Zucc Strikes HGM on Facebook (Again)

So earlier this weekend, Facebook once again suspended the LLC page for High Ground Media (HGM). This makes it the third time; and each suspension was when HGM were nearing high follower numbers (the first as we crossed 10k followers and the second when we were over 4k). But the part that is most irritating was that it was for what Facebook cites as “violations” to its Community Standards. Yet quick review of the page status shows no violations, no restrictions, and was in good order.

The Community Standards excuse is often a cudgel Facebook uses to suppress information and voices it deems as offensive, often under the guise of “protecting the public”. This frequently extends to pro-2A groups and personalities. It amazes me that as a society we have been conditioned to accept that speech restrictions, on the world’s most populous platform, is permissible. Facebook has used this approach, with others, to influence elections, sell user data to nefarious third parties and governments, and actively suppress alternative voices.

So a backup Facebook page has been created, and we will once again start over: The High Ground, LLC – Backup 

But the entire issue has again validated why the central data (event schedule, vendors, reviews) for HGM remains on a WordPress server, vice Facebook. To protect it from suppression and unchecked AI.

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