Haley Strategic D3CRX Chest Rig: Mission Driven Function

Introduced in late 2016, the Disruptive Environments Chest Rig “X” is an evolution in the previous D3CR design, but offers the continued adaptability and multi-mission driven-design that put Haley Strategic on the map.

Specifications for the D3CRX:

Made in 500D Cordura, the D3CRX features the following:

  • An X-harness across the back, for improved comfort and adjustability.
  • Two multi-mission pouches to increase versatility and adaptability such as carrying spare batteries, aid supplies, or small GPS-enabled devices.
  • Full backing field of hook-and-loop allow for full-contact with plate carriers using a velcro panel on the front, or via using quick release systems like SwiftClips.
  • Accepts four AR or AK magazines, or any standard single or double-stack pistol magazines. All of which are secured by shock cord and Hypalon retention tabs.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostGood (4/5): At $185, the MSRP for the D3CRX chest rig is comparable to other manufacturer’s of high quality gear to include SOE, Mayflower/Velocity Systems, Tactical Tailor, etc. However the use of 500D Cordura in the materials, combined with unique design aspects like the “X” adjustment straps on the back, or the heavy-duty magazine retention tabs show the level of quality put into the design of this chest rig.
  • ComfortGood (4/5): Even with four fully-loaded AR magazines and four double-stack pistol magazines, the D3CRX was surprisingly comfortable. The loaded weight of the magazines didn’t loosen the adjustment straps around the waist or shoulders despite physical stressors prior to shooting. The rig remained tight and held the overall platform close up into the chest. It takes a little of a trail-and-error to learn how to don and remove an “X” style chest rig as opposed to an “H” style, but I found the former distributes the weight across the upper torso more evenly. Elastic retention cuffs on the adjustment straps would have been a nice low-cost addition to secure excess material once adjusted, but those can be purchased separately.
  • DurabilityExcellent (5/5): The overall chest rig is constructed from 500D Cordura, meaning it will have the necessary abrasion resistance for longevity, but the flexibility to move and adjust with the shooter as they transition through various shooting evolutions. The Hypalon retention tabs will far outlast the corresponding shock cord, the latter of which can be removed and replaced as necessary. There is a fair amount of re-enforced stitching on high-abuse areas that will also ensure overall longevity.
  • FunctionalityExcellent (5/5): The overall functionality of the D3CRX isn’t just as a stand alone chest rig, though it does that in spades. It’s ability to also offer two multi-mission pockets expands on the chest rig’s application. But with the D3CRX’s added full hook-and-loop field backing (or by using quick disconnect tabs) the chest rig can be separated from the shoulder straps and directly mounted onto a plate carrier so as to add to that expanded functionality. Haley Strategic also offers a number of accessories or packs that further enhance the D3CRX’s applications.
  • WeightAverage (3/5): At an overall weight of approximately 1.5lbs. (with all pouches empty) the D3CRX is of an average weight for chest rigs, and consistent with the choice of overall materials used (Cordura). Alone the weight of the chest rig is hardly noticeable, and fully loaded the design distributes the overall weight evenly across the shoulders and around the waist.

Overall Rating – Very Good (21/25)

Product Link: https://haleystrategic.com/shop/soft-goods/chestrigs/d3crx

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