BFG – Boo Boo Pouch: For All The Little Things

Sometimes you don’t need a full-on medical pouch to carry just a few bandages. Other times you have a need to keep a multi-tool handy. For some, a can of their chosen vice. But whatever use you find for it, the BooBoo Pouch by Blue Force Gear provides a small and easily accessed pocket for any need.


Made from predominantly 500D Cordura, the BooBoo Pouch uses TEX 70 bonded nylon thread throughout for maximum durability. A simple, envelope-style pocket with fold-over lid, the BooBoo Pouch is secured via hook-and-loop with a Ball-Loaded Index Point (BLIP) pull tab. Blue Force Gear’s BLIP helps provide maximum tangibility regardless of conditions.

The lid itself is made separately from ULTRAcomp laminate, giving it a threaded strength greater than 1000D nylon. The bottom of the BooBoo Pouch features a single drainage grommet.

On the rear of the BooBoo Pouch is BFG’s patented Helium Whisper attachment system that minimizes material while sacrificing none of the durability.



Inside the BooBoo Pouch are two elastic cuffs that can aid in organization of smaller items while leaving the interior pocket available for larger items.


  • Overall Size: 1″ (W) x 4″ (L) x 4″ (H)

The BooBoo Pouch is available in Multicam (featured), Black, Coyote Brown, OD Green, and Wolf Grey.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostFair (2/5): For $32.95 the BooBoo Pouch (BBP) is a small accessory or medical pouch, similar to Tactical Tailor’s Fight Light Accessory Pouch H1 ($22.54) or ITS’s Tactical EDC Slimline Pouch ($25.99). While it is difficult to find a direct comparison in size/dimension to market alternatives, those mentioned are roughly of similar overall storage capacity. And while the BBP costs more, one explanation for the added cost is the alternatives are both somewhat bulkier than the BBP thanks in large part to the BBP’s specific weight-reducing materials and attachment system. So the consumer will need to consider what is gained over the added cost.
  • Comfort Good (4/5): Realistically, the BBP’s diminutive weight was hardly noticeable before being mounted on a belt, and less so in comparison to other magazine or medical pouches. And even when loaded with the average Band-Aids or other accessories, the weight neither detracted from other items on the belt, nor was offsetting enough to pull the wearer’s belt over. The soft-shell exterior of the pouch easily conformed to the items inside while the interior elastic bands kept things secure.
  • Durability – Good (4/5): The BBP, being made from 500D Cordura and using ULTRAcomp laminate, was extremely strong for its size. The storage capacity and weight of items loaded likely never came close to exceeding the tensile or abrasion strength of the material. In essence, unless purposeful or direct damage/negligence is done to the BBP, it will likely outlast other most other pouches (or you may even damage the belt/bag’s MOLLE/PALS field before the ULTRAcomp laminate becomes compromised).
  • Functionality Good (4/5): When loaded with a variety of items, the BBP had an appealing level of versatility as either a small aid pouch or for accessory storage. It kept Band-Aids, keys, tweezers, Chapstick, and a variety of other pocket-sized items secure. The best use for the BBP was forward on the belt where it could be used for immediate access and kept items out of pants pockets. But the pouch was also easily mounted on backpacks that expand the BBP’s application beyond a gunbelt. The BLIP provided a solid point of contact and made separating the hook-and-loop easy.
  • Weight Average (3/5): As noted above, the BBP’s diminutive weight of 37 grams, or 1.30 ounces, (empty) made it hardly noticeable, even when loaded. In comparison, the BBP’s weight was also proportional to other similar-sized accessory pouches, such as the EDC Slimline by ITS that is 1.6 ounces (empty).

Overall Rating – Above Average (17/25)

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