Month: August 2023

Product Review: Bronc Box 52: Maximum Protection for High Dollar Items

Initially introduced by Signature 4 in 2017, the Bronc Box line of products was first intended to provide safety to compound bows for archery hunters. That design has undergone three generational evolutions since then to bring a modest 38, and the larger 52 field case to market. 

Welcome Nightfall Solutions!

High Ground Media, LLC is happy to announce a collaborative partnership with the folks over at Nightfall Solutions to bring to you quality and hard-to-find tactical products.

Product Review: First Spear Strandhögg V3: Newest Carrier, Same Solid Design

The Strandhögg V3 is the latest iteration by First Spear and builds upon lessons-learned from previous designs and offers additional advantages to those already familiar to the Strandhögg design.

Product Review: Lunar Concepts ‘HotPocket’: Tame the Heat

Initially introduced by Lunar Concepts in 2020, the HotPocket is an accessory item carried on by Wisemen Company for those running minimum-sized rails or running continual lengths of fire whereby heat becomes a performance issue.

Chest Rigs: Part 2 – The Rigs of Today

In this, the second part of our chest rig series, we continue from the history of the gear and continue looking forward on its design.

Chest Rigs: Part 1 – An Unofficial History

If necessity is the mother of invention, then war is almost certainly the midwife. Chest rigs have been around for decades (if not longer), though its evolution as a piece of tactical […]

Review Posted: BFG GRID Belt: Fit to the Curve

Initially debuted at SHOT 2020, the MOLLEminus Belt product line by Blue Force Gearwas introduced as first the CHLK Belt (designed with retention for air assault missions), and later as the GRID Belt (designed for traditional ground forces) belt. 

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