Fort Scott Ammunition (Pistol): Hitting Hard and On-Target

Spun from a single bead of solid copper, and machined to near CNC precision, the 9mm cartridge from Fort Scott Ammunition is among many on the market that offers penetration and stopping force. But with its unique Tumble Upon Impact™ (TUI) design, the 9mm projectile ensures maximum cavitation once it strikes a soft target.

Made to meet SAAMI specifications, the 9mm TUI cartridge has the following characteristics:

  • Caliber: ……….………9mm
  • COAL:…………….…….1.165”
  • OAL:…………….………0.547”
  • Projectile Weight:…115gr
  • Powder Type:….……Disc Flake
  • Charge Weight:….…4.9 grain
  • Primer Pocket:……..Boxer Pocket w/Crimped Primer
  • Crimp……………..……None

A process of three ladder tests were completed using a Millennium 2 Chronograph from Competitive Edge Dynamics for each caliber with the first being for record and the remaining two for confirmation. The averaged results were as follows:

Performance Test #1: Sig P226 R w/4.409” Barrel

  • Caliber:…………….….9mm Luger / SBS / TUI
  • Projectile Weight:…115 grain
  • Rounds Fired:….……8
  • Velocity:…………….….1265 fps.
  • Velocity:………………..1117 fps.
  • Velocity:………………..1152 fps.

Performance Test #2: GEN 5 Glock 19 w/4.02” Barrel

  • Caliber:………….…….9mm Luger / SBS / TUI
  • Projectile Weight:…115 grain
  • Rounds Fired:……….8
  • Velocity:…………….….1164 fps.
  • Velocity:………………..1130 fps.
  • Velocity:………………..1139 fps.

Post-Mortem Observations:

None of the pistol cartridges nor primers fired showed any evidence of overpressure with either budged cases nor flattened primers. During life-fire stressor drills the ammunition performed consistently and did not fail to fire.


Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostAverage (3/5): At $25.34 for a box of 20 rounds, the TUI 9mm by Fort Scott Ammunition offers the same penetration capabilities as the company’s rifle ammunition. Using a solid-spun projectile of copper or brass, the 9mm ammunition is fit for hunting or defense. In comparison, some of the market “gold standards” in 9mm ammo include PMC’s “Bronze” 9mm ($12.89 for a box of 50 rounds), Sig Sauer’s Elite V-Crown 9mm ($14.99 for a box of 20 rounds), or specialty ammo like Buffalo Bore’s 9mm +P (TAC-XP) self-defense ammo ($39.89 for a box of 20 rounds). Thus, Fort Scott’s 9mm is at an appropriate (or average) price for high-performance/specialty ammo and the overall market.
  • Comfort Good (4/5): For 9mm ammunition, the evaluated sample proved to have low carbon emission and relatively smokeless function. The barrel, breach, and chamber showed an average rate of carbon fouling, but none of that impeded the function of the firearm at any given time. Recoil from the ammunition was both as expected and manageable.
  • Durability – Excellent (5/5): All ammunition from Fort Scott arrived in a pristine state with no evident signs of exposure or corrosion. All noted projectiles were observed to have a consistent overall length, with primers seated appropriately. During evaluations, rounds that were chambered and then removed without firing, demonstrated no signs of setback indicating the projectiles had enough case tension to avoid that from happening. After firing, all brass was inspected with none exhibiting signs of overpressure through case budging, visible cracks, in or flattened/popped primers.
  • Functionality Average (3/5): Functionally, the option of a solid copper/brass projectile is done so to provide maximum penetration. But unlike traditional self-defense or jacketed projectiles that “flower” outward and transfer that velocity into the cavity, the conical SBS/SCS projectile will retain its shape until it encounters a denser material (such as steel). During evaluations there was some thought to utilize watermelons to simulate the approximate water/tissue ratio that could be encountered, but once measured on a chrono, it was realized the projectile was simply moving too fast for a melon to offer much notable effect that could speak to Fort Scott’s unique TUI effect. The conical design to Fort Scott’s projectile is what gives the TUI ammunition its unique “tumble” effect after encountering tissue. In essence the projectile retains stability/accuracy in flight, but once it enters a soft target becomes unbalanced and falls end-over-end and will transfer much of that kinetic energy into the cavity. It should be noted that at longer distances than the evaluated 25 yards, velocities will drop off significantly but the SBS/SCS projectiles will still retain their penetration ability on thin-skinned targets such as wild pigs, deer, and bear. The one negative observation during the evaluations arose from difficulties loading the 9mm ammunition into aftermarket magazines. While they loaded well into factory and some OEM standard magazines, other high-capacity magazines were not able to effectively feed the unique tipped ammunition. Two problematic magazines included SGM and ETS 30-round magazines wherein the bullets would bind up after loading approximately five or six rounds due to the point of the projectile contacting the interior wall of the magazine. Users will need to consider this when purchasing.
  • Weight Average (3/5): The SBS/SCS pistol projectiles had a unique feature to them that aided in overall trajectory and accuracy while in flight. Each projectile has two enlarged bands around the outer diameter that allowed for greater contact with the shorter rifling of the pistol’s barrel. These ensured a tighter spin and more consistent pressures. These bands were also part of the overall 115 gr. weight and did not unbalance the projectile as it traveled down range (as evidence by a lack of keyholing on paper). The option of 115gr. projectile in ammunition is perhaps one of the more common training weights on the market simply because it is traditionally the more inexpensive. Having the option to pick the correct balance of projectile for your individual barrel gives Fort Scott’s ammunition an appropriate (or average) weight within the current market of performance ammunition.

Overall Rating – Above Average (18/25)

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