BFG – Vickers Combat Applications Sling: The Original

Establishing itself in 2009 as a benchmark in rifle slings, the Vickers Sling brings forward a design fostered out of years in personal application, and use in the field by armed forces. Developed by former Delta member Larry Vickers, and in conjunction with Blue Force Gear, the Vickers Sling allows for rapid adjustment to customize its overall length and weapon retention.


Made from a thick, 1.25” wide, Invista solution-dyed Cordura webbing, the Vickers Sling has “triglides” on both ends that allow the sling to be attached to M4/A2-style swivel sling loops, or on QD loop hardware.

The Vickers Sling uses TEX 90 bonded nylon thread throughout for its maximum durability against moisture rot and tensile strength.


At the front is a patented “Quick Adjuster” buckle with off-set colored pull tab for easy visual recognition.

All associated hardware on the Vickers Sling is made from either DuPont Nylon, anodized aluminum, or is made from phosphate steel for maximum strength.


  • Minimum Length: 54” (with the adjuster slide tightened)
  • Maximum Length: 64” fully extended

The Vickers Sling comes in 13 different colors to include: OD Green (featured), Multicam, ATACs, Kyrptek, Wolf Gray and many more. In addition, Blue Force Gear offers a padded variant to the Vickers Sling, as well as customized hardware to fit specific needs.


Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostFair (2/5): At $49.95 the Vickers Sling really set the standard for adjustable two-point slings. Over time a lot of companies have attempted to mimic its design, specifically the adjustor buckles, but few have still had the success of the original. Market slings comparable to the Vickers include; the Operators Two Point Sling ($35.99) by First Spear, the Simple Sling ($29.00-$42.00) by Snake Eater Tactical, or the MS3 Gen2 ($47.45) by Magpul. Yet the Vickers Sling is in the higher price range (and perhaps the oldest) of slings on the market, so its cost is most likely directly attributed the volume of material involved (see Weight below) to name recognition.
  • Comfort Good (4/5): Very thick, the Vickers Sling moved easily and manipulated between the carry/slung position to a combat ready position quickly. The adjuster buckle slid easily over the Cordura webbing and did not bind. The offset color of the pull tab made it easy to find the adjustor buckle. The sling itself was very comfortable because the material did not cut into exposed skin. The thickness of the sling itself however, also made it heavier than newer slings on the market and effected the overall score.
  • Durability – Excellent (5/5): Given the Vickers Sling was made from dominantly Cordura and quality hardware, the sling held up to continual adjustment and did not fray. The hardware did not involve overly complicated or spring-loaded points, which often pose the potential for failure, and thus the Vickers Sling effectively embraced tactical minimalism.
  • Functionality Good (4/5): Functionally, it’s hard to get too complicated on a sling. And the Vickers Sling embraced that simplicity, all while offering a functional and efficient adjustment design that made it easy to go from sling to deployment in a second. Attaching it to either A2-style sling points or on QD hardware was easy, and multiple M4 or other carbine-style stocks have considered cuts or points for mounting slings in various configurations for maximum comfort. Other vendors have attempted to mimic the design, but again the original remains a consumer favorite.
  • Weight Fair (2/5): At 117 grams (or roughly 4.2 ounces) the Vickers Sling was notably heavier than most of the aforementioned alternatives, predominantly due to the material’s thickness. That weight increased markedly if the sling became wet with sweat or water. In comparison, most of the alternative slings measured roughly 3.3 ounces with its associated hardware because their nylon was thinner and of a tighter weave.

Overall Rating – Above Average (17/25)

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