Blue Alpha Double Belt Rig: Solid Foundation For All Accessories

The MOLLE 1.75” Double Belt Rig by Blue Alpha offers the company’s flagship, two-part belt design for interested shooters or professionals seeking to invest in either a solid belt for competitions, or to fit within a field environment. As is, the Double Belt Rig utilizes an outer duty belt secured (with MOLLE bands to mount pouches and accessories), via hook-and-loop, to an inner belt that is worn through the belt loops to provide a solid foundation.

Inner Belt

The inner belt of the Double Belt Rig is a rigid 1.5” double layer nylon belt with 1.5” hook-and-loop (female) on the exterior that mounts to the corresponding hook-and-loop (male) field on interior of the outer belt.

This inner belt is worn through the belt loops and sizing is adjusted via an adjustable polymer cinch buckle that is secured using the excess hook-and-loop field.

Outer Belt

The outer belt itself consists of a 1.75” double layer Cordura nylon that has a AustriaAlpin Cobra buckle w/optional D-Ring to secure it. Sizing is adjustable with the excess secured using the available 1” elastic band.

Along the inward-facing side of the outer belt is a 1.5” hook-and-loop (male) field that runs the length of the belt and is used to mount the outer belt to the corresponding (female) hook-and-loop field on the inner belt.

Along the exterior of the outer belt are two ½” bands of nylon webbing that are spaced ¾” apart. The bands are then reinforced with bartack stitching at every 1.5” increment throughout the length of the outer belt to make it compatible with MOLLE/PALS accessories. Editor’s Note: Supplementing the Blue Alpha Belt review was augmenting holster and pouches from G-Code, but those items did not play a factor into the review of the performance of the belt itself.

The Double Belt Rig is available in Multicam (featured), Black, Ranger Green, Coyote Brown, and Wolf Grey and comes in wait sizes from 28” to 48” (although custom waist sizes are available).

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • Cost – Average (3/5): The overall material of the Double Belt Rig varies in price due to the color and hardware selection made at time of purchase by the individual. By itself the Double Belt featured (in Multicam) ranges between $134 and $159 and is a two-part belt (inner/outer belt) with either a standard  AustriaAlpin buckle or COBRA buckle (with D-Ring. In contrast, similar belt setups include the CHLK Belt ($199) from Blue Force Gear, the Tactical Duty Belt ($164) from Lead Devil, the Operator Belt ($159) from T3 Gear, and the Delta Belt ($115) from Parsec all illustrate the UGF is appropriately (or of average) priced for the market given its design and materials.
  • Comfort – Good (4/5): The wear of the Double Belt Rig was very comfortable, thanks in part to its thick and rigid structure. The inner belt itself was comfortable when worn as an daily-wear belt, or as a regular trouser belt around the range. Worn through the belt loops, the inner belt also provided a solid foundation that securely held the outer belt despite the various pull/push forces of magazine draws. The outer belt was likewise easily adjusted to fit, via the excess nylon material securing the AustriaAlpine buckle, to find the appropriate comfort level around the waist.
  • Durability – Excellent (5/5): From a durability aspect the Double Belt Rig really excelled in its design, with almost every aspect of the belt completely reinforced with either double-line stitching or bartack along the length of the belt and at key stress points. The AustriaAlpine EDC buckle also translated to significant durability as the buckle is rated to sustain its locking mechanism against an 18,000 pound load. This translated to a high degree of durability and strength on the range that would make the Double Belt Rig at home in either a professional or competitive setting. As with most nylon products, Blue Alpha does stand by its belts offering a 100% one-year warranty.
  • Functionality – Good (4/5): Functionally; Blue Alpha’s two-belt system performed exactly as intended, giving a solid performing platform on which to hang a variety of pouches and accessories including; magazine pouches, IFAK, dump pouch, and more using a variety of attachment methods compliant to MOLLE/PALs systems. The inner unpadded belt of the Double Belt Rig was even functional as a stand-alone EDC belt that could make immediate reaction to a threat as easy as reaching for the exterior belt and quickly securing it. Donning and removing the UGF belt was very easy when appropriately sized for the waist. The ¾” spacing between the exterior facing nylon bands provided an appropriate ability to mount MOLLE/PALS accessories without the need to bend or fold the material to allot for passage of the mounting material.
  • Weight – Good (4/5): At 19.4 ounces for a size 38” Double Belt Rig (with no mounted pouches or accessories), the overall weight of the belt was determined by the type and quantity of accessories mounted. Still, use of the various nylons and other materials to the Double Belt Rig helped to keep the two-part belt system relatively light in weight and sat appropriately on the hip. Comparatively, the CHLK Belt (13 ounces) from Blue Force Gear, the Tactical Duty Belt (22.08 ounces) from Lead Devil, the Operator Belt (20.32 ounces) from T3 Gear, and the Delta Belt (20.8 ounces) from Parsec all illustrate that the Double Belt Rig is at an appropriate (or average) weight for the material and design selected. These aspects, while avoiding unnecessary weight, as found in more traditional systems in either leather or thicker nylons, gave the Double Belt Rig a solid scoring.

Overall Rating – Good (20/25)

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