G-Code Bang Box: Responsible Accessorizing

Bringing together its adaptation on range accessories, the Bang Box by G-Code Holsters is an effective way to organize, securely store, and transport ammo of varying calibers or other accessories. The Bang Box has supportive line of carrying bags (sold separately) that allows the user to consolidate to two or three Bang Boxes per bag and add to the volume of ammo carried.

The Bang Box was first introduced in 2016 as a means to organize the shooter’s range experience. It provides shooter’s a means to store their ammunition while freeing them of the associated endless cardboard boxes and trash. But the Bang Box’s use isn’t simply limited to ammunition and can be used to store cleaning accessories, aid supplies, and more.

It includes a semi-rigid, kydex base molded to provide a flat surface that prevent slippage with rounded corners for ease of storage. On each side is a nylon loop with plastic strap adjustor (shoulder strap sold separately).

The 500D Cordura lid is secured to the base via a genuine YKK zipper with dual shuttles, and double-line stitching for added strength. The lid includes a field of (female) hook-and-loop that allows for PVC caliber identification tabs (sold separately), morale patches, or name tabs to be attached to the top.

Inside the Bang Box lid is a small storage pouch to store patches, data cards, or other accessories. A supportive band of nylon is stitched inside the top of the kydex base that helps secure and protect the stitching from the contents.

Each Bang Box can store a maximum of the following caliber:

  • 9mm…….300
  • .40……….200
  • 45 ACP…150
  • .223……..200


  • Each Bang Box has the approximate (due to curvature) following dimensions:
    • Length: 6”
    • Width: 5”
    • Height: 3”

The Bang Box is available in a variety of colors and combinations to include Multicam/Tan (featured), OD Green, Woodland, and more.


Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostFair (2/5): At $27 per Bang Box, each gives the user a unique way to transport and/or store ammunition in a way that keeps the rounds secure and clutter free. The added benefit is less wasted carboard boxes and plastic/styrofoam shell holders left in range trash bins. It’s an almost added aesthetic bonus that it looks better than almost any other means of taking one’s ammo to the range. The other market alternatives to G-Code’s Bang Box would be MTM ammo flip-top cases ($2-$15/ea.), those ammo/brass bags ($10-$20/ea.), local grocery bags, or your pockets. But by law of averages, most shooters just bring their boxed ammo straight from the store to the range and then discard the trash on site. While more expensive than other methods, the Bang Box gives shooters the ability to have reusable and responsible ammo storage at a fair market price that will benefit themselves, the range, and the environment.
  • Comfort Good (4/5): Given the size of the Bang Box, its size fit comfortably in one hand, even when fully loaded with ammo. The YKK zippers moved smoothly with no binding or cross-feeding, while the dual shuttles allowed for a nice 2-way opening and closure. There was a little notable excess material in the lid that could allot for slightly more than the manufacturer’s recommended round capacity, but that varies based on caliber stored. It should be noted not to overpack the Bang Box as to get reliable function of the zipper, and not risk damaging the material/stitching that may result from overstuffing it. The kydex base material provided a comfortable yet rigid container that easily fit inside a bag or pack for a day at the range.
  • Durability – Excellent (5/5): From a durability aspect, the Bang Box had an excellent level of reinforcement included into its design. Because most of the physical material of the Bang Box’s interior is formed kydex, it made the inside easy to clean and otherwise maintain. It also provided robust abrasion resistance to particular points on ammunition or other angled hard edges. Likewise, the 500D Cordura to the lid also provided a good level of abrasion resistance while still giving some measure of flexibility while storing contents. It should be noted that the stitching lines that bridge the gap between the kydex base and nylon lid have multiple rows (both on exterior and interior) through both materials that ensured a secure hold. The hook-and-loop field also had several parallel lines of reinforcement stitching to keep it attached to the lid.
  • Functionality – Good (4/5): From a functional aspect, the Bang Box did a good job of doing what was intended—to hold ammunition and other items in a secure means and make them accessible when needed. Really the appeal of the Bang Box is to get the user away from needed ammo boxes that prove wasteful, all while looking good doing so. The ability to get customized hook-and-loop (male) patches (sold separately) that denote stored caliber or other contents grow that functionality to more long-term storage. The size of the Bang Box was also appropriate for the modest shooter for an afternoon at the range, but more serious shooters will need multiple boxes. In essence the storage capacity per Bang Box is fixed and limited by cartridge size. G-Code attempts to address this by offering its 2Fer and 3Fer combo packs (sold separately) which include multiple Bang Boxes, but for those looking for the ability to store larger quantities of ammunition they will need a larger number of Bang Boxes or switch to the more generic military surplus storage cans (or something similar). The premise of the Bang Box is a good design and it could be a consideration to G-Code to think of offering two additional sized variants for those looking to either just store more ammunition or have some dedicated rifle/shotgun calibers.
  • Weight Good (4/5): At 9oz. (empty) the Bang Box had enough lightweight materials so as to be insignificant in comparison to its weight when fully loaded with ammo. While that meant that an empty Bang Box was easily transported/stored, a full one definitely had some heft to it (one that was determined by the caliber being stored). The box and reinforcing stitching bore that weight well with no popped threading or strain on the Cordura/kydex materials noted. In comparison, carrying around the multiple carboard boxes and shipping materials is often an unnecessary burden since they are generally discarded after the ammunition is expended. Alternatively, placing the ammunition in a type of MTM flip top only gives the user the security of a plastic snap-lid, and not a fully zippered enclosure. In all, for the weight it has and can hold, the Bang Box does well for what it offers in function and durability.

Overall Rating – Above Average (19/25)

Product Link: https://www.tacticalholsters.com/product/bang-box/

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