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Elftmann DST: Precision Meets Duty

The Drop-In Service Trigger remains one of the longer standing trigger lines offered by Elftmann Tactical. Designed to provide service-quality reliability and function, in a drop-in, cassette type housing the Drop-In Service Trigger has an adjustable trigger pull with a crisp break.

Built by Elftmann for law enforcement and military duty, the Drop-In Service Trigger (DST) aerospace-grade sealed bearings that give it a smooth and fast trigger pull.

The spring action uses EDC machined 0.043”, double-wound, piano wire that is hardened and polished to reduce friction. This allows the DST to have an adjustable trigger pull between 4 to 7 pounds.

The trigger components (hammer, disconnector, trigger) are made from hardened steel. The trigger assembly itself is sealed inside an aircraft grade aluminum drop-in housing.

The ELF Pro Component Trigger is available in a curved or straight shoe.



  • Adjustable from 4lbs to 7lbs without removing from lower
  • Compatible to all calibers – 5.56, 9mm, .308 etc.
  • Fits any mil-spec AR-15 (Standard pin size, no large pin Colt)
  • Drop-Safe
  • Full power hammer spring
  • Disconnect allows full 1/4” width eliminating wear and double-firing
  • Trigger and hammer needle bearings provide smoother and faster firing

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostFair (2/5): The Elftmann Drop-In Service Trigger (DST) has an MSRP of $259 which makes it one of the mid-range triggers offered by the manufacturer. The DST has a more robust trigger pull that can be adjusted from between 4 and 7 pounds depending on the comfort of the end user. Other market alternatives for drop-in duty triggers include the original CMC Drop-In Single Stage Duty Trigger ($167.99), Wilson Combat’s AR-15 TTU ($189.95) or Timmy Trigger’s Targa 2-Stage Trigger ($204.05). These all demonstrate that the quality and materials of various the popular drop-in type of triggers runs the gambit of cost, with the DST at the higher end of the spectrum and one that the consumer may find fair but one they must determine if it is worth the investment.
  • Comfort Good (4/5): The DST was machined to have an adjustable trigger pull with materials that gave it smooth actioning. This also provided it a definitive feel in the trigger wall’s “break” with a very consistent resistance in overtravel. From a tactile aspect, the “flat-face” of the trigger (the DST is available in both curved and flat) had a grooved cut to give it more of a surface deviation against the finger. The hard angle edges of the skeletonized trigger however were notable, and gave it an unusual wire-hanger feel rather than a solid one-piece design. It would be suggested to Elftmann to consider polishing/rounding the edges of the trigger to give it a more contoured feel against the finger. The trigger mechanism itself felt, and sounded crisp with no excess noise or movement.
  • Durability – Excellent (5/5): The DST was cut from the same type of hardened steel (sourced in the United States) as the ELF Pro Component Trigger using a process called Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) which, without getting into the technical weeds, enabled the DST to have exceedingly precise and complex cuts for the highest degree of precision possible. This puts the PCT on par with some of the highest-degree of manufactured triggers on the current market made specifically for competitive use. At no point during evaluations did the skeletonized trigger bend, nor did the finish flake or stain.
  • Functionality Average (3/5): As a drop-in type trigger, all of the DST’s components came assembled and enclosed in the DST’s finished housing—this made installation extremely easy and only necessitated the included Allen key to complete. One additional element was the included set screws built into the drop-in housing that allowed the user to totally eliminate any amount of play or slop in the trigger as it rested in the lower receiver. This ensured a rock-solid position. The trigger comes set from the factory at approx. 7 pounds of pull, but was adjusted easily by the screw at the rear of the trigger housing. The hammer did remain full power regardless of the pull weight, with no loss of spring tension or light primer strike noted during live fire evaluations. One notable observation was the amount of overtravel was significantly greater than that of performance or competition triggers, with a much stiffer distance the trigger needed to travel after firing to attain reset. This is common to “duty” type triggers in that it inhibits the user from inadvertently firing out of surprise reflex. The downside being that it limits the ability for rapid follow-up shots and the shooter should be aware of that. Otherwise the trigger felt smooth and provided an expected and appropriate (or average) performance on the range.
  • Weight Good (4/5): At a weight of approx. 2.3 oz. per unit, the DST is on-par (or average) with the materials utilized, and similar to the weight of other aftermarket triggers. In comparison, both CMC and Wilson’s Drop-In triggers (3.2oz.) and the Timmy Trigger (2.3oz.) show that the Elftmann DST is lighter than some market alternatives, but in-line with other notable brands that use lightweight materials or skeletonized cuts to shave off some excess weight in the overall design. In the end the DST’s good level of light weight is something that is relatively fixed as the base material (US steel components and aluminum drop-in housing) is itself fixed.

