Red Oktober


This is the third annual RED OKTOBER “Ostfront”, and second “Retaliation” rifle/pistol event at the World Shooting & Recreational Complex set to begin on October 5th (for Russian-themed events), and the 6th (for NATO).

Registration is on Practiscore at:

Red Oktober Ostfront (2020 Date TBD)


  • AK (any and all AK type firearms) ComBloc(any and all Soviet issued firearms)
  • CLASSIC AK, Iron sights and 30 round magazines
  • OPEN AK, anything goes
  • CLASSIC ComBloc, Iron sights and factory or 30 round magazines
  • OPEN ComBloc, anything goes
  • SUBGUN, Any and all pistol caliber AK or ComBloc firearms
  • CAPITOLIST PIG, any firearm that is chambered in 7.62×39

Categories: Makes the event fun (not required)

  • JUGGERNAUT: participants must carry 70lbs. of gear to start the match and shoot stages. Best time wins
  • SPETSNAZ: participants must dress as Soviet soldier (judged, acting encouraged)
  • GOPNIK: participants must dress in track suit attire (judged, acting encouraged)

Cost for event is $75.00 per entry

10 stages, 300+ round count

We hope this match will be fun for all who participate and we will continue to update the match as info becomes available.

Registration for Ostfront is on Practiscore:

NATO Retaliation (2020 Date TBD)


  • AR, NATO (any rifle caliber firearm issued by NATO country other than AR)
  • SUBGUN (pistol caliber rifle)
  • Classic AR, iron sights and 30 round magazine.
  • Tactical AR, anything goes
  • Classic NATO, iron sights and 30 round magazine.
  • Tactical NATO, anything goes
  • SubGun, anything goes

Categories: makes match fun(not required)

  • JUGGERNAUT: must carry 70 lbs of gear at start and during stages.
  • SOG: military clothing and gear (any NATO forces)
  • WOLVERINE: mixture of US and Soviet clothing and gear(acting encouraged)

Cost is $75.00 per entry for event

10 stages with 300+ round count

Registration for Retaliation is on Practiscore: