DA Warhawk Modular Gunbelt System: Lighter and Smoother

With its improved design and features, the Warhawk Modular Gun Belt by Direct Action offers end users the ability to integrate a variety of pouches and accessories on a solid, two-part foundation. The result is a functional battle belt that can be adapted to meet any need whether it be on the rage or in the field.

With a variety of components, the Warhawk Modular Gun Belt brings together some of the most advanced materials and design available on the current market. 

Mustang Inner Belt

As noted in the review of Direct Action’s Mosquito Battle Belt System, the Mustang Inner Belt is intended as the base belt for other DA systems. It is a thin, flexible belt that can be utilized for EDC wear, but in a moment’s notice can mount to the inner hook-and-loop (female) material of the Mustang and Mosquito line of belts.

The Inner Belt is made from a combination of nylon laminate on the inward facing side, and hook-and-loop (male) on the outer.

The Inner Belt threads itself though the belt loops that helps prevent ride-up, while ensuring positive retention to other systems. A plastic pass-through belt loop allows the belt to be reversed back on itself to corresponding hook-and-loop material for a customized fit.


  • Size M:
    • Length: 36-39”
  • Size L:
    • Length: 39-43”
  • Size XL:
    • Length: 43-47”

Product Link: https://us.directactiongear.com/mustang-inner-belt#CBR

Warhawk Modular Gun Belt

The Warhawk Modular Gun Belt is the revision to its predecessor the standard DA Warhawk belt, and is intended to be more adaptable to DA and other aftermarket pouches and accessories, while still offering solid retention. As such, the Modular Gun Belt can be worn in conjunction with the Mustang Inner Belt or by itself.

Using a genuine AustriAlpin Cobra Belt Buckle with integrated D-Ring, the bottom layer of the Modular Gun Belt includes a 45mm-wide, Type 13 band of nylon webbing. Moreover, the overlap material is significantly reinforced with additional stitching to prevent separation under high separation stressors. On the outmost layer of the Modular Gun Belt is a low-profile, laser-cut laminate nylon band, segmented with bartack stitching and reinforced with an High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) insert to form a MOLLE-compatible panel on which the user can hang any accessory.

The inner facing side of the Modular Gun Belt has a band of hook-and-loop (female) material that extends the length of the belt for bonding to associated male fields on the Mustang belts or other accessories. Any excess material is secured by an elastic cuff to the belt itself.


  • Size M:
    • Length: 36-39”
  • Size L:
    • Length: 39-43”
  • Size XL:
    • Length: 43-47”

The Warhawk Modular Gun Belt is available in Multicam (featured), Adaptive Green, Black, PennCott Badlands, and more.

Product Link: https://us.directactiongear.com/warhawk-modular-belt

Medical Pouch – Vertical

A basic sleeve/insert design, the 1.75” (W) x 7.0” (H) x 3.5” (L) Vertical Medical Pouch is an envelope-style IFAK with a vertical draw that makes it comfortable and compact when stowed on the belt.

Made from a combination of materials, the outer sleeve comprises of Cordura and laminate nylon front/back panels with elastic shock cordage sides that allow for flex of the sides to accommodate the size of the medical insert pouch. The word “MED” is written on pinpoint ink lettering on the outward facing exterior to clearly mark it as an aid pouch. Anchoring the front flap is a pull-handle of hypalon that allows for immediate access to the insert.

The rear of the Vertical Medical Pouch includes two laminate nylon MOLLE straps that allow the overall pouch to be connected to the Warhawk Modular Gun Belt, plate carriers, or other MOLLE fields.

The medical insert itself is a triangular envelope style that, when opened, lies flat for maximum access to its contents. Anchoring the envelope together when closed, and into the outer sleeve pouch, are small fields of hook-and-loop (female) in key points of retention.

The medical insert itself has two intersecting bands of elastic nylon that are segmented to different lengths to allow for the storage of a variety of medical items. At the bottom of the triangular insert is a mesh pocket for other items.

The Med Pouch – Vertical is available in Multicam (featured), Adaptive Green, Black, PennCott Badlands, and more.

Product Link: https://us.directactiongear.com/med-pouch-vertical#MCM

Speed Reload Pouch (Pistol)

Made from folded Cordura with rigid HDPE inserts, the Speed Reload Pouch for pistol magazines offers rapid draw of magazines with no loss of retention.

The enclosing shock chord, with speed lock, is wrapped through laser-cut MOLLE sections and allows for easy adjustment of tension.

The rear features a laminate nylon MOLLE strap that joins to associated fields on the Mosquito Modular Belt Sleeve or other MOLLE fields.

Product Link: https://us.directactiongear.com/speed-reload-pouch-pistol#MCM

Speed Reload Pouch (Rifle)

Similar in design and materials to the pistol pouch, the Speed Reload Pouch for rifle magazines is made from folded Cordura with rigid HDPE inserts, and allows for the rapid draw of magazines with no loss of retention.

The enclosing shock chord, with speed lock, is wrapped through laser-cut MOLLE sections and allows for easy adjustment of tension.

The rear features a laminate nylon MOLLE strap that joins to associated fields on the Mosquito Modular Belt Sleeve or other MOLLE fields.

