Flatline Fiber Brace Strap: Stabilizing Everything

Introduced in 2019, the Brace Strap by Flatline Fiber Company is intended to be a simple drop-in replacement for the factory straps included to the popular SBA3 AR pistol brace from SB Tactical. The recent threat by the ATF to move AR pistols under the NFA, such accessories are becoming increasingly in high demand.

Made from milspec A-A-55301 nylon webbing, the 1” wide Brace Strap is a single 1” wide strap that is threaded through a polymer slide buckle, and folded back to be secured via hook-and-loop.

The PRS uses TEX 90 bonded nylon thread throughout for its maximum durability against moisture rot and tensile strength.

The intent of the Brace Strap is that it adds rigidity to the SBA3 brace and prevents inadvertent “rolling” of the open-ended forearm support wings, which can result in permanent deformation of the brace.


  • Maximum Length: 20” fully extended

The Brace Strap is available in eight different colors to include Black (featured), various Multicam patterns, or camo colors.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostAverage (3/5): The listed cost for the Brace Strap runs $25 based on materials and hardware. The Brace Strap’s design is comparable to other mainstream slings currently offered by several other vendors to include; the SBA3 Split Fix ($25) by Lunar Concepts, the SBA3 Strap ($24) by War Horse Concepts, or the BPG Brace Strap ($30) by Burn Proof Gear. Thus, at its list price the Brace Strap is of an appropriate (or average) cost and affordable point on the market.
  • ComfortAverage (3/5): For its size, the Brace Strap was very lightweight and of average thickness for modern nylons. The Brace Strap also added very little weight to the overall rear of the pistol brace and had no unbalancing effect. The solution-dyed nylon weave pattern helped ensured appropriate flexibility to wrap around the SBA3 brace. Over time however, the corners of the hook-and-loop (male) material at the end of the Brace Strap started to curl slightly, resulting in some abrasion to skin during use.
  • DurabilityFair (2/5): From a durability aspect the Brace Strap comprised of typical 55301 nylon webbing, which gave it an average level of abrasion resistance. As noted in the Comfort section, over time and use, the end of the Brace Strap started to curl slightly, and no amount of adjustment (attempting to gain more contact with the hook-and-loop material) could alleviate that effect. Both an inward position of the strap’s end was utilized, as well as an outward. It is recommended to end-users to have the end of the Brace Strap positioned outward from the torso to minimize incidental contact with the body or gear. Flatline Fiber does also offer a lifetime guarantee and backs up its products.
  • FunctionalityAverage (3/5): Functionally, an AR pistol brace strap is hard to over develop. The premise is to correct the inadvertent roll of the brace’s split support arms (which can damage the brace over time) and support the overall brace’s design by adding rigidity. Flatline Tactical’s Brace Strap did support to the rubberized arms (with some minimal movement) and supported the SBA3’s overall design. But there is no cross-piece of nylon to lock the brace’s split materials into place, and thus it was still able to roll side-to-side to some minor extent. It is recommended to Flatline Fiber that it consider adding a cross-piece of nylon wrap to the bottom of the strap, and by doing lock that material into place and further strengthen the overall brace.
  • WeightAverage (3/5): At just 0.6 ounces, the overall weight of the Brace Strap was extremely light thanks to its principle milspec nylon. There was no excess material or padding, and that kept the weight of the strap to a minimum. In comparison, the SBA3 Split Fix by Lunar Concepts, the SBA3 Strap by War Horse Concepts, and the BPG Brace Strap by Burn Proof Gear all weigh in at 0.7 ounces by utilizing similar materials and design as the Brace Strap (sans the cross-piece of securing nylon), and this illustrate it has an appropriate (or average) weight amid the current market.

Overall Rating – Average (14/25)

Product Link: https://flatlinefiberco.com/product/brace-strap/

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