G-Code Assaulter’s System Ver2: Same Solid Performance, New IFAK

Introduced in 2017, and revised in 2021 with a new SYNC medical pouch and materials, the Assaulter’s System by G-Code includes all the elements necessary for ready-use professional or practical use in the field or amid competition.

Broken down respectively into its respective components, the Assaulter’s System (AS) comprises of an inner belt, outer belt, G-Code’s RTI leg drop platform, and corresponding pouches (to include SYNC medical pouch and magazine pouches). Together they offer a complete belt package that is ready out of the box.

Inner Belt

The AS can be configured at the time of purchase with two different types of inner belts; the first being the Operator Inner Belt that is 1½” wide, and has a continual field of hook-and-loop (female) material the entire exterior length of the inner belt. Made from a thicker variant of Type 13 nylon webbing, it also uses a simple G-hook buckle that is threaded through the belt loots of the worn trousers, and gives the Operator Inner Belt a lower overall profile than the alternative Inner Belt Pad. Use of the Operator Inner Belt allows for independent use of the inner belt as a daily wear when the outer belt is not needed—but can be readily attached when desired.

Product Link: https://www.tacticalholsters.com/product/inner-belt-for-operators-belt/

Alternatively, the second type of inner belt (if selected) is the Inner belt Pad. The inner pad is a simple band of non-overlapping closed-cell foam (wrapped in a suede material) and cut to the same length as the outer belt. The inner pad also does not include a buckle, instead stops just short of the outer Cobra Buckle to avoid overlapping. When using the Inner Belt Pad, the overall platform has a ready-use application whereby the battle belt can be immediately donned without necessitating use of the trouser belt loops.

Product Link: https://www.tacticalholsters.com/product/inner-belt-pad/

Outer Belt

The outer belt of the AS is the workhorse to the overall platform, and one which all accessories can be mounted. It utilizes the Contact Series Operator’s Belt at 1 ¾” wide, and made from Type 13 nylon webbing. The outer belt is double layered with Cordura material to create the MOLLE-compatible segments that run most of the belt’s exterior.

The Contact Series Operator’s Belt is secured at the front with a genuine AustriAlpin Pro Style Cobra Buckle. Included on the belt’s buckle is a D-ring for attaching safety lanyards (if needed) that is in turn secured to the belt (when not in use) via a nylon tab with hook-and-loop.

On the interior of the Contact Series Operator’s Belt is a 1 ½” wide band of continual hook-and-loop (male) material that is used to immediately connect the belt to either the Operator Inner Belt (when worn as a regular trouser belt) or the Inner Belt Pad (when attached prior to use).

Product Link: https://www.tacticalholsters.com/product/contact-series-operators-belt-175/

RTI Leg Drop

Aside from the main belt platform, the other platform on the AS is the RTI Optimal Drop Pistol Platform. This platform integrates with the G-Code’s Rapid Transition Interface (RTI) to allow branded holsters to rapidly connect/disconnect from the drop leg platform for storage or when a firearm is simply no longer needed on the range.

Product Link: https://www.tacticalholsters.com/product/gca200-rti-optimal-drop-pistol-platform/


The biggest shift in the AS was the change, from the previous unstructured med pouch, to G-Code’s new SNYC Med Pouch w/RTI mount specifically for the system. The SYNC is made from 500D Cordura and laminate nylon for a more structured profile, having a semi-rigid Tegris backer and stitched corners that allow the pouch’s YKK zipper to open along three sides for maximum access. The interior has G-Codes’ hook-and-loop (female) “interior load management system” (with multiple slots) that allow the end-user to customize the provided VelStretch bands and shock cordage, to any dimension or size desired. The SYNC also includes one 6×6 removable pouch (attached via hook-and-loop) that can easily integrate to either side of the interior.

Product Link: https://www.tacticalholsters.com/product/sync-assaulters-med-pouch/

The rifle and pistol pouches selected by G-Code are from its Scorpion Soft Shell pouch line that are comprised of a combination in laminate nylon (front and rear) with injection-molded sidewalls. A threaded shock-cord joins the sides together, and provides retention adjustment. The injection molding to each Scorpion Rifle/Pistol Magazine Pouch provides for long-lasting durability despite continual abrasion of hard-edge surfaces.

Product Link: https://www.tacticalholsters.com/product/rifle-soft-shell-scorpion-magazine-carrier/

Anchoring the Hardware

The included Scorpion pouches for the outer belt include G-Code’s proprietary “2” series Rifle and Pistol Mounts, which are contoured specifically to thread between the MOLLE-spaced segments of the outer belt, and secure each individual pouch via sliding retention clip.

Additionally, the AS has a removable Belt Clip (similar as the R2/P2 mount) that allows for carabiner or other clip-on accessories to be added.

