G-Code RTI Optimal Drop Pistol Platform: Make Your Belt Adaptable

Introduced in late 2019, the RTI Optimal Drop Pistol Platform by G-Code Holsters is the latest edition to its Rapid Transition Interface (RTI) line of products. The RTI interface allows immediate and interchangeable attachment of any associated RTI hanger to the RTI base, thus holsters, IFAKs and pouches to be easily added or removed.

The RTI Optimal Drop Pistol Platform enhances any current belt-mounted G-Code holster (with an RTI hanger) by relocating the (optional) RTI wheel an additional 2” down off the belt, thus allowing the user to transition their belt-mounted holster, to a leg-drop.

Made from a rigid polymer frame, the RTI Optimal Drop Pistol Platform can accommodate belts up to 2” in width. The interior face of the belt loop itself has a panel of (female) hook-and-loop to correspond to most current tactical belts with (male) hook-and-loop liners for accessories. This ensures a solid placement of the platform regardless of belt width.

Each RTI Optimal Drop Pistol Platform has the option of coming with the Leg Strap Adaptor Kit (with Standard Buckle or an optional AustriAlpin original Cobra Buckle) for an additional cost. The Leg Strap is an elastic nylon strap with two bands of silicone material to help add grip.

RTI Optimal Drop Pistol Platform is available in Green (featured), Black, Coyote, and Grey.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostGood (4/5): Starting at a base price of $35.50, the RTI Optimal Drop Pistol Platform comes as a standard mount, with the option of adding an RTI wheel ($10) and a Leg Strap Adaptor Kit ($20 with a slide-release buckle, or $40 with a Cobra Buckle). Thus; depending on the needs of the user, or mounting hardware desired, the RTI Optimal Drop Pistol Platform can cost up to $85.50 (without holster). In comparison, some alternate leg-drop platforms (without holster) include Safariland’s MOLLE-Capable QLS Receiver Plate ($90), Stealth Gear USA’s Single Strap Leg Drop Platform ($129), or Blackhawk’s SERPA Holster Platform ($53.95). In all consideration, while some options for the RTI Optimal Drop Pistol Platform do push its cost upward, the overall platform’s cost still below most other market competitors offering a similar platform on which to add a separate holster – thus making G-Code’s leg drop very well priced.
  • Comfort Excellent (5/5): From a comfort aspect, the RTI Optimal Drop Pistol Platform was evaluated against the criteria of providing a comfortable position of the holster off the belt, and the leg strap’s ability to keep the holster retained despite the force of the draw to otherwise pull the platform up the leg. The platform relocated the holster to approximately the front pocket position just off the hipbone, placing it closer to the natural position of the hand at rest. While G-Code does make its holsters to exact tolerances, the leg strap also helped to keep the overall holster and platform in place during the draw with no flex, and ensured a smooth draw. The adjustable leg strap helped find the preferred blend of retention and comfort, so the user did not need to tie the leg strap tourniquet-tight to ensure the overall platform stayed in place. The RTI Wheel and Cobra Buckle provided a clear and audible lock and at no point unlocked unnecessarily.
  • Durability – Good (4/5): The RTI Optimal Drop Pistol Platform was made from the same durable polymer as other G-Code products; and indeed, the material remains well known throughout the market for its use in magazines, holsters, and other accessories. The Cobra Buckle itself is made from a 7075 aluminum alloy and featured solid brass and stainless steel components for maximum strength and retention. While the weakest element within the overall platform, the elastic leg strap itself did not weaken despite being stretched and adjusted, nor did the fibers themselves break or fray.
  • Functionality Excellent (5/5): Functionally, the RTI Optimal Drop Pistol Platform was very stable, keeping the platform against the hip and thigh, while maintaining a solid lock on the holster. The ability of the overall unit to convert an otherwise belt-mounted holster into a leg drop was a nice additive vice having to buy an entirely new setup. G-Code has made a reputation for itself in making its products adaptable and interchangeable, and the RTI Optimal Drop Pistol Platform gives the user that flexibility. Some may find the leg strap unnecessary if their holster is loose or minimalist (such as in competition rigs) but for the unit provided for evaluation, it aided in keeping the platform stable during dynamic movements. The RTI Wheel allotted for interchanging of any holster or pouch with the associated RTI Hanger.
  • Weight Average (3/5): Coming in at 10.8 ounces, the evaluated RTI Optimal Drop Pistol Platform was extremely light for its carriage. The heaviest aspect to the overall unit was its Cobra Belt Buckle, so the standard slide-release buckle would likely be more balanced (but have a far less breaking point). As stated, the added functionality of transitioning your RTI-enabled holster from belt mounted, to leg drop without needing an entirely new platform meant that the minimal increase in weight was more than a very adequate payoff. In comparison, the MOLLE-Capable QLS Receiver Plate (4.6 ounces), the Single Strap Leg Drop Platform (roughly 10 ounces), and the SERPA Holster Platform (3.52 ounces) all reflect just how lightweight blank platforms are without a Cobra Belt Buckle, and it is most likely that without that single element the RTI Optimal Drop Pistol Platform would be of comparable (or of average) weight (even though it is still extremely minimal).

Overall Rating – Good (21/25)

Product Link: https://www.tacticalholsters.com/product/gca200-rti-optimal-drop-pistol-platform/

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