Inforce Gen 2 WML: Ideal Light for Less Than Ideal Situations

As it prepares to make the transition to an all-metal design, the weapon-mounted lights from Inforce remain one of the more popular lights on the market for rifle or handgun thanks in large part to its lightweight design and variable lumen function.

Made from an overall glass reinforced polymer body, the WML White comes in two variants; a 400 lumen body (featured), and an 800 lumen body. In addition, each variant also includes a select light variant that enables the user to select between normal white light and IR.

The polymer body offers a compact, durable design with an integrated, non-slip thumb button switch module. The switch itself includes a movable safety bar that in an upward position prevents accidental activation of the switch and light.

The 400 lumen variant offers the same functionality as other Inforce WMLs with a steady ON/OFF operation as well as a programmable STROBE feature. The LED bulb technology allows the WML’s single Lithium CR123A power source to have a 1.5 hour runtime, while the light’s lens cap features a ¼ turn lockout mode that allows for safe travel/storage of the light. In addition, the lens cap includes heat dissipation vents to allow any heat generated to be easily mitigated while rubberized gaskets ensure the WML is waterproof up to 66ft.

The WML includes an integrated picatinny rail clamp as part of the chassis that engages with any MIL-STD 1913 rail without tools.

The WML (400 lumen variant) has an overall dimension of 4.20 (L) x 1.05” (H)

The Inforce WML is Available in Black (featured), and Flat Dark Earth.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostAverage (3/5): At an MSRP of $120 you can frequently find Inforce products on various second-party websites for less, such as on Amazon (which lists the WML as low as $115 listing a number of retailer sources). Of course, this does not account if the module you will receive is either a demo or return. The most viable option is to go with direct retailers like Primary Arms who list the WML at the MSRP, but frequently offer holiday deals or coupons that match second-party prices. Market alternatives to the Inforce Gen 2 WML include Streamlight’s Protac Rail Mount 1 ($115 @ 350 lumens) or Surefire’s Mini Scoutlight Pro ($299 @ 500 lumens). Obviously higher powered weapon lights exist; however, this comparison demonstrates that for its cost the Inforce Gen 2 WML is appropriately (or of average) priced for its output. If should be noted for the consumer that the underlying difference is both the Protac and Mini Scoutlight are solid aluminum modules whereas the Inforce is of a polymer chassis.
  • Comfort Good (4/5): From a comfort aspect, the Inforce WML mounted to the standard MIL-STD 1913 picatinny rail, and thus with its fixed rear-facing switch necessitated placement that put the rubberized switch directly within reach of the support hand. The switch itself did not have any audible nor tangible click to denote activation, thus the only indication of activation was through visual observation of the light turning ON/OFF. The 400 lumen output was a good level of light intensity for indoor use as its brightness reflecting off interior walls did not become blinding as could be an issue with high lumen output weapon lights. Outdoors the 400 lumen rapidly dissipated beyond 20 yards.
  • Durability – Average (3/5): Inforce is well-known for its polymer-based WML chassis, both for the rifle and handgun lines. The blend was upgraded for the Gen 2 series of lights that added increased strength and durability to the unit. Over the course of evaluation, the Gen 2 WML was subjected to a number of range iterations over specific courses of fire, on both a full-sized .223 rifle and on a 9mm PCC, and struck by a fully loaded magazine at least five times each side and on the lens housing. In all scenarios the rail mount maintained a secure lock with the polymer housing receiving contact surface marring due to striking obstacles or barricades. Through it all, none of the marring was sufficient to penetrate the chassis or compromise the unit. The rubberized cover to the switch did provide adequate protection and texture to the pressure switch, and did not tear or stretch. The WML continued to function as intended, with a consistent light output that did not flicker or falter. It should be noted in Internet reviews dating back to the earlier Gen 1 WML the polymer chassis of Inforce left a little to be desired with some cracked housing occurring after a single drop test or daily use. this was the impetus that led Inforce to seek improvements in the polymer blend leading to the Gen 2 line.
  • Functionality Average (3/5): From a functional aspect, the WML did perform as intended and the light correctly activated in either a steady ON, or STROBE feature when the rear-facing switch was pressed. As noted before, there is no tangible or audible sensation to denote activation, and thus the only clue that denoted the light in operation or turned off was visual. This would be a recommended point of improvement for Inforce to its future designs as it gives the shooter both an audible and tactile indicator when activating the switch. The safety bar did provide a solid shroud over the switch that helped ensure no accidental activation of the light could occur. The designed heat vents did serve its intended purpose in that the heat dissipated from the LED had an adequate source by which to escape. Users should take care that these do not become clogged or painted over so as to not risk damage to the module. Finally, users should take care not to overtighten the removable end cap that grants access to the battery compartment. Doing so runs the risk of cracking the polymer chassis and if Inforce could work in a failsafe stop into future designs this could further improve the WML’s overall functional score.
  • Weight Excellent (5/5): Weighing in at just 3.22 ounces (with battery) for the 400 lumens module, the Gen 2 WML lends its light weight to its polymer chassis design whereas other market alternatives in this area rely on aluminum chassis. The larger Inforce Gen 2 WML at 800 lumens weighs just 8 ounces as well. In comparison, the noted market alternatives of Streamlight’s Protac Rail Mount 1 (4.3 ounces @ 350 lumens) and Surefire’s Mini Scoutlight Pro (4.1 ounces @ 500 lumens) both illustrate how metal chassis have an effect on overall weight, thus placing the Inforce Gen 2 WML at an excellent weight for the market.

Overall Rating – Above Average (18/25)

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