Lunar Concepts ‘HotPocket’: Tame the Heat

Initially introduced by Lunar Concepts in 2020, the HotPocket is an accessory item carried on by Wisemen Company for those running minimum-sized rails or running continual lengths of fire whereby heat becomes a performance issue.

The HotPocket itself is a multi-layered cut of fabric designed to wrap around the handguard to an AR-15 (predominantly MLOK slotted handguards, although will work for any design) and protect the hand from heat emissivity from the barrel and gas block.

Made from a 500D Cordura nylon exterior with a layer of silicone fiberglass on the interior, the HotPocket has an overall dimension of 6.125” (L) x 4.25” (W). Additionally, the HotPocket is available in two primary designs—a “slim/standard” for most MLOK style sized rails with a 1.5” diameter, and a “standard/thick” variant for those handrails that are sometimes taller than typical AR handguards (such as with a BREN or MCX).

The HotPocket features slots along the top that allot for shock cord to be woven through and across the top picatinny rail to provide a secure and customized fit for the handguard. This shock cord can be tailored to length and uses a cinch lock at the end to ensure a secure fit.

Depending on the desired version, various HotPocket designs will also include slotted laser-cut holes along the bottom for attaching MLOK rail accessories (such as a vertical or angled grip) through the HotPocket and still retain the full coverage of the rail cover.

The HotPocket is available in Black (featured), Coyote, Multicam, Ranger Green, and five other popular colors.  

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostExcellent (5/5): With its list price of $42, the HotPocket is an accessory item for thin-railed rifles that mitigates the thermal emission felt from the barrel and/or gas block. Made from dual materials, the HotPocket is designed to withstand heat and protect the hand for extended time. Currently, the closest market competitor would be the Rail-Rap ($80-$100 color dependent) by Burn Proof Gear or the MEGA Rail Wrap ($59.99) by Sub-Tac, and the TAC-Wrap ($49.95) by Manta Defense. All these alternatives use a variety of materials for the same purpose of heat mitigation yet all are above the cost of the HotPocket which put the accessory by Wisemen Company at an excellent price per the current market and materials.
  • Comfort Excellent (5/5): From a comfort aspect, the HotPocket provided an overall excellent level of heat mitigation while remaining comfortable in the hand and on exposed skin. The exterior 500D Cordura remained flexible and soft so as not to chafe or become abrasive. The adjoining shock cord used to secure the wrap against the rail also had a soft enough exterior, and was able to weave between the picatinny rail segments so that it maintained a low profile, wasn’t distracting, or had hard edges.
  • Durability – Average (3/5): The durability of the HotPocket was split between its two primary fabrics, with the inner silicone fiberglass mitigating much of the heat and emission off the barrel and gas block. Throughout evaluation, and despite high string rates of fire, the silicone fiberglass appropriately (or of average performance) neither started to warp or melt which was evidence to its high heat resistance. Likewise, the exterior was made from 500D Cordura nylon which is known for it’s a common material in the tactical market and known for its balance in abrasion resistance and flexibility. The edges were also heat sealed to prevent fraying.
  • Functionality Excellent (5/5): Functionally, the premise of the HotPocket was to protect the hand and prevent the thermal emission from the barrel/gas block from becoming unbearable. While this issue is predominant in small-diameter handguards, the HotPocket did an excellent job at doing as intended. No heat was felt on the exposed support-hand and any issue with heat emission from the barrel was immediately negated. Even conducting high rates of fire resulted in barely notable levels of heat through the HotPocket. The inner layer of silicone fiberglass also had the added effect to create a non-slip surface against the rail with helped ensure no incidental movement in the overall product. The shock cord did not become frayed or melted, nor the cinch button become loose or otherwise damaged during usage. It was a little tricky to weave the shock cord along the 13.9” rail and in conjunction with a WML, but those with longer rail lengths should have more length to work with. There was enough initial length in the shock cord that it could be trimmed once attached to the rail, with any excess removed.
  • Weight Excellent (5/5): Weighing in at a demure 1.40 ounces total, the HotPocket was a very lightweight panel of material that was otherwise neither unbalancing nor distracting. The layered fabric was also thick enough to be effective in mitigating any heat that would have otherwise become too painful to the exposed skin. In contrast, the Rail-Rap (2.0 ounces) by Burn Proof Gear, the MEGA Rail Wrap (2.8 ounces) by Sub-Tac, and the TAC-Wrap (5.26 ounces) by Manta Defense. This illustrates that the HotPocket is still the most lightweight option available on the current market and at an excellent weight for its design and materials.

Overall Rating – Good (23/25)

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