EO Tech Vudu 5-25×50 Optic: For the Long Shot

EOTech first made its appearance to the precision optics game back in 2016 and since then has worked to improve its Vudu line. The 5-25×50 First Focal Point was introduced in mid-2018 to meet the needs of long distance shooters with the limitations of a short overall platform length.


With its shorter 11.2” overall length, the 5-25×50 FFP delivers an ideal optic platform for those with shorter length of pull, such as from compact or folding stocks. This makes the 5-25 among the shortest First Focal Plane (FFP) optics on the current market. The 5-25×50 shorter overall length also makes it ideal for those considering mounting night vision or thermal optics behind them for various hunting applications.

Made from a single piece of anodized aircraft-grade aluminum, the 34mm main tube body and 50mm objective lens provide the greater overall dimensions for the 5-25×50, with an adjustable eyebell assembly that provides the 5x – 25x magnification. The removable throw lever assists in adjusting between magnification levels.

Features within the 5-25×50 optic include its illuminated Horus H59 reticle, within the XC high-density glass that has a broadband anti-reflective coating. A CR2032 power source will provide approximately 500 hours of illumination, and the 5-25×50 has an auto-shut off feature after 2 hours of inactivity.

The adjustment turrets are capped for protection, and the grooves ensure consistent alignment as the shooter adjusts between various distances. Each turret provides adjustments of 0.1 MRAD per click. The EZ Chek Zero Stop in the top turret allows for adjustments to various elevation then rapid return to zero.


  • Magnification
    • 5x – 25x
  • Exit Pupil
    • 5x: 5.5 mm (.22 in)
    • 25x: 2.1 mm (.08 in)
  • Eye Relief
    • 5x: 75-94 mm (2.96- 3.71 in)
    • 25x: 83-92 mm (3.27 – 3.63 in)
  • Field of View (Actual)
    • 5x: 4.45 degrees 25x: 0.88 degrees
  • Field of View (@100yd)
    • 5x: 7.1 m (23.3 ft) 25x: 1.43 (4.7 ft)

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostFair (2/5): At $2,099 the 5-25×50 Vudu optic is for serious long-distance shooters and comes with a serious price tag. While this cost is going to cause most recreational shooters to blanch, it is not out of line to see dedicated long gun shooters or professionals invest such cost into high quality optics for accurate longer distances. Market comparisons would be Vortex’s 2-25×50 Razor HD ($1,999), Nightforce’s 2.5-20×50 NX8 ($1,950), or Trijicon’s 5-25×50 Tenmile ($1,999). And while these tactical optics run around the same price range with generally the same performance levels, the 5-25×50 Vudu is at the top of these, costing roughly about $100 more and giving it a fair scoring. Consumers will need to determine if investing the difference is worth the minor variances in functionality.
  • Comfort Average (3/5): From a comfort aspect, the 5-25×50 Vudu had some aspects that helped improve shooter comfort as well as reflected the optic’s manufacturing quality. During use it was noted that the line markings on the Zero Stop turret and elevation correctly synced each time. In some cases, even with higher-end optics, these hatch lines may offset and make it difficult to attain accurate adjustments to/from zero. Both windage and elevation adjustments provided clear tangible, and audible movements. One negative aspect noted of the 5-25×50 was the tightness to the throw-lever/eyebell. It took more pressure than usual to move the throw lever; and as adjustments were made to the eyepiece to bring the object into focus, it would move the eyebell effecting the level of magnification. Thus, some continual change had to be made to reach optimal magnification and focus. Additionally, the length of the removable throw lever protruded extensively, and ran the risk of snagging or otherwise being the highest point off the side of the rifle. Reducing the overall length by 1/3 would bring it more in line with other such market features.
  • Durability – Average (3/5): With a housing made of aircraft-grade aluminum and an anodized exterior, the 5-25×50 Vudu had roughly the equivalent durability as other comparable optics. There was some surface marring noted during/after range use that likely came from handling or during transport to/from the range, but none of it penetrated the surface coating to reach the inner metal. Examination of the lens exteriors showed no evidence of scratching or wear and was likely attributed to the overall hardening process of the glass. Vudu does offer a limited lifetime warranty through EOTech to cover the optic against any flaws or failures, regardless if you are the original owner or not—but this does not cover damage as the result of theft, loss, neglect, or vandalism as covered by other programs.
  • Functionality Average (3/5): Functionally the 5-25×50 Vudu held a comparable (or average) level of ocular clarity and magnification as other similar optics. There was some notable purple chromatic aberration on light/white objects at greater distances (>500yd), but at closer ranges (<300yd) was less notable. The zero stop was beneficial and only minimally used as the optic was almost on target right out of the box. Vudu does include a sunshade with the optic; however, not 34mm scope rings (and as was experienced not a single local gun shop carried rings of that size and had to be ordered online). One positive function of the 5-25×50 was its reticle illumination feature, which provided a minimal red-light silhouette to the reticle. This illumination was not notable in regular daylight, but was more apparent in low-light conditions and would do well to support night-vision enabled devices.
  • Weight Good (4/5): At 29.5 ounces (with battery) with an 11.2” overall length, the 5-25×50 Vudu was relatively lightweight thanks in part to its compact design. A rifle’s bipod or other supportive measure helped to support the overall weight of the optic when mounted to the rifle, but since the 5-25×50 is among some of the shortest tactical optics of this magnification, its overall mass was negligible (or average). In comparison to the noted market competitors; the Vortex 2-25×50 Razor HD (37 ounces / 15.8” OAL) was the only optic heavier than the 5-25×50 Vudu, while Nightforce’s 2.5-20×50 NX8 (28.3 ounces / 12” OAL) and the Trijicon’s 5-25×50 Tenmile (25.6 ounces / 13.5” OAL) were both lighter but longer.

Overall Rating – Average (15/25)

Product Link: https://www.eotechinc.com/precision-rifle-scopes/vudu-5-25×50-ffp

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