Grey Man Tactical Armor Panels: Hangers for Hard Use Professionals

Similar to its other Rigid MOLLE Panel Series, Grey Man Tactical has further expanded its line of rigid panel inserts to include a Tough Hook configuration for plate carriers, and headrest mount for ballistic helmets.

Made from the same blended material as other Rigid MOLLE Panels (RMPs); the Tough Hook configuration is simply the hook mounted on a 15.25” (L) x 25” (H) RMP Heavy Duty panel, the same panel as other Grey Man Tactical other vehicle configurations. For the purpose of utility, the hanger hook has been cut off allowing the user to utilize the carrying handle in its place.

The RMP Heavy Duty panel itself uses a single sheet of black, 0.188” (3/16 inch) Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) that gives it added strength and rigidity when mounted. It has 0.25″ (1/4 inch) holes around its outer edge that can facilitate use of paracord, shock cord, Chicago bolts, or other types of mounting screws.

The Tough Hook itself is mounted to the top of the RMP using a custom spacer and hardware from Grey Man Tactical, one designed specifically to fit inside the MOLLE slots and leverage the RMP for overall support. The hook is rated for a load weight of up to 150 pounds and will keep the plate carrier up off the vehicle’s floorboard and within immediate access.

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Similar to the other RMP configurations and material, the Helmet Rack Kit (HRK) enables for secure mounting of ballistic lids or bump helmets.

The HRK is an 8 x 6 RMP with a multi-buckle design, that straps to the back of a vehicle headrest. It includes an angled aluminum bracket that anchors to the center of the HRK and has sufficient profile to let the helmet rest flat against the headrest.

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The RMP Tough Hook Plate Carrier is available with a hanger in Black (featured), Tan, and Grey, while the Helmet Rack Kit is only available in Black (featured).

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • Cost – Good (4/5): The RMP w/Tough Hook ($169), and the Helmet Kit ($100) both reflect the material and design used by Grey Man Tactical throughout much of its line. Prices vary based on dimension, with larger panels obviously incurring a higher cost. But both these kits include all the necessitating hardware to mount the panels to the vehicle car seat. Grey Man Tactical continues to be the leader in vehicle mounting accessory MOLLE panels. Market alternatives would be 5.11’s Vehicle HEXGrid panel ($44.99) or EOD Gear’s MOLLE Seat Back Panel ($49.97). But in both cases the market alternatives lack the rigidity and size to appropriately mount any substantial gear aside from small pouches or accessories. For those with a need to have plate carriers in a professional capacity, the RMP w/Tough Hook and the Helmet Kit are priced at a good cost to the consumer for the function and durability gained.
  • Comfort – Average (3/5): Once assembled, the RMP w/Tough Hook and the Helmet Kit had no notable pull on the back of the car seat or headrest, nor did they become dislodged during transport. Some minor pinching of seat material was observed as the combined weight of the plate carrier and other items rested on the RMP and pulled on the mounting straps, but this is to be expected. One observed aspect for improvement to Grey Man Tactical would be to consider a larger aluminum spacer block between the RMP and the Tough Hook (or offer different sized spaced based on plate carrier dimension). While attaching plate carriers with standard wide-spaced shoulder straps, the straps slid easily over the hanger and into place. But when using plate carriers with a narrower/shorter shoulder strap design (such as shooter or swimmer cut plate carriers) it was very tight and difficult to get the narrower straps around and over the hook with a smaller space. A larger spacer would give more maneuverability for narrower plate carriers. The alternative would be a hanger design that is more angular, such as the first rendition of the Tough Hook.
  • Durability – Good (4/5): As with the other Grey Man Tactical RMP series of MOLLE panels, the principle material stemmed from an HDPE material that was blended with a Glass Rigid Polymer (GMP) for added strength and rigidity. This ensured that there was minimal sagging from the panel once mounted to the car seat, and bearing the combined weight of the carrier regardless of how angled the seat was. The MOLLE grid itself and the associated anchoring plates made for solid anchoring with no excess movement. It should be noted to users that prolonged direct exposure to UV light (sunlight) will have a detrimental impact to the polymer over time, making the material brittle—this is common to almost all known strains of polymer. The Helmet Kit likewise was made from just the HDPE material, and the aluminum hook still held the weight of a ballistic helmet with no bending or warping.
  • Functionality – Average (3/5): Functionally, the RMP w/Tough Hook and the Helmet Kit were both easily installed with little difficulty. Likewise, the supporting hardware for the Tough Hook and helmet bracket were easily installed and fully supported the necessary items while allowing for immediate access. While the RMP w/Tough Hook did come with two ring-type mounting straps; those only worked with car seats with removable headrests. The alternative was to use a single strap that went around the base posts of fixed-type headrests. Functionally and aesthetically the rings were more appealing, giving the support straps a straight line to the RMP and a cleaner appearance, whereas a single strap had to bend and fold around—and left a good amount of excess that had to be folded away. The solution and recommendation to Grey Man Tactical is an easy one: Rather than a fixed ring-type mounting hardware consider switching to a carabiner or clip-style ring that allows the user to clip the posts of removable and fixed style headrests. Elsewhere, users need to be aware that the aluminum helmet hook did not have any type of rubberized/polymer cap or ball, so the hard edge of the metal rested directly on the interior padding/lining of the helmet. Again, this would be a recommended area of improvement for Grey Man Tactical to address so as to not only add stability when the helmet is mounted, but to protect the interior liner material or padding.
  • Weight – Good (4/5): The RMP w/Tough Hook and all its hardware came in at 62 ounces, and the Helmet Kit with all hardware was just 8 ounces. This meant both were very lightweight (without body armor) and added very little to the overall weight of the car seat while unloaded. With the weight of a fully loaded plate carrier and helmet, the steel frame of the car seat provided ample support to the RMPs and its overall weight. In contrast, 5.11’s Vehicle HEXGrid panel (8.8 ounces) or EOD Gear’s MOLLE Seat Back Panel (12.8 ounces). While these alternatives were lighter, they were both intended in design and material only to carry the weight of small accessory pouches and would never support a plate carrier or helmet. This gave the RMP w/Tough Hook and the Helmet Kit a very good weight ratio for its strength and function.

Overall Rating – Above Average (18/25)

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