Lynx Defense Ankle IFAK: Always Have the Life-Saving Essentials

Be it on the range, on the trail, or just in everyday life, having a basic first aid kit can be just as important (or more so) as carrying a CCW. And if you do carry, then you owe it to yourself as a responsible gun owner to know how to plug holes as much as make them. Which necessitates having the right kit for the job. The Ankle Medical Kit by Lynx Defense is an ideal way to carry basic IFAK items, in a discrete fashion so that they are readily available when needed.

Made from an overall 500D Cordura nylon material, the Ankle Medical Kit (AMK) measures approximately 18.75” (L) x 5.25” (H), and uses a hook-and-loop interface to form a cuff around the upper portion of the ankle just above the shoe-line.

Along the exterior-facing side are two 3.25” (L) x 4” (H) x 1” (W) pockets that use an adjustable over-the-top flap (secured via hook-and-loop and with a nylon pull tab) to change the overall height from 4” to 6” while still keeping contents secure. The outer-most pocket also has a 3” (L) x 1.75” (H) hook-and-loop (female) field for blood type, identification, or morale patches.

Adjacent to the pockets are two 2” (L) x 4.75” (H) elastic nylon cuffs.

At the extreme end of the exterior is a 5.5” (L) x 4.75” (H) hook-and-loop (female) field that is used with the corresponding hook-and-loop (male) field on the interior. This provides ample room to adjust the fit of the AMK to a customized fit for maximum comfort.

Along the interior of the AMK, and closest to the skin, is a band of rubberized polymer that provides supportive grip to prevent the AMK from rotating unnecessarily.

The Ankle Medical Kit is only available in black, and is a one-size-fits all configuration.  

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • Cost – Excellent (5/5): At a list price of $34.99, the Ankle Medical Kit is a simplistic design with minimal excessive features that ensures medical items (or really whatever you keep in it) are always readily accessible. In contrast, other market alternatives include the Ankle Trauma Medical Kit ($73) from Galco, the Ankle Trauma Holster ($39.99) by North American Rescue, and the EDC Ankle Medical Kit ($69.95) from Warrior Poet Society. While all ankle kits offer minimal variations in design, they all have near the same materials and that leaves the AMK by Lynx Tactical at an excellent price point for the consumer.
  • Comfort – Good (4/5): Surprisingly, the AMK was very comfortable once adjusted to the width of the lower leg (though for the reviewer it was more tapered at the bottom than the top). Worn for a period of three weeks, the AMK did not loosen nor rotate on the leg. The hook-and-loop fields maintained a secure hold. Like most ankle IFAKs it didn’t matter how high one adjusted the AMK, it would eventually settle at the bottom at rest above the shoe line because of the tapered nature of the ankle. The material was perhaps not as breathable as it could be with some sweating noted when worn either indoors or in hot environments. Users would do well to wear a long sock to create that moisture wicking layer between the body and the AMK. One recommendation to Lynx Defense would be to look into a more breathable material or one that offers moisture wicking.
  • Durability – Good (4/5): The main material of the AMK was 500D Cordura nylon, which lent a good level of flexibility and abrasion resistance to the overall kit. Double line stitching was present along all exterior edges and hook-and-loop fields, while bartack stitching was present at stress points to each pocket. This gave the AMK an overall good level of durability for long-term use, while perhaps the hook-and-loop fabric itself may wear over time (which is common for many such fabrics) but showed no evidence of premature wear during evaluation and multiple configuration changes.  
  • Functionality – Good (4/5): Functionally, the AMK was pretty straightforward. You could pretty much configure the contents of the pouches in any means necessary provided it all fit within the dimensions. Tourniquets fit best within the elastic cuffs, although there was no over-the-top flap to secure them. Other items like bandages and gauze were best for the pouches, that allowed for a variety of different sizes to be secured. There was no slot nor strap to secure medical shears, although you could slide them into the elastic cuff easily (all be it somewhat loosely). The over-the-top, hook-and-loop flaps did secure and release easily, although with all the black-on-black the nylon pull tabs get visually lost a little—so a recommendation for Lynx Defense would be to make then a contrasting or high-visibility color (such as medical red). The large hook-and-loop field for securing the AMK to the body had more than sufficient size to accommodate a variety of different dimensions to the ankle based on the individual’s body type.
  • Weight – Excellent (4/5): Weighing in at a demure 5 ounces (empty) the AMK’s relative light weight reflected the fact that its design and choice of material were all an effort to keep the AMK from being distracting on the body, or of such weight to affect the gait while walking. The real weight of the AMK will come from the various medical or other items you add, which can add up to far more than the weight of the AMK itself. In comparison, Ankle Trauma Medical Kit (8 ounces) from Galco, the Ankle Trauma Holster (2 ounces) by North American Rescue, and the EDC Ankle Medical Kit (6 ounces) from Warrior Poet Society all illustrate that the choice of material, padding, and number of pockets all played a role into the overall weight of the ankle kits. Thus, the AMK is at a very good light weight for the product type offered, and will give the user sufficient options to configure the kit for their specific purpose.

Overall Rating – Good (21/25)

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