Emdom Expandable Hanger Pouch: When Those Little Pouches Just Won’t Do

Designed as an additional pouch for under a plate carrier’s front carriage, the Expandable Hanger Pouch by Emdom USA provides for additional storage of critical necessities well within reach. With its slightly outward, semi-rigid domed design, the pouch’s accordion design can expand to accommodate a variety of different sized objects.

With an overall dimension of 10” (L) x 10” (H) x 3” (D) the pouch itself is made from genuine 1000D Cordura nylon and can expand, thanks to a zipper along three sides, an additional 2” in depth to the overall storage space when needed.


At the front, the Expandable Hanger Pouch (EHP) is lined entirely along the outward, domed face with a 11” (L) x 5” (H) field of hook-and-loop (female) material for attaching identification, morale, or other patches. Under either side of the hook-and-loop field is an access slot (secured via hook-and-loop) for the semi-rigid sheet of removable High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This HDPE sheet is what gives the EHP its domed structure and flexibility. The same HDPE pocket can also be used to insert flat objects like money, maps, or data cards.

The EHP attaches by a 9” (L) x 4” (H) dual-sided, hook-and-loop panel that can connect to any carrier that has a forward facing hook-and-loop (female) field (such as on the JPC 2.0), or with a hook-and-loop cummerbund (such as on the T3 Geronimo 2), or with a hook-and-loop plate riser (such as on the Grey Ghost Gear SMC).

Both the top and bottom of the EHP feature a four-slot MOLLE nylon band for anchoring accessories, shock cord, or other items. The top and bottom also feature ¼” closed-cell dense padding to aid in protecting and valuable contents inside.

The interior is accessed via a YKK zipper with dual shuttles at the top with nylon pull cords, sealed in shrink tubing, for maximum grip and security. The zipper material itself also features water resistant overlap to minimize potential saturation along the zipperline.

On the rear is a three-sided YKK zipper (again with nylon pull cord, sealed in shrink tubing) that contains the accordion expansion panel to expand the EHP by 2”. When expanded, the bottom accordion material also includes a single drainage grommet.


The interior of the EHP’s forward-facing side is again completely lined with hook-and-loop (female) for attaching pouches, administrative, or other organizational accessories with the corresponding hook-and-loop (male) material.

Oppositely, the interior of the EHP has two mesh pockets with an elastic opening for further storage and organization, and two nylon loops for retention of keys or clips.

The Expandable Hanger Pouch is available in Multicam (featured), Coyote, and SDU Grey. Other color options are available for pre-order.  

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • Cost – Average (3/5): At a listed price of $74.99 the Expandable Hanger Pouch has considerable size and makes good use of materials to provide additional storage space, and some measure of protection for any essential items inside. In contrast, other hanger-type pouches include Spiritus Systems SACK Pouch ($64.95), the Sporran Hanger Pouch ($59.95) by HRT, or the Multi-Mission Hanger ($50.00) by Haley Strategic. While all these alternatives are less in cost than the EHP, each is also slightly smaller and does not have the added HDPE reinforcement to protect the contents. As such, these features balance out with the added cost and translate to an appropriate (or average) cost for the EHP if the consumer is looking for something more than most designs on the current market.
  • Comfort – Average (3/5): When attached to a carrier, the EHP hung freely and added only a minor amount of weight to the front carrier (even when contents were added)—one that was minor in comparison to the overall weight of the carrier itself. The pouch did not inhibit or restrict movement during dynamic movements, with very little “flop” while running. There was a little difficulty in accessing the EHP’s interior when wearing a carrier with magazine pouches attached to the front, as the profile of the mag pouches would obstruct the top-opening zipper of the EHP. This is a design aspect that could be addressed by Emdom in later iterations of the pouch, by adopting a three-sided zipper opening or forward-facing zipper rather than the current single zipper at the top (where it is closest to the carrier). While the main zipper to access the interior felt smooth and the YKK shuttle did not bind, the expansion zipper did hang up at the corners where it had to take a 90-degree turn and was somewhat difficult to manipulate.
  • Durability – Excellent (5/5): Made dominantly from 1000D Cordura, the EHP was very durable to abrasion from the ground, equipment, or just the general donning/removal of the pouch to the carrier. Bartack, double-line, and X-pattern stitching all was used throughout the pouch and aided in its strength and longevity. The only notable aspect was the hook-and-loop material of the attaching flap to the carrier over time showed some wear just from the number of applications and removals (but this is common to this type of material). Thus, the EHP, much like many of Emdom’s products, held an excellent level of durability for the application intended.
  • Functionality – Good (4/5): The EHP offered a surprising volume of storage space considering its overall dimensions. This was especially useful in carrying odd-sized tools or other immediate-needed items. And while the interior’s elastic mesh pockets aided in organization of the contents, the hook-and-loop material on the interior offered the opportunity to further expand on that organization by adding additional pouches with similar backing. The ability of adding 2” of width along the bottom of the pouch helped expand the bottom of the interior to accommodate more bulkier items. However, this expansion was only along three sides (and smaller near the top), so there was a limit to the expansion. Another reason the EHP kept such a large storage volume was the HDPE backing material helped to keep the pouch’s overall structure semi-rigid and open for immediate access. One recommended aspect for improvement for Emdom would be to add a high-visibility color to the interior as the EHP is large enough it actually became difficult to see smaller items inside, and stuck down at the bottom.
  • Weight – Average (3/5): At just a menial 11 ounces (empty) the EHP was lightweight despite the choice of Emdom to use the heavier 1000D Cordura material. Although the weight of the pouch can increase rapidly when adding contents, there was a finite limit to what the pouch itself could hold. Yet even at max capacity the EHP’s supportive hook-and-loop panel under the front carrier held the pouch secure, and never sagged or slipped. And while the EHP is slightly larger than its competitors, its weight in comparison to the smaller market alternatives, like the Multi-Mission Hanger (2.4 ounces) illustrate just how the size, materials, and added HDPE all plays into its heavier and appropriate (or average) weight.

Overall Rating – Above Average (18/25)

Product Link: https://www.emdomusa.com/Emdom-Expandable-Hanger-Pouch-p/eu216.htm

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