Overall Rating – Above Average (18/25)

Product Link:

IMG_2889_TackenbergI am reviewing this product as a courtesy to the manufacturer and via STL Shooting Enthusiasts, so that I can evaluate it and provide my honest feedback. I am not bound by any written, verbal, or implied contract to give positive reviews. All views are my own, and based off my personal experience with the product.

The views and opinions expressed on this website are solely those of the author. The views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of the administrative staff, and/or any/all contributors to this site.


T3 Gear Kit Bag: For All Your Mission Essentials

Transporting all your range gear can often necessitate a case or bag big and tough enough for all the essentials. The Gen 3 Kit Bag from T3 Gear allows a voluminous, enclosed space for the end-user to store and transport all their mission essentials.

Made from robust 500D Cordura nylon, the Kit Bag is designed as a large, rectangular storage bag measuring 23” (L) x 18” (H) x 11” (W) that can easily fit full tactical kit, a dedicated helmet bag similar to T3’s Padded Helmet Case, and night vision case or other accessories.


The exterior of the Kit Bag is a minimalist unstructured bag rectangular in design, with a flip-top lid secured by a dual-shuttle oversized zipper.

At the front, the Kit Bag is sleek and free of features to avoid accidentally snagging the Kit Bag on other items, equipment, or vehicles. The rear of the Kit Bag is likewise sleek and unremarkable, but has reinforced hardware (polymer D rings and slide adjustors) at the top and bottom for attaching shoulder straps (sold separately) if necessary.

The thick, 2” wide, nylon webbing handles run continually from the front, support the bottom of the bag, and up the rear to provide maximum support while being transported. A padded cuff (secured by hook-and-loop) helps secure the handles together while providing comfort while hand carried.

Both sides of the Kit Bag have 10” wide sleeve pockets for stowing any documents or small accessories as needed. In addition, both sides have reinforced hardware (polymer D-rings) for attaching the removable shoulder strap (via slide release buckle).

At the top, the Kit Bag is designed to be stored vertically and the flip-top itself has a 23” diagonal, quick-access zipper that grants the end-user immediate access into the main storage compartment.


The interior of the Kit Bag is accessed via oversized zipper (with dual paracord pull-tab shuttles) and that runs along three sides to allow for the flip-top to open completely.

Around three sides of the Kit Bag’s interior are three bands of 3” wide hook-and-loop (female) material for attaching patches, pouches, or other items using similar attachment methods.

