Lantac BMD Gen 2: Muzzle that Brake!

For anyone who has stood next to another shooter rocking a muzzle break, then you’ll know full well of the feeling as the concussive forces rock your bones and ears. In recent years manufacturer’s like Lantac USA have begun offering barrel shrouds in an effort to project the concussive forces forward of the shooter, rather than to the sides. This especially lessens the effect to fellow shooters to the left and right when in close quarters.

The Lantac Blast Mitigation Device (BMD) Gen 2 marks the second iteration of the company’s barrel shroud design, and a total change from its predecessor.

Much like its first design, the Gen 2 encloses the Lantac Dragon muzzle brake (a separate device often used to mitigate barrel rise and recoil). The BMD itself is constructed from 4140 Chrome-Moly Vanadium (CMV) metals, and finished in a Quench-Polish-Quench (QPQ) Nitride, all to give the brake an intense resistance to the temperature changes and force.

Mounting of the Gen 2 is done through the associated A3 Adaptive Collar (included) that itself is mounted to the barrel under the Lantac Dragon to ensure a secure fit. The Gen 2 then passes over the Dragon and locks to the A3 using a rotating locking ring similar to many suppressors.

The BMD Gen 2 itself uses a series of unique “ports” that align with the vertical ports of the Dragon, and allow those of the Dragon to maintain blast and gas mitigation, and reduce barrel rise even with the shroud on. Moreover, the Gen 2 also uses Lantac’s patented Disruptive Venting™ (two additional threaded ports) that further mitigate gasses and help to reduce muzzle flash.

The larger concentric opening and conical interior of the Gen 2 helps capture any excessive blast forces and project those forward to the shooter rather than to the sides. At the opening are specialized grooved teeth to help further disrupt any excessive gasses.

Manufacturer’s Notes: The Lantac BMD is only intended to work in conjunction with other Lantac Dragon muzzle breaks, and is not compatible with other Lantac suppressor-ready breaks, or the AK47 Dragon Brake. Installation or the supporting muzzle brake should be done using RED Locktite (supplied with brake). Failure to do so can result in personal injury or damage to the weapon.


  • Length:………… 2.780”
  • Body Diameter:…1.488”

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • Cost – Fair (2/5): The BMD Gen 2 has a list price of $185 (without the necessitating Lantac Dragon muzzle brake) which accounts for the extensive time it has taken for the Gen 2 to come to market, the design that offers improved stability and function, as well as the overall dense 4140 CVM material that helps mitigate the heat. The previous generation of BMD ($175) was debuted at SHOT Show in 2015, and today many companies now offer similar muzzle shroud devices. This includes the Surefire Warden ($180), the Gemtec Blast Jacket ($195), the Ferfrans CRD with the associated brake ($169.99), Primary Weapons Systems CQB Compensator ($144.95), or the Oppressor ($114.95) by Strike Industries. Thus, the BMD Gen 2 and its redesign reflect a fair price point for its initial introduction to buyers, as it is one of the most expensive options in an already populous field.
  • Comfort – Good (4/5): From a comfort aspect the BMD Gen 2 provides much of blast mitigation and recoil control as the Gen 1. There was a notable forward projection of the concussive forces involved (when used in conjunction with the Dragon muzzle brake) with the Gen 2, whereas without the device those forces were directed to the sides and upward. This channeling of the concussion made shooting, especially in enclosed/indoor environments, more bearable.
  • Durability – Good (5/5): Made from 4140 CMV, the BMD Gen 2 had an excellent level of durability, with notable improvements to the locking mechanism over the Gen 1. The 4140 metal itself is widely known for its ability to handle long-term usage better than other types of metals commonly associated to the firearms industry, particularly associated to heat and pressure. The Gen 2 secured to the Dragon muzzle brake via the included A2 collar. The rotating locking collar on the Gen 2 was similar to many suppressor locking mechanisms that gave it a very stable and secure hold against the barrel. In addition, the locking collar in essence, “locks in” the A2 collar’s locking lugs and prevented any accidental misalignment, while preventing any wrong-way effort by the user. In essence—one way on, one way off.
  • Functionality – Good (4/5): Functionally, the biggest improvement to the Gen 2 over its predecessor was obviously the newly designed locking collar. In the Gen 1, it had merely locked into place using a type of alligator-clip retention that left some play when attached. The Gen 2’s locking collar was very secure with no excess movement. Elsewhere, many of the ports for directing the blast effects and gasses remained relatively the same as the Gen 1, with some improved sizing that allowed more gasses to vent upward quickly. Obviously a majority of the concussive forces involved were still directed forward, and this worked in unison to keet the rifle relatively stable throughout various iterations. The one notable aspect observed between the Gen 1 and Gen 2 was both concentrated carbon buildup on to the Dragon brake itself, whereas without BMD the Dragon was able to clear most of that residue outward. This necessitated regular cleaning after use to prevent buildup (not that it would have affected performance of either device).
  • Weight – Average (3/5): Weighing in at a minimal 7.85 ounces (w/Adaptive A2 Collar) the 4140 CMV material of the Lantac BMD Gen 2 hardly added any perceivable weight to the barrel, nor notably unbalanced it. Moreover, during rapid fire the concussive directional control of the BMD 2 balanced with the small amount of weight added to the bore. In contrast, the other market alternatives like the Surefire Warden (6.1 ounces), the Gemtec Blast Jacket (3.5 ounces), the Ferfrans CRD without the associated brake (6.4 ounces), Primary Weapons Systems CQB Compensator (7.6 ounces), or the Oppressor (9.5 ounces) by Strike Industries all show that the chosen material type is often the delineating factor between brands. As such the BMD Gen 2 is about average in weight between the noted competitors.

Overall Rating – Above Average (18/25)

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