The Assaulter’s System is available in a variety of color combinations to include: Multicam (featured), Grey, Green, and Black. It also comes in sizes between Small and 4XL.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostGood (4/5): Between $366 and $454 (based on configuration selected at the time of purchase) the Assaulter’s Belt System is an all-inclusive setup providing the end-user everything needed, with a cost that is balanced by the value and quantity of equipment received. Taken individually, the components would otherwise costing the consumer the following:
    • Operator Inner Belt ……….…………….$19.95
    • Inner Belt Pad………………………………….$24.95
    • Contact Series Operator’s Belt……….$144.95 – $202.93 (configuration dependent)
    • RTI Optimal Drop Pistol Platform …$37.50 – $97.00 (configuration dependent)
    • SNYC Med Pouch ………………………….$65.00 – $133.40 (configuration dependent)
    • Scorpion Rifle Magazine Pouch…….$24.50 – $32.75ea.
    • Scorpion Pistol Magazine Pouch……$21.50 – $26.50ea.
    • As such, market alternatives to the AS (as an inclusive system) include the Urban Elite Kit ($616 w/NAR SIRK Medical Kit) from Wilder Tactical, the HSGI Rigger’s Belt (configured to match $509), and the TYR Tactical Gunfighter Belt Kit (configured to match $409) illustrate that while the AS is a higher costing kit (depending on how the end-user configured its options), its cost remains a good value for its materials, function, and durability.
  • ComfortGood (4/5): With its evaluated configuration; the inner and outer belt were fully adjustable to find a comfortable fit—although it was still important to follow sizing instructions prior to ordering as there was only enough measurable material in the length of both belts to adjust up/down four inches per waist sizes. Otherwise, the AS (and two different inner belts) made for a very solid and comfortable platform that neither shifted in weight, sagged, nor slipped in hardware despite multiple stressor drills (lunges, squats, sprints). The weight of loaded magazines had no observed negative effect to the magazine pouches themselves, or strain the adjustable shock cord, and the rigidity of the Contact Series belt preventing folding while helped mitigate weight around the shooter’s waist. The RTI Optimal Drop Pistol Platform also provided a very solid and stable base for the corresponding holster (not included), and the leg strap was comfortable around the thigh and did not pinch or loosen during evaluation/movement. The position of the drop mounting system (which comes in a variety of other configurations) placed the associated holster at a height comfortably between a belt-mounted holster and a thigh-mounted one.
  • DurabilityExcellent (5/5): The revised AS lent itself to the same long-term durability as its predecessor due to the same solid components, quality 500D Cordura nylon, and interlocking design. A key to this durability was the R2/P2 mounting system that ensured positive and secure retention between the belt and all accessories, with no observable excess play or spacing. Thus, the pouches and associated hardware (threaded screws and sliding retention clips) remained locked in place throughout dynamic movements. The Contact and inner belts had extensive bartack and X-type stitching throughout that added to the overall durability of the system. The AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle mechanism continually had a solid lock, and ensured the belt stayed secure. As with all things G-Code, the AS is covered with their lifetime guarantee should something untoward happen.
  • FunctionalityExcellent (5/5): From a functional aspect, the revised Assaulter’s System has remained relatively the same with excellent purpose of design, except for the change with the new SNYC med pouch. The SYNC pouch allowed further customization of the pouch’s interior’s, via retention straps and cordage, to a variety of medical items (or other items should the end-user wish to utilize the pouch for other purposes). The previous Contact med pouch had only two elastic nylon bands (on either side of the interior) stitched into a fixed configuration. The obvious improvement meant more items, of differing size, were securely stored and ready when/if needed. Otherwise the AS provided for a complete, one-time-buy, ready-to-use war/range/duty belt system using high quality materials whereby the end-user didn’t have to worry about piecemealing components. The elastic shock cordage of the Scorpion magazine pouches meant that when magazines (of various types and size) were drawn, the pouch did collapse slightly—but when magazines were reinserted, the pouch again would flex open and allow for easy rehoming of the magazine with good tension. The ability to utilize either of the inner belt designs for rapid on/off use of the overall outer belt, meant that the end-user was able to adapt the AS as needed based on activity or mission. The elastic leg strap of the RTI Drop Pistol Platform also provided good retention and adjustability to find a comfortable median whereby the thigh was still comfortable.
  • WeightGood (4/5): The overall Assaulter’s Belt System (without holster) weighed in at 3.15 pounds (50.5 ounces), and that was mainly due to the amount and type of nylon material and hardware involved with the belt, pouches, and mounting systems. Individually, each component weighed in at:
    • Operator Inner Belt…………………………5.1 ounces
    • Inner Belt Pad………………………………….3.6 ounces
    • Contact Series Operator’s Belt………..14.4 ounces
    • RTI Optimal Drop Pistol Platform…..10.5 ounces
    • SNYC Med Pouch w/RTI Mount……….8.0 ounces
    • Scorpion Soft Shell Rifle Pouch………4.5 ounces (ea.)
    • Scorpion Soft Shell Pistol Pouch……..2.5 ounces (ea.)
    • In contrast, a similarly configured kit by HSGI (3.5 pounds) or TYR Tactical (3.8 pounds) are of mostly similar weight. This variance in weight can be attributed to use of blended materials, leg-drop design, and variances of reinforced stitching present within each product. While the Assaulter’s Belt System was a bit on the lighter end of belt systems noted (in a complete configuration) on the market, in comparison to lighter minimalist systems that may utilize the same type of buckle and Cordura material, the G-Code system is far more likely to outlast any sustained hard use over those competitors.

Overall Rating – Very Good (22/25)

Product Link: https://www.tacticalholsters.com/product/the-scorpion-assaulters-system/

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