Hazard 4 Multi-Pistol Carrier: Just For The Pews

Intended as a simple and unobtrusive means to carry a handgun or accessories, the Multi-Pistol Carrier (MPC) by Hazard 4 combines all-around padding with a low-profile appearance. Available in either Black, Coyote, or Grayman, the MPC can be ideal for those wanting an exclusive carrier for their pistols.

Made from either 1000D Cordura (Coyote or Black) or Polyester nylon (Grayman), the overall size of the carrier is based on which version chosen, and presents either the tactical or low-profile appearance. For this review, the Grayman version was submitted which measures 13.5″ (L) x 9.5″ (W) x 7″ (H).


At the front, the MPC has a simple face, with a band of laser cut (female) hook-and-loop for adding MOLLE pouches or identification patches. In the Grayman edition, this band of material comes with a corresponding cover to further reduce any tactical signature. Between the front and rear sides, the carrying handles are anchored by X-pattern and bartack stitching for maximum strength.


The MPC’s left and right sides features four bands of nylon webbing for accommodating additional pouches or accessories. In the Grayman edition, this webbing is replaced with a non-descript side pouch on one end, and a sleeve pocket on the opposite. Both sides include metal hardware points for a removable shoulder strap with corresponding plastic carabiners.

The lid of the MPC features an additional accessory or storage pocket with a velour and nylon lining that allow for mounting of corresponding (male) hook-and-loop items such as holsters or pouches. The accessory pocket and lid to the MPC are secured via dual TSA-compliant, YKK travel zippers.

The rear and bottom of the MPC have a clean face, with the back having a single plastic D-ring for attaching the MPC to other points of contact.



Padded on all sides, the MPC has 360-degree protection for the enclosed handguns. The interior is lined in velour to enable customization of the included five padded dividers.


The divider’s themselves include an elastic cuff for an additional magazine to be stored with the handgun. One of the five dividers include six elastic cuffs for securing cleaning accessories or other items. Another divider includes a top flap for enclosing contents to the storage area between dividers. Depending on the size/barrel length of handgun, or configuration of the dividers, the MPC can accommodate between 6 and 14 handguns, and eliminates the problem of bringing multiple firearms to the range.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostExcellent (5/5): Priced at $115.99, the Grayman MPC evaluated was made from a polyester nylon that gave the MPC’s outward appearance a smoother, urban profile. While Black and Coyote are also available, those colors are in a Cordura nylon, and have a more tactical profile at the same cost. In comparison, most traditional range bags do accommodate for multiple pistols and accessories, but are either bulkier or more expensive due to a larger volume of material. While few pistol cases for the size allot for between 6 and 14 handguns to be stored, some comparable market alternatives would be Elite Survival’s Four Gun Pistol Pack ($89.95), or Propper’s Range Bag ($59.99). Additionally, for the number of handguns carried, most cases carrying that number of handguns are hard cases such as by the 15 Pistol Case ($210) by Caseclub. So, for its functionality and size, the MPC is one of the few nylon cases on the market that allots for such versatility and is lightweight enough for transporting handguns.
  • Comfort Average (3/5): While the MPC measures the approximate size of a medium flat-rate shipping box, when empty it was very lightweight and easy to carry/store. Depending on the configuration of the internal dividers, when loaded with handguns, ammo, or accessories the weight was notable but not uncomfortable. The metal hardware/anchoring points validated the MPC’s ability to carry the added weight securely. The removable shoulder strap made carrying a fully-loaded MPC easy, but could have used a padded sleeve (which Hazard does sell a Delux Pad or 2″ Shoulder Strap with Pad separately) to help pad the strap against the shoulder. Similarly, the carrying handles were stitched to form a rounded handle, but it would have been an improvement had a padded cuff been stitched to one that enabled both carrying handles to be joined when transporting.
  • Durability – Good (4/5): With its very clean appearance, the Grayman MPC had a majority of its stitching on the interior lining of the materials, with the only exception being visible X-type stitching on the exterior that reinforced the carrying handles and shoulder strap hardware. The YKK zipper pull tabs felt a little thin, but did not bend or flex. Perhaps the only notable negative to durability was given the color of the interior’s velour, as any carbon and lubricant transferred from after the handguns were fired was easily visible and unavoidable. Over time this transference of debris will become more noticeable. A suggestion for Hazard 4 would be a darker color velour with a high-visibility orange on the bottom would help not make post-range stains as noticeable.
  • Functionality Good (4/5): Functionally, the MPC did a very good job of squeezing all available interior space into the storage of handguns, ammo, or accessories. The bag’s main internal storage compartment, and hook-and-loop dividers were easily configured during evaluation to store; three full-sized handguns, a weapon light, and ten magazines with still space to spare. The MPC’s padded interior and dividers allowed for complete 360-degree protection and ensured each handgun remained separated, and the handguns did not risk contact during transport. The lid storage pocket could ideally fit two compact-sized handguns or accessories, but anything added in it would increase the bulk on the top of the MPC, and crowded the carrying handles. The MPC would be ideal for trainers, or those who want to carry their handguns separate from a range supply bag.
  • Weight Excellent (5/5): At 2.3 pounds (empty) the MPC is very lightweight given its carrying capacity, and even when loaded with associated handguns and accessories was still not uncomfortable either by shoulder strap or carrying handle. Again, as the weight increased, the metal hardware for the shoulder strap proved critical in bearing that weight, as any overloading of the MPC (say loading exclusively ammunition in it) will undoubtedly put pressure at these points. It would have been preferred had the plastic carabiners been the same metal as the anchoring points on the MPC for added strength in carrying the potential weight. In comparison, the weight to other market alternatives included Elite Survival’s Four Gun Pistol Pack (1.6 pounds), or Propper’s Range Bag 3.55 pounds) and the 15 Pistol Case (26 pounds) by Caseclub. However, these alternatives all have different approaches in materials and design, and the differences in weight reflect that. With regards to the MPC, given it has the ability to store up to 14 semi-auto handguns like as in the Caseclub case, its 2.3 pounds is a fraction of the weight but provides an excellent, lightweight case by which to safely transport your handguns.

Overall Rating – Good (21/25)

Product Link: https://www.hazard4.com/mpc.html

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