Product Link: https://us.directactiongear.com/speed-reload-pouch-rifle#MCM

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • Cost – Good (4/5): The cost of each component to the DA Battle Belt varies based on color pattern selected, and in some cases size:
    • Mustang Inner Belt (Size: Large)……………….$26.40
    • Warhawk Modular Gun Belt (Size: Large)…$109.00
    • Medical Pouch (Vertical)…………………………..$71.90
    • Speed Reload Pouch (Pistol)……………………..$25.40
    • Speed Reload Pouch (Rifle)………………….……$34.90
    • The total cost for the evaluated DA battle belt system ran $327.90 USD. This price also represents the Warhawk Modular Gun Belt system comprising of some of the most current designs and materials available on the market (like laminate nylon). In comparison, a similar battle belt setup by First Spear ($474.76), HSGI ($595), and GCode ($295) all demonstrate that the cost for DA’s system is of a good value within the market range of options. Reinforcing this scoring is that the DA system has many of the characteristics and materials of more expensive systems at a fraction of their cost.
  • Comfort – Average (3/5): From a comfort aspect, the Warhawk Modular Gun Belt with its mounted accessories felt much like many other quality belts, with a minimalist profile and solid/secure hold on the buckle and magazines. From its foundation, the Mustang Inner Belt was very light and did provide a nice daily-wear style belt to trousers while worn throughout the day and around the range. When the time came to working on the firing line, the Warhawk Modular Gun Belt was easily mated to the inner Mustang belt and provided a secure hold to the body. The AustriAlpin buckle did provide a solid and audible lock consistently throughout the evaluations by taking it on and off. On a note of comfort, for the Speed Pouches, the High Density Poly Ethylene plastic inserts provide much the same rapid and comfortable drawing/insertion as other aftermarket kydex pouches, by ensuring it retains a stable shape when in use and while the magazine is out. Elsewhere the design of the Medical Pouch; with its vertical low-profile and envelope style insert, kept a comfortable position and did not sag or move excessively, even when fully loaded with necessary aid items.
    • The one noted aspect in comfort for the consumer to be aware of was some moderate chafing was experience from the pistol pouches towards the front of the Warhawk Modular Gun Belt. This was due to the full length of the HDPE inserts on the backside (closest to the body) of the pouch, which resulted in the corners being somewhat sharp. After sufficient dynamic movements, the corner had rubbed that spot on the body raw. This could be remedied by the end-user be using a rotary tool to round out the corners, but perhaps Direct Action may want to consider an alternative in the backside design of the Speed Pouches (either by reducing the amount of HDPE near the edges or rounding out the corners ever slightly).
  • Durability – Excellent (5/5): The overriding volume of material used throughout the DA Warhawk Modular Gun Belt system was a combination of Cordrua and laminate nylon; with a corresponding balance between threaded nylon used elsewhere, and other materials (shock cord, cinch hardware, AustriAlpin buckle, etc.). The choice of this material put the Warhawk system on par with many other high-end performing platforms, such as Crye, Grey Ghost Gear, and First Spear. In comparison, other more traditional systems rely exclusively (or predominantly) on thicker nylon—something which makes them heavier and retains moisture. The use of laminate nylon alone typically has an 1000D abrasion rating, and with the added 500D Cordura material, made the overall Warhawk system light and durable to both tension and abrasion, in dynamic movements and heavy use. After evaluations, no fraying at the laser-cut MOLLE fields or stretching of the laminate nylon was noted, while the retention of the Speed Pouches remained consistent throughout.
  • Functionality – Good (4/5): Functionally, as a whole, the overall Warhawk Modular Gun Belt system worked very well in conjunction with its various elements and achieved the goal of providing a comfortable and stable platform for the end user. The Mustang Inner Belt allowed trousers, like Direct Action’s Vanguard used during several evaluations, to be worn comfortably around the range, in vehicles, or elsewhere in daily life. It also provided for an immediate-application platform that bonded to the inner lining of the Warhawk Modular Gun Belt, which in turn readily allowed access to pouches and accessories. In all the system worked amazingly well together.
    • Added onto the battle belt were four Speed Pouches (two rifle, two pistol) that provided full access and retention as compared to other industry-leading pouches (in good part to its HDPE inserts). The full length laser-cut MOLLE field on the Warhawk Modular Gun Belt allowed for individual customization and as such, the Vertical Dump Pouch was placed easily in a position where it could be readily accessed and not unnecessarily press against the lower lumbar when sitting or driving. The Vertical Medical Kit was of sufficient storage space to accommodate; one CAT-T, one Israeli Battle Dressing, one gauze roll, one nasopharyngeal airway tube, one set of medical shears, one Quick Clot packet, and one chest seal. Despite all these medical items, there was still sufficient space left to add other smaller items or accessories. The medical pouch insert itself remained compact and secure enough (due to its hook-and-loop enclosures) it could also be kept in a pocket as a dump pouch item should it be needed immediately.
    • The only point of improvement recommended to Direct action on the Warhawk Modular Gun Belt would be to examine the spacing of the MOLLE segments. When properly attached, there was still a significant range of motion so as to permit pistol pouches (which utilize a single retention band) to angle forward and back, or up and down. This was resolved to some degree when adding rifle pouches (which utilize two retention bands) behind the pistol that acted as a base behind the pouches.
  • Weight – Good (4/5): With an overall weight of 1.35 pounds (empty) in its current configuration (2x rifle pouches, 2x pistol pouches, and IFAK), the Warhawk Modular Gun Belt system utilized a blend of 500D Cordura and laminate nylon to maintain a relative light overall weight. This weight can vary based on the application of the user (i.e. what pouches are used), and the Warhawk’s lightweight system sat very comfortably on the hip. In comparison, a belt system by First Spear (2.15 pounds) and GCode (2.15 pounds) demonstrate the light weight benefits of using combined materials (such as Cordura and laminate nylon). In contrast, the HSGI battle belt (4.01 pounds) demonstrates the increased weight when using a more traditional nylon-based product system. As such, for its weight, material type, and number of pouches included in the evaluated battle belt system, the DA battle belt was still among the more lightweight ones available.

Overall Rating – Good (20/25)

Product Link: https://us.directactiongear.com

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