Tactical Sh*t Tactical DMR Series

This is the first-ever Tactical Dedicated Marksmen Rifle (DMR) series as presented by Tactical Sh*t. The matches will be held at Gadsden Shooting Center on April 11, July 11, August 8, and October 17, 2020.


Five classes of shooter are available: 

  • AR-15 Nato (5.56/223 only) 18”+ barrel
  • AR-15 Open any caliber on AR-15 platform 18”+ barrel
  • AR-10 NATO (7.62/308) 18”+ barrel
  • RECCE Any rifle under 18”
  • Battle Rifle Any AR-10 under 18”


  1. NO tripods
  2. Semi Auto rifles only, no bolt guns
  3. No steel core or AP rounds
  4. Follow 5 basic safety rules
  5. Spotters only can call “impact” or “miss” no adjustments (exemptions for new shooters shooting under novice class)
  6. When moving from position to position (more than two steps), weapon MUST be placed on safe before each change of position
  7. Please have at least a basic 50-100yrd zero PRIOR to match. Zero’ing range will be available prior to match start
  8. Shots drastically off target shooter will be warned to check dope. Calls for check dope are not considered “coaching” Continual misses significantly off target and deemed unsafe by stage R.O will be a stage DQ
  9. Slings are optional, but encouraged.
  10. No more than 2 shooting bags per stage
  11. Hand stop, barricade stops, vertical grips, bipods all ok.
  12. No magnum cartridges
  13. Must have magnified optic. Any “questionable” set up such as EoTech w/magnifier will be assessed by R.O at each stage
  14. No more than 1 mulligan used per stage
  15. Suppressors are completely ok and encouraged
  16. Novice New shooters get an additional 30 seconds and 2 rounds


  • All targets will count for different points via color or size
  • 10 rounds each stage (unless stage description states otherwise, 12rds for Novice)
  • 90 second par time for each stage (2 minutes for novice)
  • Scoring is purely based off impacts, time is not a factor
  • All stages are KD ranges (unless stated otherwise)
  • Bonus stages might include penalties for any misses
  • Bonus stages will be between 600-800yrds
  • Mulligans will be available for $20 (Max of 2 mulligans)

Required Gear

  • Rifle
  • Optic
  • Sling (optional)
  • Bipod (optional)
  • Barricade stop/vert grip (optional)
  • Max of 2 shooting bags (optional)
  • 10 or 20rd mags (No larger than 30rd)
  • Ammo
  • Ear/eye pro (eye pro optional? Both required for spectators)

Practiscore link: https://practiscore.com/clubs/tactical_shit_gadsden_dmr_series_1

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/458873124626622/