR users will to upgrade just their rail. Made from the same polymer as its magazines, the M-LOK Forend and SGA Stock have sufficient material to validate the cost, specifically the stock that also includes additional Length of Pull (LOP) spacers for a comfortable shouldering. Generally, secondary online retailers will also offer discounts or holiday specials for both the M-LOK Forend and SGA Stock when sold as a set. Other companies like Hogue offer a similar rubberized forend ($22.95), and ATI does have a A2 stylized stock ($119.99), but these either echo the original minimalist design of the stock Mossberg hardware, or only have the minimal of materials necessary. Given that Magpul’s furniture falls in line with other market alternatives, this translates to it being adequately (or of average) cost.
  • Comfort Excellent (5/5): The M-LOK Forend was a definite improvement over the stock Mossberg design in that not only did the Magpul forend have hand stops at both front and back to prevent slippage when cycling, but the texture and dimensions filled the palm more appropriately. Likewise, the SGA Stock was both lightweight and had a padded buttstock that came with adjustable LOP spacers to attain the best comfort. In addition, the SGA Stock had the same approach angle in its grip as an A2 stylized pistol grip that made holding the overall weight of the shotgun (either in both hands or just by the stock) much more comfortable on the wrist than the traditional stock.
  • Durability – Excellent (5/5): Both the M-LOK Forend and SGA Stock were made from Magpul’s durable polymer material and are single-piece designs, so there is little potential for the few frangible pieces (such as the sling loop) to become compromised. Several drop tests were performed on each unit prior to installation but aside from the few minor aesthetic surface scrapes (more to the rubberized buttpad), nothing that detracted from the hardware’s function was noted.
  • Functionality Good (4/5): Installation of the M-LOK Forend was extremely straightforward, thanks in large part to the included wrench that made removal of the stock hardware’s retention nut very easy. The forend also came with the appropriate spacers for either the Mossberg 500 or 590 model shotgun and ensured a tight fit with no excess movement after installation. Along both side of the forend are spacers for Magpul M-LOK rails that could add other accessories or weapon lights. When it came to the SGA Stock, installation was through a hide-slot in the upper grip and with an included threaded bolt. It was a little tight to use the included hex key, but afterwards the slot was easily covered with the included plug. The length of pull simply was adjusted by attaching or removing the included spacers to find the most comfortable fit. That’s it. Very simple and very functional, the M-LOK Forend and SGA Stock offer a very efficient and functional improvement over the 500’s stock furniture. It should be noted the SGA Stock does have additional accessories to increase the rise of the comb to accommodate even more comfort into its function for any shooter.
  • Weight Good (4/5): Individually, the M-LOK Forend (6.3 ounces) and SGA Stock (1.5lb or 24 ounces) were both very lightweight for the improved functionality added over the stock furniture. In addition, the added furniture did not imbalance the shotgun and in fact improved the overall feel of the shotgun as a single unit. The use of polymer as a base material aided in keeping the weight to an appropriate (or good) level given the volume involved. In comparison, the Hogue forend comes in at a surprising 1.75 pounds (or 28 ounces) while ATI’s A2-styled Shotforce stock was 1.86 pounds (or 29.76 ounces) and both demonstrate Magpul’s ability to save weight through its materials while sacrificing none of the functionality.

Overall Rating – Good (21/25)

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