The Gen 3 Kit Bag is available in Multicam (featured), Black Coyote, Ranger Green, and Multicam Black.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • Cost – Average (3/5): With its MSRP of $159.99, the Gen 3 Kit Bag is a large soft case for storing and transporting all of your mission essentials and/or other gear as needed. With its 500D Cardura nylon, reinforcement webbing, and oversized zippers, the Kit Bag has the storage capacity and strength of many civilian hard cases without all the excess bulk. In contrast, similar market “kit” bags would include the Enhanced Kit Bag ($204.99) from RE Factor Tactical, the Rush LBD Lima Bag ($125) from 5.11, and the Huron Armor Carry Bag ($109.95) from TYR Tactical. After that the market gets into structured rolling duffle/storage bags, such as the Rolling Locker Bag ($560) from SOTech Tactical, at considerably higher price points due to their integrated frame and materials. Considering size, design, and materials used, the Kit Bag is appropriately (or of average) price for the market and its competitors.
  • Comfort – Average (3/5): From a comfort aspect, the Kit Bag (empty) had the appropriate measures necessary to ensure full storage of mission essentials, while still being appropriately (or of average) comfort in transporting the overall bag. The Kit Bag did include a removable shoulder strap but it was unpadded, so using this method of transport was really intended only for short-term carriage—and under full load became fatiguing after short distance/time. It would have been preferred had T3 also included shoulder carrying straps (since the Kit Bag comes with associated hardware for attaching them) should they prove necessary for the end-user. Elsewhere, the padded nylon cuff attached to the carrying handle not only helped join both sides, but aided in making the handle-carry method more comfortable with its wider surface area for the hand. The zipper, while not outwardly a YKK-branded one, still functioned smoothly and did not bend nor cross-feed. The zipper enclosure line opened along three sides of the lid, thus it allowed for full access to the contents and full reach of the interior.
  • Durability – Excellent (5/5): The durability of the Kit Bag lent itself to T3 Gear’s choice of using 500D Cordura nylon as the principle material throughout the entire bag. This material choice is common amid the tactical market, and gave the Kit Bag itself an appropriate (or average) level of abrasion resistance against gear or other hard-edge items that were otherwise thrown into the storage container with it. The paracord pull-tabs ensured a smooth pull on the oversized dual shuttles and that the zipper line itself wasn’t over-strained. There was extensive bartack, X-pattern, and double-line stitching noted throughout the bag at all stress points along the zipper, anchoring the carrying handles, and securing the internal pockets/hook-and-loop.
  • Functionality – Good (4/5): Functionally, the Kit Bag did a good job of doing as intended, meaning it was an unstructured, oversized bag for securing mission essential gear and kit. This gave it the intentional benefit that (when not in use) the Kit Bag could also be folded up easily and stored in a reasonably small space. There was no means of organizing or securing items to the interior (such as removable dividers), so it was an all-or-nothing storage bag. The hook-and-loop bands on the interior were good for adding attachment pouches, placards, or other associated items (not included) using corresponding attachment material, but that was the extent of internal organization. But the extensive reinforcement throughout the bag meant that it was more than capable of storing some of the heaviest pieces of gear and kit possible.
  • Weight – Good (4/5): Weighing in at 2.7 pounds, the Kit Bag had no internal frame or other materials other than its corresponding 500D Cordura and supportive nylon webbing. There is little in terms of support for carrying the Kit bag aside from the removable shoulder strap and carrying handles, so much of the weight to any contents in the Kit Bag will be handled accordingly. Consumers should not that for the volume, the Kit Bag can become just as heavy or heavier than a fully loaded Pelican case. But for the overall size of the product and reinforcement, the weight of the Kit Bag was good for what was included. In contrast the Enhanced Kit Bag (5.5 pounds) from RE Factor Tactical, the Rush LBD Lima Bag (3.0 pounds) from 5.11, and the Huron Armor Carry Bag (1.7 pounds) from TYR Tactical all support the position that for its design and materials, the T3 Gear Gen 3 Kit Bag is of a good overall weight amid the market.

Overall Rating – Above Average (19/25)

Product Link:

I am reviewing this product as a courtesy to the manufacturer and via High Ground Media, LLC, so that I can evaluate it and provide my honest feedback. I am not bound by any written, verbal, or implied contract to give positive reviews. All views are my own, and based off my personal experience with the product.

The views and opinions expressed on this website are solely those of the author. The views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of the administrative staff, and/or any/all contributors to this site.

TRU-SPEC® 24-7 Xpedition Pants: Comfort and Design

Released in 2018, the 24-7 Series®, 24-7 Xpedition® Pants by TRU-SPEC® are one of 12 variants in that line of tactical trousers. With all the features and flexibility into these pants, users will be ready for any environment be it the range or field.

Constructed from a polyester/cotton blend in a rip-stop weave pattern, the principle fabric in the Xpedition pants are also dipped in a DWR water repellent. Accents on the pants are a 91% nylon, 9% spandex, and double weave for added flexibilty and breathability.

