American Classic Double Rifle Case: Keeping It All Safe

Available in multiple lengths and colors to accommodate rifles of different lengths, the American Classic Double Rifle Case by Savior Equipment provides extensive padding and features to keep your high-dollar rifles safe and secure.


Initially introduced circa late 2017, the American Classic is intended to provide a quality, soft case for rifles using its 600D polyester and double stitch on both the exterior and interior. With a multitude of pockets for accessories and supplies, the case also provides an ideal platform to carry range essentials.


The exterior of the American Classic has two reinforced carrying handles that can be joined using a nylon cuff, and secured with hook-and-loop. In addition, the overall case has nylon compression straps that are used to reinforce two slide-release buckles that keep the rifle case and external storage compartment secure. A removable shoulder carrying strap is anchored at the front and on the backpanel of the case using metal hardware.

On the front are three accessory pockets that feature an integrated shock cord retention system, and secured via slid-release buckles on the exterior, with hook-and-loop fields under the closure. The two outer accessory pockets measure 7” (L) x 8.5” (H), while the middle accessory pocket measures 10” (L) x 8.5” (H). On the exterior of the middle pocket is a (female) hook-and-loop panel for identification or morale patches.

Behind the front accessory pockets is a zipper-enclosed storage compartment that runs the length of the case. It includes two padded pistol cases (secured via hook-and-loop) measuring 32” (L) x 11” (H) and two zippered accessory pockets.


Upon opening the main compartment to the American Classic (via its zipper), the clamshell opens to reveal dual rifle compartments. Lining the bottom edge is a hard-plastic molding encased in nylon.  This serves to keep both compartments separated when closed, and gives the case its overall rigidity. Lining the other three sides is a wide, flexible foam pad that also helps keep the rifles separated and protected.

Each side features wedge-style ends wherein the stock and muzzle are tucked into and provide the weapon security and stability when stored. Dual 2” hook-and-loop straps further secure the firearm from any excessive movement.

Dividing each storage space is a removable center dividing pad to ensure both weapons remain protected.


  • External Size: 32” L x 12.75” H x 9” W
  • Internal Size: 31.5” L x 12” H
  • 600D Polyester Exterior & Interior Shell
  • TSA Compliant Zippers

The American Classic Double Rifle Case is available in FDE Tan (featured), Obsidian Black, Ash Gray, and OD Green.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostGood (4/5): At varying cost, the price for the American Classic rifle case is based on overall length desired. Between $52.99 for the 28” length case, to $93.99 for the 55” case, Savior has enough diversity in its product line for users to find one that appropriately meets their needs. The market is awash in similar soft cases, often at less cost, but ones that lack the attention to detail, quality of material, and function. One of the closest competitors to Savior Equipment’s American Classic would be the 36” Tec Assault Double Rifle Case by Black Scorpion ($113.99), or Drago’s Double Rifle Case ($63-$93). All other cases offer generally the same functionality, with only slight variances in design or hardware. But with Savior Equipment offering eight different lengths of the American Classic from 24” to 55” they have a more diversified product line whereas other vendors only have a single, or three different sizes.
  • Comfort Good (4/5): Evaluated for this review was the 32” case from the American Classic line. It was found to be the perfect length for collapsed 10.5” SBRs or 10.5” AR Pistols. It is most likely that when dealing with standard 16” full-length rifles the user would need a longer case (perhaps the 36” case). However, Savior Equipment offers a diversified product line in rifle cases to easily find one that would comfortably fit any rifle. The 600D polyester and hard plastic molding along the bottom edge offered enough rigidity to keep the shape and avoid bowing. The carrying handles had sufficient distance from the bag so the hand wasn’t crowded when carrying the case, and the shoulder strap was removable (a nice feature over its competitors). There was sufficient padding throughout that the case was both comfortable and protective regardless of how it was transported.
  • Durability – Good (4/5): The double rifle case was made from 600D polyester which gave it slightly more abrasion resistance and rigidity over any number of lesser, inexpensive soft rifle cases (the market average is typically 500D nylon). There was extensive double/over stitching, bartack, and X-pattern reinforcement noted at key stress points, such as the compression straps, carrying handle, and anchoring points for the shoulder strap that will help ensure longevity. It is likely that with the 600D materials, the hardware will fail long before the fabric does. Users should take care to get the appropriately sized case however, to avoid overloading the stitching as each is designed for the appropriate sized rifle. It would have been preferred if there had been more hook-and-loop field material for the removable divider to have more surface area and durability, but what was present did not hinder application or removal.
  • Functionality Excellent (5/5): From a functionality standpoint, the American Classic excelled at its designed intent. Both rifles were not only secured by the wedge-styled envelopes, but further retained by the wide hook-and-loop straps that ensured almost no excessive movement. Furthermore, the internal three-sided foam pad and rigid plastic molding provided 360-degree protection for the enclosed rifle. The soft padded pistol sleeves further allowed additional protection for handguns while keeping them compartmentalized. It would have improved the pistol sleeves functionality if they had more means of securing the pocket aside from a narrow band of hook-and-loop (perhaps something linear across the entire length of the opening or a zipper).
  • Weight Average (3/5): The weight of the 32” rifle case evaluated was right at 6 pounds, which made it just barely over the weight of the Black Scorpion’s Tec Assault case (5.8 pounds) and under Drago’s Double Rifle Case (6.8 pounds). This put the American Classic right at a solid moderate score given that other alternatives are available, but the inexpensive ones will likely be ones that sacrifice quality materials and design to achieve the same level of functionality of Savior Equipment. Again, users should be reminded to not overload the American Classic rifle cases as they are expressly designed to carry the appropriate loads and not every rifle/handgun you own.

Overall Rating – Good (20/25)

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