Emdom USA Split Ammo SAC: Getting the Ammo To Where It Is Needed

Intended as a basic means to transport ammunition, the Split Ammo, Soft Ammo Can (SAC) by Emdom USA is one of several type utility bags offered to make the task easier. The Split Ammo Sac offers durable materials and extensive reinforcement to ensure long-term use be it on the range or in the field.

With its overall 8.5″ (L) x 6.5″ (W) x 7.5″ (H) dimension, the Split Ammo SAC is made from 500D Cordura nylon (with the bottom reinforced by an additional layer of 1000D Cordura). It is another collaboration between Emdom USA and Military Morons to design an effective ammo, or “boom”, bag that can accommodate the varying dimensions of different ammunition types (be it individual, in magazines, or in boxes), explosives, or field accessories.

On the front is a 3″ (L) x 2″ (H) clear window for displaying identification or data cards.


Anchored across the front, bottom and rear is a single band of 1” nylon webbing that wraps to form two carrying handles. Integrated into the webbing are two metal D-rings for an associated hook-type shoulder strap (sold separately).

The interior is accessed at the top via a drawstring/cinch cord enclosure that has a supplemental internal closure flap that protects the contents from debris or direct water contact when cinched closed.

Similar in design to Emdom’s Large Ammo SAC, the interior of the Split has the added inclusion of an internal divider that runs the length of the storage space. The result is two evenly sized storage compartments.

The rear of the interior has a 4.5″ (L) x 4″ (W) envelope pocket that can be used for storing accessories or other items.


The Split Ammo SAC comes in Multicam (featured), Coyote, Foliage Green, and Sewer Green.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostExcellent (5/5): At an MSRP of $44.99, the Split Ammo SAC constitutes a minimal utility pouch with extremely durable materials, and extensive reinforcement to carry heavy/bulk loads. The split 500/1000D Cordura will ensure longevity and maximum abrasion resistance. An adequate market comparison would be the Mission Go Bag ($130) by S.O. Tech Tactical, or the Range Bag ($80) by Velocity Systems—all of which include design variations but have the similar principle of transporting ammunition. As such, the cost of the Split Ammo SAC offers an excellent price point balance for a no-frills ammo bag.
  • Comfort Good (4/5): From a comfort aspect, the Split Ammo SAC did not come with a shoulder strap (though it had the necessitating hardware to accommodate one). Thus, it could only be transport via hand—and the nylon webbing handles had no padding or means to join them together to aid in comfort while transporting. The cinch cord enclosure did give solid retention and when tightly pulled, the locking mechanism did maintain its hold even when the back was picked up upside down and fully loaded. Perhaps the only comfort aspect that is recommended to the manufacturer to improve would be on the handles as the webbing does cut into the hands somewhat when loaded and carried for some distance. Adding padding at the point of grip, or including a shoulder strap would elevate this issue.
  • Durability – Excellent (5/5): Looking throughout the Split Ammo SAC there was extensive double line stitching, reinforcement X-patterns in the continual nylon band, and all internal seams were taped (meaning the stitching is covered to prevent moisture penetration) and gave the bag an excellent level of durability. With fully loaded magazines, the bag was able to support the weight while being transported between multiple ranges. The 500D Cordura material on the sides showed no indications of fraying or wear from against magazine hard edges or ammunition, while the 1000D base added extra strength in supporting the overall weight of the contents.
  • Functionality Good (4/5): The Split Ammo SAC was a minimalist ammo bag, designed for the purpose of accommodating up to 20 x 30-round magazines, or approximately 1,000 rounds of loose .223/5.56 ammunition. The metal mounting hardware for a shoulder strap (not included) is cross pointed (meaning one is on the left front and the other is on the rear right) so that if it were carried in that manner, it would have a more comfortable drop across the body. The use of a continual band of nylon webbing to form the carrying handles ensured a continual dispersal of weight and tension, thus minimized the chance of stitching being compromised anywhere. The overall pattern to the SACs design lent itself to form a square when completely full due to the bottoms rectangular cut, this aided in the SAC remaining upright when dropped or opened for easy access. When not in use, the SAC could be completely collapsed or rolled up for storage. The only negative aspect from a function point of view was that when filled with magazines, there wasn’t sufficient material at the top/opening to completely cinch the SAC closed—presumably this is why there is the internal closure flap. Making the SAC slightly taller would help accommodate a full enclosure when cinched against taller items and maintain a tighter closure.
  • Weight Average (3/5): Weighing in at just 6 ounces, the Split Ammo SAC lent its relative lightweight volume to its materials and minimalist design, where little was added that was not centric to carrying ammunition. As such, the use of the split 500D/1000D Cordura and other materials kept things very lightweight and allowed for the SAC to be easily collapsed and carried in a pack or other range bag when not in use. In comparison, the Mission Go Bag (1.5 pounds), or the Range Bag (15 ounces) all demonstrate that the larger and more diversified designs also involve more materials and heavier weight. Thus, for its minimalist design the SAC is appropriate (or average) for its weight within the market.

Overall Rating – Good (21/25)

Product Link: https://www.emdomusa.com/Emdom-MM-Split-Ammo-SAC-p/eu149a.htm

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