At the waist, the Xpedition pants have six 2” wide belt loops (two on the front, four on the back) with a comfort-fit slide waistband that adds an extra 2” overall to the waistline. Both front belt loops feature a small carabiner loop to hang keys or clip. The cut of the Xpedition pant is a straight hip-to-ankle, with articulation designed into the knees to match the natural movement range of the body. The two front pockets are a deep slash pattern with reinforcement to the bottom edge for carrying EDC items or items with retention clips. The rear pockets consist of a flap pocket on the left side and secured via snap button, and a zipper-secured pocket on the right. The Xpedition pant have a French-style fly with double button and YKK zipper for added security.

Mid-thigh features two cargo pockets made of the elastic accent material, inside which is a D-ring to hang keys and thereby prevent them from balling up at the bottom of the pocket, with both secured by a hidden snap button. Behind the right cargo pocket is a DropN pocket intended to accommodate most modern smartphones (even in a hardcase), and behind the left is a zipper-secured pocket for added security. The outside-facing edge to both cargo pockets feature zippered mesh ventilation material, a feature that repeats at the calf and overall adds to airflow within the Xpedition pant.

More added features include a large gusset in the groin for range of motion, and at the pant cuff an added band of nylon webbing for added strength and durability while wearing duty boots. Lastly, each cuff features adjustment snaps with boot hooks to ensure the overall length of the pant does not ride up or down.

The Xpedition pants come in nine colors including OD Green/Black (featured), Khaki, Navy, Black/Charcoal, Multicam/Coyote, and more. Its sizing runs from 28” – 44” waistlines with a 30”, 32”, or 34” inseam, or 34” – 40” waistlines with a 36” inseam.

Product Evaluation Scores:

  • CostGood (4/5): With an MSRP of $116.95, one can often find sales for these pants down to even $95 making them extremely affordable for all the features, design, and material. Given the applicable range of tactical pants out there, from Crye Precision to custom manufacturers, TRU-SPEC® offers a great deal on these well-designed trousers.
  • Comfort Excellent (5/5): For moderate to high-temperature environments, the Xpedition pants offer a great deal of breathability and comfort. This is in large part to the four-directional accent material that not only aids in moisture control, but airflow regardless of position. Obviously, these pants were not designed for cold-weather, but that’s not to say you couldn’t just dress in layers and still take advantage of the Xpedition’s flexible material. The elastic waistband material ensures that regardless of changes to waistline, you will still find a comfortable fit. It should be noted for the consumer, the Xpedition pant runs on the long side of inseam measurement, and TRU-SPEC® confirmed this is on purpose so as to accommodate for rise in the pant while taking a knee or wearing boots, so the buyer need not add to their current inseam length when ordering.
  • Durability – Good (4/5): While TRU-SPEC® does not list the denier rating of the material in the Xpedition pants, the 6.5-ounce polyester/cotton blend used is among some of the industry standard for tactical clothing, and offers a balance between abrasion resistance and flexibility. The added rip-stop pattern used to weave that material ensures that if any damage does occur, it does not compromise the overall garment. Added reinforcement stitching and nylon in high-use areas, like the pant cuff and gusset, will ensure longevity.
  • Functionality Excellent (5/5): I couldn’t imagine more functionality in a pair of pants, shy of changing the knee pads slots and moving them to the outside where the pads could be easily added/removed (necessitating impact knee pads instead of neoprene inserts). Otherwise with all the pockets, rings, snaps, and flexibility, the Xpedition pants don’t hedge back anything on functionality.
  • Weight Good (4/5): The weight of each pant varies depending on size due to mass of material used in different waistline and inseam measurements. In this case, the featured pants were a 38” waist and 36” inseam that weighed 1.7 pounds. The use of both a polyester/cotton blend, with elastic accents, allow the Xpedition pants to reduce the weight of the tactical pants while retaining its greater functionality.

Overall Rating – Very Good (22/25)

Product Link:

IMG_2889I am reviewing this product as a courtesy to the manufacturer and via STL Shooting Enthusiasts, so that I can evaluate it and provide my honest feedback. I am not bound by any written, verbal, or implied contract to give positive reviews. All views are my own, and based off my personal experience with the product.

The views and opinions expressed on this website are solely those of the author. The views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of the administrative staff, and/or any/all contributors to this site.

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