Elite Survival: The Assault Systems Rifle Case

A case specifically designed to accommodate a carbine rifle, the Assault Rifle Case by Elite Survival is part of the original Assault Systems line of rifle cases. The Assault Rifle Case (ARC); Size 2, provides the user with a robust soft case by which to transport rifle and magazines without concern for loss or damage.


Made from 1000D nylon, the ARC exterior includes four, double rifle magazine pouches and a triangular accessory pouch—both of which are secured via individual hook-and-loop flaps. Both sides also consist of heavy-duty, 1” thick foam padding to protect the contents.

Along the long-axis of the case, steel D-rings provide anchoring points on both ends to an adjustable 2” shoulder carry strap with pad. The strap itself is removable with its steel clip/hook hardware. Near the center of the long axis are two carry handles that can be joined via attached cuff and are anchored into the fabric of the case behind the magazine pouches. A full length zipper runs along the angled edge of the ARC and opens to reveal the interior storage space.


The interior storage space of the ARC has a clean, open space that fits any carbine-type rifle (to include WML and/or optic) with up to a 20” barrel. Heavy-duty, 1” thick foam padding runs the entire outer edge of the ARC’s interior for maximum protection. The storage space is secured via YKK zipper, that also has a protective band of padding to separate the interior space and enclosure hardware.


  • 1000D nylon
  • 1” thick foam padding on all sides
  • YKK zippers
  • Multiple sizes to fit any sized rifle

The Assault Systems line of rifle cases come in varying sizes, between 1 and 10 with overall lengths from 28” to 48”. The cases are available in Mulitcam (featured in select sizes), Black, Olive Drab, and Coyote.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostAverage (3/5): At $104.95 the Assault Rifle Case is one of 10 in the Assault Systems lineup (pricing varies based on overall length and quantity of material used) and, like other packs from Elite Survival, made from thick 1000D nylon. It should be noted this sized bag is appropriately for SBRs or collapsed carbines with up 20” barrels. Comparable market alternatives include; the American Classic 32” Double Rifle Case ($53.99) or Patriot 35” Single Rifle Case ($29.95) by Savior Equipment, the Assault Rifle Case ($66) by American Mountain Supply, or the Rifle Bag ($159.95) by LaRue Tactical. It should be noted that less expensive soft cases generally involve lower denier nylon with lower abrasion resistance levels, or are made overseas where manufacturing costs can be lowered. Given that the ARC has some of the highest denier levels on the market, and is made entirely in the USA—while expensive—it is directly comparable and average to other soft cases in terms of overall cost. The consumer will need to weigh those factors against that cost.
  • Comfort Good (4/5): While made from 1000D nylon, the ARC was still soft and had no hard or sharp edges. The YKK zippers felt smooth and did not cross thread when it was closed/opened. The zipper pull and coils themselves were oversized and felt very comfortable. The padding on the shoulder strap was roughly ½” thick and felt comfortable on the shoulder, though it slid a little too easily. The carrying handles (joined together) felt comfortable in the hand and did not cut into the skin when the bag was fully loaded. However, the handles themselves needed more length as it was a tight fit to get the hand through. The hook-and-loop securing the magazine and accessory pouches provided a solid enclosure and at no point during handling allowed the contents to spill out.
  • Durability – Excellent (5/5): Made entirely of 1000D nylon, the ARC was made from some of the most abrasion resistant material available. Double line stitching was used along the zipper material to strengthen it, and X-type stitching was noted to be anchoring the D-rings to the shoulder strap. The use of stainless steel for hardware was a nice additive for its strength, in a market increasingly turning to cheap plastic that cuts cost. One design aspect noted was the nylon bands for the carrying handles continue down the sides of the ARC thus ensuring it supported the entire weight of the contents and not just at the top.
  • Functionality Good (4/5): Very simplistic, the ARC supported carrying a single SBR easily. Users should note that while running a WLM mounted at the 3 or 9 o’clock position, the forward end of the case got pretty tight on the zipper. It was obvious the ARC was a case intended for a “slick” carbine with minimal rail accessories. There was adequate clearance around the optic (in this case a Vortex red dot). One noted area of improvement for Elite Survival would be to extend the hook-and-loop fields for the magazine pouches. When loaded with two magazines per pouch, getting a full connection between the fields was pretty tight. The alternative for improvement would be to extend the flap slightly to accommodate a slightly longer reach. Otherwise the ARC had thick foam padding on all sides and completely protected the rifle within.
  • Weight Excellent (5/5): Tipping in at 2.8 pounds, the ARC was extremely lightweight despite its heavier 1000D nylon. By angling the front half of the case, Elite Survival’s ARC design allowed the case to cut non-essential space that was otherwise lost in other generalized designs. In comparison; the American Classic (6 pounds) and Patriot (5 pounds), and Mountain Supply’s Assault Rifle Case (8 pounds) all demonstrate how generalized, one-size-fits-all rifle cases utilize more material and thus weigh more regardless of denier rated nylon. By focusing its ARC design to specifically meet the needs of the rifle, Elite Survival was able to minimize weight while still offering complete protection for a rifle and its accessories.

Overall Rating – Good (21/25)

Product Link: https://www.elitesurvival.com/rifle-cases/assault-systems-assault-rifle-cases-by-elite/

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