GGG Apparition: Carry Your Rifle, Even In Plain Sight

Introduced in 2015, then revised in 2020 to include more color options, the Apparition Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) Bag by Grey Ghost Gear is made from a two-tone combination of rip-stop nylons similar to many top-end civilian backpacks. The Apparition is intended to promote a low-profile and discrete means to transport a rifle and/or firearm accessories in a manner that won’t trigger the Karen next door.

With its 27” (H) x 14” (W) x 6” (D) overall dimension, the Apparition can extend its height to 33” and accommodate most SBRs and folder ARs thanks to an extended bottom pouch inside the main storage compartment. As a result, the Apparition has a total carrying capacity of 1200 in2.


With its clean and sleek exterior, the front of the Apparition incorporates two full-length, paddle-shaped, dual YKK zippered openings (with paracord pull tabs) that grants full access to the secondary and main storage compartments.

On the exterior left side of the secondary storage compartment is a 15”, zipper-secured accessory pocket that is also pleated to allow for flexibility of the fabric and overall bag once contents are added.

Both sides of the Apparition include an elastic-secured pouch for water bottles or other items. Above the side pouches are nylon cinch straps with slide-release buckle to secure tripods, paper target rolls, and more.

The backpanel incorporates two 1” thick, open cell foam pads that are spaced to allow air circulation while worn. From its top, a nylon harrying handle is stitched into the supportive material.

The shoulder straps and yolk are adjustable so as to accommodate a variety of heights and comfort, while a sternum strap and waist belt provide added security and support while worn. The shoulder straps, yolk, and waist belt also incorporate the same 1” thick open-cell foam for breathability and heat dissipation. Both sides of the waist belt also include a zipper-secured accessory pouch, and the belt itself is secured around the waist via a 2” slide-release buckle and to the SBR Bag via hook-and-loop.

At the bottom is the zipper-secured 6” extension pocket as well as a separate, zipper-secured pocket containing a stowable rain cover.


On the interior of the outer secondary storage compartment of the Apparition is a ¾ length hook-and-loop (female) field, above which are two accessory pockets and two pen sleeves. Oppositely, on the inside of the access flap is a zipper-secured, accessory mesh pocket.

The main storage compartment is an unencumbered space with a hook-and-loop (female) field the length of the interior. Accompanying the hook-and-loop field are five adjustable hook-and-loop (male) anchoring straps that allow the user to customize how the Apparition secures an SBR or a full-length rifle broken down into both its receivers.

On the interior of the main storage compartment access flap are two magazine pouches, secured via adjustable shock cord, and a 9 ¾” zipper-secured accessory pocket. In addition, next to the accessory pocket is a key lanyard.

The Apparition SBR Bag is available in Tan (featured), Black, Grey, and Brown with a variety of offsetting thread colors.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • Cost – Good (4/5): With its list price of $179.99, the Apparition merges flexible abrasion-resistant nylons (typically attributed to quality hiking backpacks), with genuine YKK hardware to give the end user a functional transport bag, with low visibility features, that would be at home in any café bistro or on the range. Market alternatives to the Apparition includes the SBR Pack ($257.49) by LBT Inc., the Gamut 2.0 ($219.99) from Vertex, the Stealth SBR Backpack ($199.95) by Elite Survival. All of these bring together their own unique designs and applications, but illustrate that the Apparition is at a very good price point amid the market, its materials, and low-profile design.
  • Comfort – Good (4/5): From an aspect of comfort, the Apparition had a good level of padding along the back, and sufficiently along the shoulder straps that ensured the wearer did not feel pressure from the contents, nor pinch in the arms/shoulders. Likewise, if opted for, the included waist pad also helped mitigate the weight borne on the upper torso by spreading it along the hips—something that was beneficial while on backcountry trails. Both sides of the back panel had a thick, deep padding that allowed an airflow channel down the center that offset some of the heat built up/trapped under the pack against the body. The shoulder straps themselves were wide enough apart, and the adjustable yolk had enough range, that it allowed for excellent comfort across the shoulders and prevented slumping in the shoulders under a full weight. All YKK zippers functioned smoothly and did not bind nor pinch taking turns. The only drawback noted here, and recommendation of improvement for GGG, was a lack of elastic cuffs on the various shoulder, waist, and sternum straps to control excess material; but for the interested end user, these can be easily purchased through an aftermarket vendor.
  • Durability – Excellent (5/5): The Apparition was made from the same Rip-Stop and nylon material as many outdoor packs and weather-resistant clothing. The purpose to this was to prevent gouges, tears, or cuts—and when/if that material becomes compromised the threading would only be limited to that small segment and not fray further (although it obviously wasn’t puncture resistant). Throughout evaluation keys, gear, cameras, guns, water bottles and other items were all carried or moved over the material. At no point did any material fray nor become compromised. Some over-threading was noted, but easily removed, and all stitch lines were smooth and straight. Throughout the bag, double-line and bartack stitching was noted along all zippers, shoulder straps, and other key stressor points that helped ensure longevity while being carried, transported, or thrown around during evaluation.
  • Functionality – Good (4/5): Functionally, the Apparition was intended to serve as a discrete SBR transport bag, one that successfully enabled the user to confidently carry their short barrel rifle or AR pistol freely. The low profile design, pleating, and colors fit well within almost any urban/civilian setting or gear lineup. When completely filled with a 10.5” AR pistol (with/without mounted suppressor) and other items, the bag itself limited any bulge or profiling that could indicate the nature of its contents. Of note, if users wanted to remove the hip pad, it is hook-and-loop secured to the sleeve at the bottom of the bag, and can be simply disconnected and slid out so that the Apparition takes on an even greater appearance of a dual-strap day pack, and less like a hiking pack. The overlapping front pockets did do well to carry smaller items, including a G19 and training essentials provided they all had a somewhat slim or flat profile (bulkier items used up the storage space quickly). Other features, like the fully hook-and-loop (female) lined interior and anchoring straps, provided for complete customization based on platform and dimensions to ensure that rifle, pistol, or other contents could be securely accommodated. The expansion pocket on the bottom helped to allot for a full-length suppressor to be mounted to the interior while transported, and still held enough room for a complete AR pistol (this also meant that a full length 16” AR rifle with a folding stock could be easily accommodated as well). The only notable drawback to using the expansion pocket is that the barrel will extend downward and out of the bag, thus prohibit setting the bag down while sitting up (something GGG may want to consider reversing the location of the expansion pocket to be on the top/opening of the bag, and thus allow the bag to be set down). Likewise, users may want to note that while the removable rain cover is stored in the bottom of the bag, it does occupy a small amount of space inside the bottom of the interior, but did allow the pack to relax sufficiently to stand up when placed on the floor.
  • Weight – Average (3/5): At an approximate weight of 64 ounces (empty), the Apparition was very lightweight and similar to other civilian hiking backpacks, in large part to the flexible nylon material, open-cell padding, and frameless design. The adjustable shoulder pads helped ensure the weight remained comfortable on the upper torso, while the hip pad greatly assisted over longer distances. In contrast, the SBR Pack (38.4 ounces) by LBT Inc., the Gamut 2.0 (67.2 ounces) from Vertex, and the Stealth SBR Backpack (46.4 ounces) by Elite Survival illustrate that with different designs and volume of material gives a wide difference in overall weight. But the Apparition itself is still among the heavier of similar bags simply due to the added weight from padding and material over lesser SBR bags.

Overall Rating – Good (20/25)

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