Action Pistol

NRA Action Pistol is open to all individuals who are interested in “Action” courses of fire, which combine speed and accuracy while shooting at multiple targets of steel and cardboard/ paper. The purpose of this document is to give you general information on how to get started in the sport of NRA Action Pistol competition. The information below will answer questions that are commonly asked when first getting started in the sport.

NRA Action Pistol is a dynamic discipline within the “Action Pistol” shooting sports. It is a combination of speed and accuracy, weighing more on the accuracy aspect, with speed still playing a major factor in your ability to put up a good score. All shots are fired static (no moving while firing) from a set distance and all the courses of fire are run on par times where all shots must be fired within the set par time i.e. 6 shots in 5 seconds, if you fire a shot after the designated 5 second par time has elapsed, you are penalized. This combination is what makes NRA Action Pistol such a fun, challenging and exciting discipline. Being able to draw a pistol from holster, fire 6 rounds in 5 seconds into a paper plate sized scoring area, is a lot of fun and very challenging. The confidence gained in your marksmanship from shooting NRA Action Pistol will be noticed when shooting other popular “Action Pistol” shooting disciplines offered around the country such as USPSA, IDPA, ICORE and PPC.


The only local venues offering Action Pistol is: