HRT Maximus Placard: Everything You Need In One Place

Released in 2019, the Maximus Placard by HRT Tactical is intended as a full-mission placard for the company’s RAC and HRAC plate carriers. Providing for magazine pouches and storage, the Maximus gives the end-user the ability to support any mission or role.

The Maximus is a multi-pocket design with an overall dimension of 9.25” (L) X 7” (H), and made from 500D Cordura with reinforced stitching.

The inward magazine pouch is fully lined with hook-and-loop (female) material for attaching one of three types of HRT magazine inserts (sold separately). The Maximus does come with the AR magazine insert provided.

At the front, the Maximus features two admin/accessory storage pouches, each measuring 4.5” (W) X 6” (H) x 1.5” (D). Both pouches are secured via zippers (with paracord pull tabs) along three-sides that, when fully opened with the collapsible internal joist, allows for full access to any mission critical essentials.

Inside each pouch is one admin pocket for flat items, and two elastic nylon loops for securing additional flashlights, multi-tools, batteries, or other items. On the exterior of the two admin/accessory storage pouches is a hook-and-loop (female) panel (two total) for attaching identification or morale patches.

Both sides include a nylon pouch (two total) for pistol magazines that include a polymer magazine insert to provide positive retention to all magazine dimensions.

The rear of the Maximus has a full-length, hook-and-loop (male) field for securing the placard to the front of the RAC or HRAC. At the top are two connectors with Duraflex slide-release buckles for attaching the Maximus into the RAC or HRAC plate carrier.

The bottom features five drainage grommets (one for each admin/accessory storage pouche, and three for the inner-most magazine pouch) that can also be used for drainage or thread shock cord through (not included) for attaching a tourniquet.

The Maximus is available in Ranger Green (featured), three Multicam patterns, Woodland, Coyote Brown, and Black.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • Cost – Excellent (5/5): Priced between $114.95  and $119.95 (based on color selection) the Maximus is a multi-pocket chest placard intended to be customized by the end-user based on mission-driven needs on the HRT RAC or HRAC plate carrier. Made from predominantly 500D Cordura, the Maximus comes with two permanently affixed Duraflex slide-release buckles at the top and quality zippers securing the storage pouches. The Maximus also comes with the AR-15 magazine insert included, but Maximus SMG or 308 magazine inserts are also available separately. In contrast, market alternatives to the Maximus would be the Mk4 Placard (w/rifle and pistol insert to make it functionally comparable) ($129.32) from Spiritus, or the Adaptive Placard (w/two Kitchen Sink pouches ($189.97) from Wilde Custom Gear, and the D3CRM Micro ($175) from Haley Strategic. As such, as a complete placard setup ready for use, the HRT Maximus is one of the more inexpensive options on the current market and amid the competition of comparable quality products and thus an excellent value for its materials and design.
  • Comfort – Good (4/5): The choice of the 500D Cordura throughout the placard ensured the Maximus maintained sufficient abrasion resistance during evaluation, and allowed for the material to be flexible enough while worn or manipulated for magazine insertion/removal. Thus, the corners and reinforced stitching neither scratched nor gouged the wearer during dynamic movements, and allowed the Maximus to be used as intended. The full-pocket hook-and-loop (female) panels inside the placard allowed for easy application and removal of the insert. The Duraflex slide-release buckles themselves functioned consistently and did not bind nor snag, while attaching/removing the Maximus via its hook-and-loop (male) rear panel kept the overall placard well secured.
  • Durability – Good (4/5): From a durability aspect, there was extensive bartack and X-pattern reinforcement stitching noted throughout the Maximus, especially at high-stress corners and reinforcing the hook-and-loop panels inside the magazine pouch and on the back of the placard. The use of 500D Cordura provided good abrasion resistance and strength over time as the Maximus continually was used for magazine and accessory storage/use. The only aspect from a durability concern observed was unrelated to the Maximus itself, but rather the elastic nylon AR magazine insert that went inside. Several times this insert folded over or caught on the magazine’s corners making insertion difficult. Additionally, the edges of this insert began showing signs of wear and could wear prematurely over time given the material. A recommendation for HRT would be to consider in the future adding polymer inserts to its magazine inserts to maintain that retention but giving structure to the opening and reinforcement.
  • Functionality – Average (3/5): Functionally, as a multi-pocket placard, the Maximus performed appropriately (or of average use) during evaluations and, with the included AR-15 mag insert, was ready for immediate use. The Duraflex buckles, combined with the rear hook-and-loop (male) panel ensured the placard remained secured and did not shift unnecessarily during use or dynamic movements. The design of the inward magazine pouch allowed the end-user to have a dedicated space at the back of the placard against the torso, while keeping the forward-facing admin pockets available for utility or other accessory storage. One limiting aspect on the Maximus was use of the Duraflex buckles in that it only allowed the placard to integrate with the HRT RAC or HRAC (which incorporate the same buckle system on the front of the plate carrier). Thus the Maximus can only be used with other HRT carriers and could not be attached to other systems like the JPC 2.0. The overall width of the Maximus ensured the placard had the same dimensions as the front plate carrier, so there was no obstructive excessive material or pouch hanging off to the sides.
  • Weight – Good (4/5): As a complete placard setup for immediate use the Maximus weighed in at exactly 11.4 ounces. This total weight could be attributed to the relative light weight of the Cordura fabric itself, with its denier weight of 500 vice thicker weight/weave nylons. This light weight made the Maximus neither awkward nor distracting off the front of a plate carrier. In contrast, the Mk4 (10 ounces) from Spiritus Systems, the Adaptive Placard (with added inserts) (14 ounces) from Wilde Custom Gear, and the D3CRM Micro (20 ounces) all illustrate that the Maximus was one of the lighter dedicated placards on the market and good for its materials and design.

Overall Rating – Good (20/25)

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